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The Meaning of America:Sacred Eytmology

Apollo 11


What does “America” mean? 

Depending on who you ask,  the meaning of America would differ due to the level of spiritual development, historical awareness,  emotional attachment, as well as political perspective.  In this article, we will offer a  definition of America  based upon  “sacred etymology”.

Sacred etymology is an approach to derive the meaning of a word, through a uncoventional interdisciplinary analysis of the word’s structure. In searching for the meaning of the word America, we will arrange the word in different ways, (without changing the spelling or the sequential order of the letters), and garner definitions based upon the combined meaning of those arrangements. 

The word/name America is supposedly derived from the first name of Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci. Using the “sacred etymological” approach, we can through different sources arrive at a deeper understanding of the name America. 

 The architectural landscape of Washington, D.C. provides clues to how we should begin to find the first implementation of the sacred etymological analysis.

The architecture of Washington D.C. was inspired by the great colossal projects of ancient Kemet/Kmt. According to scholars such as Mathu Ater, Anthony Browder, Ashra Kwesi and others, the builders of  Washington, D.C. wanted to create a “Kemet in the West” and copied (plagiarized) the motifs of Ancient Kmt to symbolize their country.

The fact that Benjamin Banneker, a person of African ancestry served an instrumental role in the design of the capital of the United States of America, and enslaved Africans were the labor force to build the American capital, provides further impetus to recognize the role of the African  contribution in the creation of Washington, D.C.

When seen in the following  three-part arrangement “America” becomes “A-Meri-Ca“.  Using the “sacred etymological” approach, we can find correspondences with languages of other cultures and not just those from Europe.  To derive a true understanding of  “A-Meri-Ca” we can begin with Kemet, which is one of the oldest and influential nations to emerge out of Africa  and one that  had a profound impact on the minds of the founders of America.

AMERICA  would take on the following meaning in this given arrangement “A*MERI*CA“:

A= The

Meri=  Beloved 

In ancient Kemet  “Meri” by itself or attached to other words denoted a sense of elevated status. For instance,” Meri-Ka-Re” means “the beloved of the Ka of Re” or “The Ka of Re is loved“. Ta-Meri  one of the various names ascribed to the Kemetic civilization means “the beloved land“.  The first wife of Ramses II was Nefertari Meri-en-Mut. Her name translated means The most beautiful woman, beloved of  Mut“.  Ramses II, loved her so much that she was equal to him. It was recorded that together they had 4 sons and 5 daughters.

Ca=  Equivalent to “Ka”. The letters “C” and “K” are interchangeable for “C” sometimes carries the same sound as “K”.

 Ka is the spirit that inhabits [a] body during life and can survive after/through death via mummification or by substitution “Ka” statues for its survival.

 Ka is  “creative life energy” and the ka of a mortal was created at birth and remained with the body for life as a “spiritual double. Ka was sometimes depicted in art as a smaller version of the individual.

When the body died, it was the ka that remained in existence and  successfully entered the after-life, where it was sustained by grave goods and libations by the living.

 Thus when combining the meanings of the  three parts of “A*Meri*Ca“, we see that “America” means “the beloved eternal spirit” or “the eternal spirit that is loved”. 

The second sacred etymological arrangement that will be examined in the word “America” is “Am-Erica”.

Am=   A name for males in Sweden, which means “eagle”.  A female name in Vietnam, which means” lunar” or “of the moon”.

Erica=  The feminine form of Eric,  “honorable ruler”  (German) , brave ruler (English) and  “eternal ruler” (Norse).  Related translations include “forever strong”,  “ever kingly” and “noble”. 

Thus “America” understood from the arrangement  “Am-Erica” means  “the honorable ruling eagle” or “the honorable eagle ruler”, “the eternal eagle ruler” or “the eternal ruling eagle”,  “ever kingly eagle”, “the eagle brave ruler” and “the forever strong eagle”.

The next set of meanings of “America” as “Am-Erica” means” the honorable ruling moon”, “the eternal ruler of the moon”, “the eternal ruling moon”, “the ever kingly moon”, “the braver ruler of the moon”, or “the brave ruling moon” and “the forever strong moon” or “the moon that is forever strong”, just to name a few.

