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Religious & Esoteric References: Charice’s Pyramid Video

The video for the song Pyramid by singer Charice contains religious and esoteric references which speak to eternal life and resurrection.

According to Wikipedia:

“The video was shot at the Orpheum Theatre, in downtown Los Angeles last March 8. The music video shows Charice holding a microphone as she performs in front of a huge empty theater, implying that she did not make it to the audition call-backs. Iyaz, who is seated in the audience, records her performance using his flip camera and shows that his support for Charice will stay forever—just like a pyramid—no matter what kind of storm or earthquake may come their way.”

The video begins with Charice going to a bulletin board to see if her name is on the list for those who made the next round of the singing competition. She expresses disappointment and later shows great anguish for not advancing further in the competition, which is reminiscent of the Christian song “Sign Me Up” written by Kevin Yancy and Jerome Metcalfe:

Sign me up for the Christian jubilee;
write my name on the roll.
I’ve been changed, since the Lord has lifted me,
I wanna be ready when Jesus comes,
I wanna be ready when Jesus comes.

I wanna be in the number,
the number that John saw.
Coming up through great trials and great tribulations,
I wanna be one of the ones who’s been washed in the blood,
the precious blood of the Lamb;
I wanna be ready when Jesus comes,
I wanna be ready when Jesus comes.

Sign me up,
write my name above;
sign me up, sign me up.

I wanna be ready when Jesus comes.

Notice the verses in the song and moments in the video that speak to “i wanna to be in that number”, “write my name on the roll” and “coming through great trials and tribulations” for those sentiments are captured within the first scene of the video when Charice learns her name is not on the list or “roll”.

Not advancing in the music competition was a form of “death”. It was “death” to her dreams, hopes and ambitions. When we see Charice dejected and walking away from the bulletin board, we see four young women ecstatic that they all have been or one member of their group has advanced. Though they are not directly paying attention to Charice, they are in a sense witnesses to her “death” of not advancing to the next round of the competition and not having her “name on the roll”.  It is in the Gospel of John, where we have four women as witnesses to a death.

John, unlike the other books which mention the death of Jesus, identifies four women witnesses to the crucifixion of Jesus. According to John 19 verse 25:

Now there stood by the cross of Jesus his mother, and his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene.”

For those of the Christian faith the crucifixion of Jesus was a comma, not a period in God’s statement on eternal life. In the story about Jesus, the degradation and pain that he endures is preparation for the “crown” of the resurrected life.

On a more mundane level, Charice’s let down or “death” after not going further in the competition is temporary for she gets “renewed” or “resurrected” with the love that has seen her through the “ups” and “downs”.

In the same manner the love of God, didn’t leave the world with Jesus’ crucifixion, the love interest of Charice did not leave her though she did not win the competition. 

 We get a sense of this concept of everlasting and binding love, from the title of the song. The writers of the song use the pyramid as a metaphor for enduring and lasting love.  The pyramid itself is one of the world’s wonders and has literally “stood the test of time”.  The construction of the pyramids is a mathematical and engineering marvel and as referenced in the lyrics of the song can survive any calamity:

“shawty’s love is like a pyramid
we stand together till the very end
there’ll never be another love for sure
iyaz and charice here we go

stones heavy like the love you’ve shown
solid as the ground we’ve known
and i just wanna carry on
we took it from the bottom up
and even in a desert storm
sturdy as a rock we hold
wishing every moment froze
now i just wanna let you know
earthquakes can’t shake us
cyclones can’t break us
hurricanes can’t take away our love

pyramid, we’ve built this on a solid rock
it feels just like it’s heaven’s touch
together at the top (at the top baby) like a pyramid
and even when the wind is blowin
we’ll never fall just keep on goin
forever we will stay like a pyramid
like a pyramid, like a pyramid hey
like a pyramid, like a pyramid hey
like a pyramid, like a pyramid hey

cold never ever when you’re close
we will never let it fall
a story that was never told
something like a mystery
and every step we’ve took we grown
look how fast the time has flown
the journey to the place unknown
we’re going down in history
earthquakes can’t shake us
cyclones can’t break us
hurricanes can’t take away our love

pyramid, we’ve built this on a solid rock
it feels just like it’s heaven’s touch
together at the top (at the top baby) like a pyramid
and even when the wind is blowin
we’ll never fall just keep it goin
forever we will stay like a pyramid

like a pyramid girl i’ma show you
that i love you so much that we’re gonna get through
even when it storms i will never go
i’ma be the one to keep you safe
before was a love i care more than enough
holding on to one another be the cover when it’s rough
mother nature, or disaster won’t stop our happy ever after

pyramid… keep it going…
like a pyramid, like a pyramid hey

pyramid, we’ve built this on a solid rock
it feels just like it’s heaven’s touch
together at the top (at the top baby) like a pyramid
and even when the wind is blowin
we’ll never fall just keep on goin
forever we will stay like a pyramid

pyramid, we’ve built this on a solid rock
it feels just like it’s heaven’s touch
together at the top (at the top baby) like a pyramid
and even when the wind is blowin
we’ll never fall just keep it goin
forever we will stay like a pyramid
like a pyramid, like a pyramid hey
like a pyramid, like a pyramid hey
like a pyramid, like a pyramid hey”

Charice at a later time in the video goes to a dressing room and sings while looking at herself in the mirror. She is appealing to her own image, her “double” if you will to be strong and remember the one who loves her unconditionally and whose love has stood through it all.

