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Cosmic Symbolism & The Life Of Michael Jackson

This article will deal with some of the symbolic and numerological themes that have consistently appeared in the life of  Michael Jackson. 

We will do this by identifying often unrecognized commonalities between MJ and some of the individuals  who have played a role in his career.

The symbolic theme of  “boxer” and “father” can be observed with males which have influenced Michael Jackson.


Males which have influenced Michael Jackson in his formative years include his father, Jackie Wilson, James Brown and Berry Gordy.  All the men  mentioned were boxers at one time in their lives.  Joseph Jackson pursued boxing but  it appears that he gave  it up to pursue music and better employment opportunities to support his growing family.

 Jackie Wilson won the Golden Gloves division at the age of 16. *Remember 16=1+6=7 and 7 is a number prominent with Jackson.  James Brown was a semi-professional boxer after being released from jail, which he would later give up to fully pursue a music career.

Berry Gordy became a professional boxer after dropping out of school  when in the 11th grade but his boxing career was interrupted when he was drafted by the US Army in 1950 for the Korean War.


Jackie Wilson,  and James Brown Berry Gordy were all named after their fathers. In the case of James Brown, there was a mix up at birth, with his father’s first name Joseph being Brown’s middle name. He would later have the “Jr.” designation removed from his legal name.


Michael Jackson’s middle name is Joseph. His father’s first name is Joseph and James Brown’s middle name is Joseph. Joseph means in Hebrew “he will add”. The name appears in the Old Testament with Joseph as the 11th son for Jacob and in the New Testament as the husband of Mary mother of Jesus Christ.

The Number 6 

Michael Jackson’s birth/earthdate is August 29, 1958. This translates to the life path number of  8+2+9+1+9+5+8=42; 4+2=6.

James Brown date of birth is May 3, 1933 which numerological adds up to: 5+3+1+9+3+3=24; 2+4=6.

Berry Gordy was born November 28, 1929, which simplifies to 11+28+1+9+2+9=60; 6+0=6.

Gladys Knight who pushed for Motown executives to give the Jackson 5 an audition is born on May 28, 1944:

5+28+1+9+4+4=51; 5+1=6.

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