Another arrangement of “America” that will be explored is “Amer- ica”.  This arrangement compared to those previously examined is closer to the mainstream definition of America with Amerigo Vespucci.

Amer= A Germanic  form of  Amerigo, which means “Ever powerful in battle” .  In Arabic” Amer” is a variant of “Amir“, which means “prince, ruler or commander“.  In Hebrew “Amer” means “tree top”.

Ica=  Female name, Greek or Hungarian  for “light”.

America understood as “Amer-Ica”  means “the light ever powerful in battle”, “the prince [royal] of light”, or “light of royalty”, “royal light”,  “the commander of light” and “light at the tree top” or “Tree top light”.

The final arrangement  of “America” that will be examined is “Ame-Ri-Ca”:

Ame=  Female Latin for “Beloved”, German for “Effort” or “Eagle”, Male name Scandinavian for “Eagle Rules” Japanese for “Rain”

Ri=  Male Irish/Gaelic name for “King”, Indian name for “Singer”, Japanese for “Transcendence of the physical”

Ca= Same as “Ka” of ancient Egypt /Kemet/Kmt. 

The various  arrangements of the word “America”  and their various meanings are similar to each other and correspond with the image America attempts to  project to its inhabitants and the rest of the world.  “The eternal spirit that is loved”, “The forever ruling eagle” and “Commander ever powerful in battle”, among others convey the image America wishes to occupy in the world.

 Consider the following:


A = The                                

AM= Eagle (Scandinavian),  Moon, Lunar or “Things Lunar” (Vietnamese)

AME= Beloved (Latin),  Effort (German) , Eagle ( German),  Eagle Rules (Scandinavian) and Rain (Japanese)

AMER= Ever Powerful In Battle (German), Prince, Ruler or Commander (Arabic), Tree top (Hebrew)

CA= Equivalent to “KA”- The eternal creative spirit/energy (Ancient Kmt)

ICA = Light (Greek/Hungarian)

MERI=Most Beloved (Ancient Kmt)

RI = King (Irish/Gaelic), Rain (Japanese), Transcendence of the physical (Japanese) and Singer (Indian)

We can classify the various meanings by the principles they share. America as “A-meri-ca“, “Am-Erica“,  “Amer-Ica” and “Ame-ri-ca” all signify the eternal, strength, power, leadership, beloved and the generative spirit. 

 Some letter groupings can be placed in more than one category. For example the  first two letters of “America”, “AM” relate to both the “eagle” and the “moon/lunar”. The first two letters “AM” (Scandinavian) and “AME” (German) refer to “eagle”.

 We also see a dual aspect with “CA” ending of  “America”. “CA”  relates to both the eternal for “CA”=”KA”, as well as generative spirit.


America is a feminine conjugated word. Even if one accepts the mainstream definition that the origin of the word is from the explorer Amerigo Vespucci, we see that “Amerigo” is masculine.  Thus “Amerigo”, became “America” indicating a change in gender from feminine to masculine.

Despite this through our examination via sacred etymology we clearly see that the word “America” is embedded with “male” and “female” principles. We see evidence of this with the first two letters “AM”, which means both “eagle” and “moon” in German and Vietnam languages respectively. Eagle is a male principle while moon is usually referred to as a feminine principle.

 The names in the various arrangements also the symbols in which would indicate a balance between male and female energy principles seen with the symbols of the sun energy as well as the moon energy.

The historical event which brings the multiple meanings of what America means  referenced above  the  Apollo 11 space mission. On July 20, 1969, America became the first nation to have  astronauts who supposedly landed on the moon. The name of the landing craft  which reached the moon was Eagle.   Living up to the dual meaning of “AM” in the first two letters of “America”!  Note the number “11” in the name of the space mission, for 11 denotes in one aspect duality and harmony.

The meaning of America goes beyond the textbook or mainstream definition. Embedded within the very structure of the word are the contents of the literal, symbolic, metaphysical and esoteric dimensions of what the word actually means.

We will further examine the symbolic, metaphysical and esoteric themes inherent in our brief  exploration of  the sacred eytmology of the word “America” in our next article.

