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Chris Bosh Going “4” A Championship In Miami

Chris Bosh made news with his decision to join Dwayne Wade  as well as Lebron James we came to find out later and play for the Miami Heat. 

The number four is very prominent in the life of Chris Bosh and we observe its appearance in his birth date or what  is termed his destiny or expression number. 

 Christopher Wesson Bosh was born on March 24, 1984.  This gives us: 3+2+4+1+9+8+4=31=3+1=4. We get the sum of four in a different way, when we add in the following manner: 3+24+1+9+8+4=49=4+9=13=1+3=4.

Bosh’s first name:












67= 6+7=13=1+3=4

Here are other sightings of the number 4 in Bosh’s career:

  • Left college at Georgia Tech after one season to enter the 2003 NBA Draft. He was selected fourth overall by the Toronto Raptors in a very competitive draft class.
  • Owing to his initials and former jersey number, Bosh is nicknamed “CB4“, a name first coined by former Toronto Raptors play-by-play commentator Chuck Swirsky.
  •  As a teenager he went on to lead Lincoln High to win the Class 4A state title before 16,990 fans as he racked up 23 points, 17 rebounds and nine blocks. Bosh was subsequently named High School Player of the Year by Basketball America, Powerade  Player of the Year in Texas, a First-team all-American by Parade, McDonald’s and EA Sports, a Second-team all-American by USA Today and SLAM Magazine, a First-team all-state player, and “Mr. Basketball” in Texas by the Texas Association of Basketball Coaches
  • Bosh led the Georgia Tech  Yellow Jackets in averaging 15.6 points, 9.0 rebounds and 2.2 blocks in 31 games. 31=3+1=4.
  • On January 20, 2010, he scored a career-high 44 points in a loss against the Milwaukee Bucks, while collecting his 220th career double double. 220=2+2+0=4.
  • Fourth youngest player in NBA history to record 20 points and 20 rebounds in a game.
  • Bosh’s international career began in 2002 when he was selected as a member of the 2002 USA Basketball Junior World Championship Qualifying Team that finished with a 4–1 record and the bronze medal. 2002=2+0+02=4.
  • When the 2006–07 season concluded, Bosh had shot .343 from the three-point arc for the season; he improved to .400 the following season.

The number 4 in numerology means:

  • A foundation, order, service, struggle against limits, steady growth.
  • People under the number 4 destiny is to express wonderful organization skills with their ever practical, down-to-earth approach. They are the kind of person who is always willing to work those long, hard hours to push a project through to completion.
  • A patience with detail allows them to become expert in fields such as building, engineering, and all forms of craftsmanship. They have abilities to write and teach may lean toward the more technical and detailed.
  •  In the arts, music will likely be their choice. Artistic talents may also appear in such fields as horticulture and floral arrangement, as well.
  • Many skilled physicians and especially surgeons have the 4 Expression.
  • The positive attitudes of the 4 Expression yield responsibility; they are ones with no doubt, fulfills obligations, and are highly systematic and orderly. Number 4 individuals are serious and sincere, honest and faithful. It is their role to help and feel required to do a good job at everything they undertake.

Bosh reflects the characteristics of the number 4 person who is more inclined towards technical areas as a member of the National Honor Society,  the National Society of Black Engineers as well as the Dallas Association of Minority Engineers. 

With the upcoming NBA season to take place in 2011, which is a “4” year, we can expect great things from Chris Bosh and hopefully for the fans in Miami the Heat will also do well.

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5 Responses to “Chris Bosh Going “4” A Championship In Miami”

  1. Well I can see where you could get those thoughts from about the four that keeps coming up but on the other side of the spectrum it seems to be a big coincidence. I do see the “4” coming in to play as the number of championships they could possibly win if they stick together. I still think LeBron should have gone to my Chicago Bulls, it would’ve been the right fit. Me and some of my folks are gonna try and catch a Miami game this season though. Those are some of the things I “4”see in the future.

    • Thanks for reading and sending your comment. Disagree on the view that it is a “coincidence”. My philosophy is that if we observe we will se what’s there.
      Have a good one!

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