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Themes In The Life Of Michael Jackson: Part 1

Numerological Themes  


The Life of Michael Jackson

Numerology is the discipline in which the understanding to life and its events are derived from identifying the role that numbers and their corresponding meanings have for a particular person or group. Whether observed or not, numbers play a role in everyone’s life.

There are 2 aspects of numerology among others that will be used frequently in this analysis. They are the Life Path number, and Destiny number or Expression number. The Life Path number is the sum of the numerical value of one’s birth date and the Destiny/Expression is attained from the sum of the numerical value of one’s name.

Some of the numbers that consistently appear in the life of Michael Jackson are 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 11. Of those numbers 4,6 and 7 are the most pronounced.


What does it all mean? The frequent occurrance of the number means that person or group is directed by the positive and/or negative aspects of that number. I will in later articles address what these numbers mean/meant to Michael Jackson and how we saw their  corresponding meanings  play out in his life.


Michael’s last name “Jackson” adds up to 19, which gives us 1+9=10=1+0=1.

His middle name “Joseph”, which is also his father’s first name equals 28 and 28=2+8=10=1+0=1.

The title “King of Pop” =1

K=2 + I=9 + N=5+ G=7= 23;  O=6 +  F=6=15; P=7+O=6+P=7=20


The total number of children born to Joseph and Katherine Jackson is 10.* One child Brandon died at birth. 10=1+0=1.

The number one appears in Michael Jackson’s life with the destiny number of his sister La Toya Yvonne Jackson.  The sum of Latoya’s full name is 10, which equals 1+0=1.

Latoya’s birth date or life path number also equals 1: 05/29/1956=55=5+5=10=1+0=1.

The life path number of Jackson’s sibling Marlon David Jackson born on March 12, 1957: 3(March)+1+2+1+9+5+7=28=2+8=10=1+0=1

The age of Tito Jackson at the time of MJ’s death is 55, which equals 1.

The title of his album “Forever Michael” adds up to 73, which equals 7+3-10=1+0=1.

Other titles of his songs that resonate the number 1 vibration by virtue of their destiny number are: You Are Not Alone, Man In The Mirror & Loving You.


Michael Jackson was very close to his mother. In her life the number 4 was very prominent as it would be for Michael. We see this in his full name: Michael Joseph Jackson=76=7+6=13=1+3=4.

At the age of four the name of Michael’s mother was changed from Kattie B. Screws to Katherine Esther Scruse. In this writing, “Katherine Esther Jackson” or “Katherine Jackson” will be used.

The maiden name of Katherine Jackson, “Katherine Esther Scruse” =98=9+8=17=1+7=8. 8 is also governed by the number 4.

Katherine Jackson was born May 4, 1930: 5+4+1+9+3+0=22. 22 is a master number and as such,is not fully reduced to its lowest sum, which would be four. Also observe that she is born on the 4th day in May.

At the age of four Katherine Jackson contracted polio and made a full recovery.

Also at the age of four, Katherine and her family moved to Gary Indiana, where later on she met Joseph Jackson whom she married in 1949.

The birth date /life path number of his sister Rebbie equals 4: May 29, 1950=  5+2+9+1+9+5+0=31=3+1=4.

Tito’s given name at birth Toriano Adaryll Jackson=85, which is 8+5=13=1+3=4.

The singing group the Jacksons would score 4 straight number one hits from their first album-the first and only group to do so.

As a solo artist Michael would have 13 number one singles. 13=1+3=4.

On March 25, 1983 Michael’s performance at the Motown 25: Yesterday, Today , Forever television special captivated millions when he did the moonwalk.  March=3+2+5+1+9+8+3=31=3+1=4

Four of Jackson’s albums debuted at number one in the United States: Bad, Dangerous, HIStory, and  Invincible.

The song title “We Are The World”=67=6+7=13=1+3=4.


Of course five appears with the “Jackson 5”

On May 14, 1984, MJ received an award from Ronald Reagan for his support of charities that assisted people in overcoming alcohol and drug abuse. May 14, 1984 =5+1+4+1+9+8+4=32=3+2=5.

The date of his ill fated Pepsi commercial accident where his hair caught on fire January 27, 1984=


Michael’s age when he died was 50 and the sum of that number is 5.

The sum of the letters in the song and album title “Dangerous”=41 =4+1=5.

Jermaine’s destiny number derived from his full name “Jermaine LaJuane Jackson”=77=7+7=14=1+4=5 * Though 77 is considered a master number and is not reduced to its single digit expression.

Michael has 5 family members born in fifth month of May:

Katherine Jackson-May 4, 1930

Rebbie – May 29, 1950

Jackie-   May 4, 1951

Latoya- May 29, 1956

Janet-May 16, 1966

*Observe that four members have the same birthday; Katherine and Jackie (May 4th) as well as Rebbie and Latoya (May 29th ).


The total number of brothers his mother and father had together.

Michael’s life path number is governed by the number 6: August 29, 1958=8+2+9+1+9+5+8=42=4+2=6.

The date of Michael’s passing is also governed by the number 6: June 25, 2009=6+2+5+2+0+0+9=24=2+4=6.

His sibling Jermaine who was the first family member to announce the news of his brother’s passing to the media, life path’s number operates on the six vibration: December 11, 1954=12+11+1+9+5+4=42=4+2=6.

Numerical value of the letters in the song titles: Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough and Rock With You.

Resolution 600 proposed by the Congressional Black Caucus.

 The destiny number of sibling Marlon David Jackson=69; 6+9=15;1+5=6


Age of Blanket(Prince Michael Jackson II) Jackson’s youngest child.

Numerical value of the letters in the song/album titles Billie Jean and Bad   each add up to 7.

Birthdates/Life Path numbers of Jackie (05/04/1951), Tito (10/15/1953), and Janet (5/16/1966).

Jackie = 5+ 4+ 1+9+5+1= 25; 2+5=7.  Tito= 10+15+1+9+5+3=43;  4+3=7. Janet = 5+16+1+9+6+6= 43; 4+3=7.

Randy’s destiny number based upon his full name: Steven Andrew Jackson=70, which is 7+0=7.

Birth month of Joseph Jackson: July

Michael Jackson is the 7th child for his parents.


 Michael’s daughter Paris at the time of his death was 11 years old.

Sibling Steven Andrew Jackson (Randy) was 47 years old when Michael passed. 47=4+7=11

Randy’s birthdate also equals 11: 10/29/1961=56; 5+6=11.

Sibling Tito’s full name equals 11, considered a master number and should not be added to itself.  Toriano Adaryll“Tito” Jackson=83=8+3=11.

The name “Toriano” also is 11= 2+6+9+9+1+5+6=38=3+8=11.

The numerical value of  the letters in the album or song title “Music and Me”.

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