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25 Responses to “The Meaning of America:Sacred Eytmology”

  1. Hi, dear friend.
    I am an archeologist and architect of life. Because I have become fully aware of my awareness *(through mediums such as theology, psychology, astrology, numerlogy, scientology, yoga, meditation, astral projections, healthy food, water, fire, wind, land, sleep, prayer and psychedelics..etc,) I am now convinced of “IT”…IT meaning all of “it,” from inner space to outer space, from the finite to the infinite, from the microscopic to the macroscopic, from darkness to light, from nothingness to everything, etc. I am convinced about our global spirit by overstanding my personal ego. It is all beautiful! I “see” words as light and sounds emanating from the supreme creator. I have removed my “veil.” I see the one seeing eye reflecting its own image through us, for “it” is “us,” the “we” betWEen it all, evolving synonymously at the same time, without any difference nor space between us, for that imaginary thing that we call space is the mantel which sustains life, like water to a fish and air to a human. I now know the truth of the root. I am undoing all of that which has been done for the past 28 yrs. My parents fleeted Guatemala in 1981, escaping the Gorillas put in place by Ronald Reagan. My father is Mayan and my mother from European decent, and if you have ever lived anywhere in latin america you will have noticed the ignorant influence from the Europeans; that indigenous man is “uncivilized” and needs some help from the Euro man, who’s ignorant seed from early 1400’s is now bearing destructive fruit. I know now that inorder for humanity, here in the Western world must turn around and look at the other side because this side isn’t working anymore. It is killing all! And so since we are on the subject of words, I now know that words are sounds of energy, uttering from the celestial spirit within each one of us, projecting a specific need. The deal here is that people are so caught up with living a so called “truth” about what this human experience is all about, therefore people walk around confusing a need for a want. And inorder to figure out this spiritual want, one must revise the messages that our sages and elders where living about. We must go back and revise our old texts, tablets and rituals that they where living about, way before the European man “discovered” the “Americas,” way before the so called “Romantic Period” in the 1700’s, when the European man burned our sacred texts and wiped out our elders for their selfish motives, way before when we use to give thanks and Respect to Mother Nature for sustaining us with life, way before the European man stole our rituals and created “black” magic, way before the European man enslaved us by enforcing their evil and will upon us, way before the European man began to take credit for all that which we created and manifested through sacred laws, way before the European man put his face on the cover! Until we go back and study (and trust me, it does take time, money and energy to discover our truth) the ways of the Native man and woman can we reign again, as kings and queens authorized by Mother Nature’s intentions, for she recognizes every mans intentions of good and evil and pays him and her back with the same coin from which they flipped. “First was the word,” proclaimed Jesus the Alchemist, and, “life and death resides in the power of the tongue.” The tongue is the magic wand, and the words become “spells” construction or destruction. This is why knowing the spirit and energy and the need/origination of a word is the most powerful law in the universe and spelling it out becomes our reality.
    Isiah 11:15, “So shall my word be, which shall go forth from my mouth: it shall not return to me void, but it shall do whatsoever I please, and shall prosper in the things for which I sent it.”

    • Why are you quoting the Daemonic G_d of the Occidental centered Zionist Central Asian New World Order as if it had wisdom for you or your people? Were you an archaeologist or architect your grammar and spelling would be good enough to avoid mistakes such as “fleeted” and “gorilla” when you clearly meant fled and guerilla.

    • Isaiah 11:15 are God’s words, not that so called
      “mother nature” maybe thats why this land
      was taken from you & given to us, because ur ppl
      were praying & worshipping false gods &
      idols, giving them the glory & honor that only
      pertains to God! God Bless You.

      • That was not very nice at all. America was created with the Constitution only since 1775. So much blood has been shed in this land. As much as everywhere else in this world. As with anyone else in this world you can’t shove the bible down anyone’s throat. You can’t force anyone into submission (even though it is done all the time) I am not a political person, however, I am a true believer and a witness for Christ outside the walls of churches. I believe the very first comment sound to New Age for me but the facts remains is there is so much rich history here long before the Europeans plundered this land and has literally destroyed their Heritage. I believe in The Holy Living Word of God. King Solomon has supposedly stepped foot on this ground. These Indian tribes carried on the traditions of the Old Testament. They had respect for this land. Okay with respect to the fact that most people do not like to research even further as to what America was like before it was called America, I won’t take to much space. As far as the article is concerned with the different meanings of America I stand to agree that she is also Called the Lady of Kingdoms. A very Haughty Nation in which Yahweh will deal with Her. He gave Her time to repent and to be healed but rather than that She has only rebelled. And in the near future this country will be destroyed.