Charice touches a white and green good luck card with a four leaf clover on it, while she sings as to exhort her spirit to be strong.

Charice further along in the video moves from the dressing room to the stage, where with lights on and standing in front of the mike and sings her heart out.

Her moment on the stage intensifies as she has new clothing dressed in all black and the wind is blowing her hair as she sings with more intensity. While Iyaz sits in a seat and takes her picture with his cell phone.

The video moves from indirect references to the Christian motif to references to Ancient Kemet/Egypt with the appearance of Iyaz.

Interesting enough Iyaz and Charice are never together by each other’ side until the end of the video. But through the interplay of their singing to each other, the viewer gets the sense that they are always in each other’s thoughts and hearts.

 Iyaz is outdoors or just outside of a door (no pun intended) and Charice is always indoors until the end of the video. When Iyaz first appears he is walking outside. The scenes where he is walking outside show the following:

  • The city streets are producing steam, which appear as smoke as Iyaz walks past a retail establishment with items on a rack with price tags.
  • The larger number on the price tags is readily visible. They are 8 and underneath it is the number 5.  On separate rack we can see the number 29.
  • With the 8 and 5 being one above the other, we can combine those two numbers: 8+5=13.
  • When we add the 13 + 29, we get 42.
  • When we reduce through numerology 29, we get 2+9=11.
  • 13+11=24.
  • Iyaz is standing in front of a golden door as if beckoning Charice to enter.
  • Iyaz, who is walking outside, enters the amphitheater where Charice is singing.

Ausar Symbolism

The following aspects of the video which are references to Ancient Kemet or Ancient Egypt relate to the myth of Ausar commonly known as Osiris.

Iyaz is symbolic of Ausar. His walking outside by the clothes rack with numbers that refer to 13 and 42 are reflective of the journey one must take to be identified with Ausar and earn eternal life.

13 among other things refers to:

  • The number of months in the lunar calendar.
  • The final step on the ladder before the souls of the ancient people of Kemet reached eternity was the 13th step.
  • The number of pieces retrieved by Auset of Ausar’s body that was torn into by his evil brother Set. Later Auset would artificially create a 14th piece and Ausar would become whole again and serve as the “Lord of the Underworld”.

The colors of Ausar are Black and Green.  The obvious is that Iyaz is Black. But we see green on the good luck card Charice has when she is in the dressing room and she is wear an all-Black outfit when she is on stage singing intensely.

The number 42 comes into play:

  • We see the implicit reference to the number 42 with the combined value of the visible numbers on the price tags that appear with Iyaz as he walks past a retail store.
  • Those visible numbers on the price tags are 8, 5 and 29. When added together we get: 8+5+29=42.
  • 42 is a reference to the “42 Admonitions of Maat”, mistakenly called the “42 Negative Confessions”.
  • The 42 Admonitions of Maat are declarations of innocence a candidate for eternal life has to make to be granted an “after-life”.

The number 11 refers to the duality of male and female as seen with Charice and Iyaz, while 24 is a reference to the number of hours in the day.  The song being about lasting and true love connects with the notion that there is no time they are without each other’s love.

Charice as part of a singing competition is a “candidate” and not advancing to the next stage is a form of “death”. But she survives by relying on that which has survived the test of time, which is a love that is like a pyramid.  When we see Charice throughout the video she is never outside until the end.

Her being inside is similar to the “candidate” of the ancient mysteries who has to travel through the halls or corridors of the temple. They pyramid in ancient times also served as a temple with a staff of priests.  When she sees that her name is not on the list for those who will be “called” for the next round, we are reminded of the Christian song “Sing Me Up”. The lyrics of the song “Sign Me Up” speak to Charice’s situation in the video of wanting to see her name on a list in order to “live” and move on to the next round.

The references to Ancient Kemet become more pronounced as Iyaz is seen in the video. In the video, the numbers 13, 42 and 24 appear only with Iyaz.  All numbers pertain to the Ausar story/ myth which deal with eternal life.

He stands by the Golden Door encouraging Charice to “stay in love”

Charice though dissappointed doesn’t waver in her faith and desire for the love she knows is true. Despite not winning the competition, she finds the inner strength and recognizes that she stills has a gift. When she is performing on stage, she is adorned by the elements of wind, fire and earth , while in an all-black outfit sings with greater intensity.

The colors of Ausar, Black and Green are seen selectively  in the video. Charice proves herself to be a worthy candidate and complete her “42” and is able to move from inside and walk outside with Iyaz and continue with her everlasting love. She then embraces the arm of Iyaz and walks outside on a sunny day.

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