      • W.O.W. ^^^^ …..and you are…?? Who, the f××k…pardon, wait. Nah. Dont pardon my language. That was deserved. I suppose you ARE entitled to your own opinion. Whatever it may be. Unfortunately. Im surprised (dont know why) at the level of basic ignorance we are still at in this most glory of nations, this new world. Its a shame we are living with beasts who are so primitive in the age of technology. Many. Many scholars of past would be confounded and appalled at our (your) tiny little contributions to the darkness where those kinds of thoughts/opinions dwell. Its the likes of that s××t ^^^^ that holds the rest of humanity back from our potential greatness. Sad but true…. © ¤.

  2. Hallo im from germany and my english isnt that groovy, however i used to be ready to take into account every single word of your article. Im searching for english blogs to beef up my english abilities and im very satisfied to in any case discover a blog, that publishes clear and established english that i can translate. Thanks from Germany!

  3. darmowe filmy do pobrania…

    […]The Meaning of America:Sacred Eytmology « VisionThought's Blog[…]…

  4. philosophical take…

    […]The Meaning of America:Sacred Eytmology « VisionThought's Blog[…]…

  5. thanks, this is helpful, confirming bible references, etiomology is so important in tracking biblical sheeps and wolfs.explain the word skin deep, then you’ll get the deeper discernment……

  6. This is a bit eerie…

  7. I very recently read Linda Lay Shuler’s “She Who Remembers” trilogy; in Book 2, Voice of the Eagle there is the passage, “‘She is the right age.’ Long See said ‘she’ for all eagles were regarded as female.” I presume that is contained in the Native American lore Shuler learned in researching the cultural backdrop for her books.

  8. Don’t know if this blog is being looked at anymore, but one I like the sacred eytomolgy look at it very helpful. Not sure if this is true or not but someone told me once that america is derived from america but pronounced like amer Rica which was derived from the word Columbia which means Venus which means Lucifer or the giver of light or one of Satan’s other names and Satan meaning the adversary. So we live in the united states of Lucifer. Not so far fetched if you ask me look around. I must apologize for my spelling and grammar they both suck I failed English a lot. And I am no scholar just a grunt if you will no more than an everyday man, father, husband, just another person. Thank you and God bless may you come to know the Truth, the Life, and the Way Jesus Christ the Son of God as Lord and Savior.

  9. After reading all of the above, I am so thankful that JESUS is my LORD & my citizenship is in Heaven!

  10. “A” as a single syllable means NO in Latin. “Meri” is the Latin word for MERCY. “Ca” is the Latin word for SHEEP. Do your homework. Etymologically, the English language comes from Latin, which in tern comes from the ancient Hellenic or Greek language. First of all, if you take out from the English language all the Greek words, most importantly, there would be no language to express any of the sciences; it would just be a language for monkeys.

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  12. You forgot AME which means soul and Rica which means rich so another transliteration could be rich soul… which lens itself to the argument that African Americans are actually Native Americans ..because of the name and also having a rich Heritage of Soul music Soul Food and so on ….what are your thoughts?

  13. Hurrah, that’s what I was looking for, what a material!
    present here at this weblog, thanks admin of this website.

  14. I stand by the original founding era motive and foundation “The Holy Experiment” and moral code based upon the moral precepts of Jesus Christ minus the European immigration trojan horses to overthrow from within. America has been controlled by Britain and their masonic-Jesuits since post Civil War. The U.N. is foreign influence of inner London and NGO beginning with Declaration of St. James Place. Take the Kabbalah Yehweh and go fight your own wars and spew. The Supreme Judge of the World is still on the throne and will never be removed. (John 5:22) Deo-Vindice America has been a “Satrapy” of British black nobility since their gold bullion Satanist priesthood instigated the war of Northern aggression.

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