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I Can Transform Ya vs. Good Girl Gone Bad: Compatibility of Chris Brown & Rihanna

 The compatibility between Chris Brown and Rihanna may be a forgone conclusion, in the minds of many given the often written about domestic violence incident on February 8, 2009.

What it is interesting when we look at both the tropical and sidereal horoscopes we can observe both areas of confluence and “warning signs” for the now ill-fated relationship between Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Chris Brown was born on May 5, 1989 and  considered a Taurus under the tropical astrological system and an Aires by the sidereal astrology system.

Rihanna is quite interesting for she is the same sign under both systems. Her birthdate on February 20, 1988 makes her an Aquarius by both the tropical and sidereal astrology systems.

Chris Brown and Rihanna needed an elevated expression of spirituality in order to be aware of the challenges that confronted them on a cosmic level and “put in the work” to transcend them.

As a Taurus and Aquarius, the relationship between Chris Brown and Rihanna had the slight potential to work for they certain points of “positive potential”:

  • Taurus is good with practical matters, and this is good for Aquarius, who struggles with earthly matters.
  • Taurus may find Aquarius too idea oriented, and be unnerved by the off the wall thought patterns of the Waterbearer.
  • Taurus loves tradition, while Aquarius shirks the status quo, opting for the innovations of the future.
  •  Aquarius resists merging and can live in the mind, while Taurus renews itself through physical intimacy and sensual pleasures.
  • On the up side, Taurus can manage the day-to-day, and Aquarius comes up with the big picture plan.
  • If they can handle the gulf that naturally exists here, it might work.

The compatibility between Taurus and Aquarius as identified by astrologers using the tropical astrology system is listed below with some highlighted and underlined for emphasis:

  • There’s a mutual fascination between Taurus and Aquarius because they’re so different.
  • Aquarius seeks trends, and has one eye on the future, while Taurus can be set in their ways. 
  • The quick-changing Aquarius upsets the stability-seeking nature of Taurus.
  • Taurus may seem rigid, narrow-minded to the Aquarian sensibility.
  • Taurus wants to own lots of nice material things, while Aquarius is more apt to seek intellectual property.
  • Taurus wants to get down and dirty in the sack, and Aquarius stays a bit aloof, detached during the act.
  • The un-catchable Aquarius sets off jealousy for the Bull, especially if they’re just one of the gang.
  •  Aquarius is one beat removed, even from intimates, and this creates an intolerable gap for the possessive Taurus.
  • Both are stubborn and may quickly find a trivial matter turning them into adversaries.

 Once the initial attraction wears off the Taurus and Aquarius match will face serious challenges due to their contrasting natures.

When we analyze their relationship using the sidereal astrology system, Chris Brown is an Aires, while Rihanna remains as an Aquarius.  Aires under sidereal  astrology is from April 14 to May 13/14, while Aquarius is from February 13 to March 13/14.

The sidereal compatibility reading according to the website for Aires and Aquarius couple indicates the following:

  • Aries and Aquarius have a great degree of compatibility between themselves.
  • They share the same personality traits of independence, exuberance and a love for freedom.
  • For both the zodiacs, the best way to solve a problem is through a progressive and dynamic approach.
  • This dynamism and vivacity can be seen in their relationship also.
  • An Aries as well as an Aquarius individual tend to go against traditions and find it difficult to adhere to rules and conventions.
  • Personal freedom and personal creativity define their true self. The best thing about this love match is that both the partners respect other’s uniqueness and individuality.
  • An Aquarius will always support as well encourage the enterprise and autonomy of Aries.
  • On the other hand, Aries will always be interested in the new and unconventional ideas of the former.
  • There may be times when the untimely impulsiveness of the Water Bearer irritates the Ram.
  • However, this will be more of an exception, than a norm.
  • Since both the individuals are extremely energetic and vivacious, their relationship will hardly ever become boring or monotonous. All in all, a very good match!

The report goes on to identify some of the pitfalls between an Aires male and Aquarius female couple:

  • In the relationship of an Aries man with an Aquarius woman, the latter one will be playing the major part in managing it.
  • She will be able to take in his anger without getting upset and make him see the other side of the coin in a much cordial manner.
  •  His part will be limited to injecting passion in the love match and instill compassion in her. His aggressive ways will intrigue her and her independence will match with his need for freedom.
  •  Their conversation will never ever be idle and they will never get bored of each other.


Chris Brown and Rihanna under both the tropical and sidereal astrology systems on the surface appear not to be compatible. Under the tropical astrology system, Chris Brown is a Taurus and Rihanna is an Aquarius. Taurus and Aquarius are  not to be considered to be compatible:

  • When  a Taurus male pairs with a Aquarius female in a relationship it is bound to end in a big mess.
  • Both are interesting, unconventional types of people who may at first seem to have a lot in common.
  • However, they are also both incredibly stubborn, and the battles of will between  them will be intense.
  • They can’t both get their way all the time, and neither one of  them is willing to sit back and let the other take the lead.
  • Taurus is also a really traditional, conservative person who is not really open to new ideas or opinions.
  • Very set in his ideas, and you will also be driven crazy by  habit of clinging to attitudes and opinions even when they have totally proven that he is wrong.
  • The pair will be so busy fighting with each other that the relationship won’t have a chance to get off the ground. 

Taurus is a highly passionate sign and sex plays a big role in life. However, Aquarius does not attach a great deal of importance to sex, this can prove to be rather frustrating to Taurus. Aquarius is more into the intellectual side of love rather than the physical side as Taurus is. Aquarius has a tendency to wander a bit and this may upset possessive Taurus badly. This casual attitude can provoke Taurus to react strongly and at times push Aquarius to the extent to thinking of packing off!

The Taurus-Aquarius match can be quite a difficult one after the initial attraction dies down. If this relationship is to work, both signs have to put in a lot of effort to adjust. Due to the very young age of both Brown and Rihanna as well as their careers in the entertainment industry, they did not have the “tools” necessary to make this relationship work.

The ability to give as well as take and release the need to be “1st” comes with spiritual cultivation and not the noise of  the crowd looking in.

Prospects for this relationship were slightly more promising under the sidereal astrology system. Brown is considered an Aries under the sidereal astrology system, while Rihanna maintains her Aquarius zodiac affiliation. She is what and who she is under any system!

Just as with the Taurus and Aquarius reading, the sidereal analysis points out that Brown as an Aries might have times when he gets upset with the ways of his Aquarius mate. 

While both enjoy a sense of freedom and independence, Brown’s sign seems to require more control over his mate than vice versa. 

The Aquarius under the sidereal reading is more nurturing and supportive of the positive development of her mate.  The sidereal Aries has lots of passion while the Aquarius, the water sign is full of compassion.  The Aries passion when not balanced by spiritual insight becomes anger but the Aquarius female is able to see through that and recognize her Aries’ mate better qualities.

As mentioned Rhianna is an Aquarius under both the tropical and sidereal astrological systems. Brown has different signs under the tropical and sidereal systems: a Taurus under the tropical system and an Aries under the sidereal system.

The symbol for the Taurus zodiac is the bull, while for the Aries it is the ram.  If we notice both have horns and can assert themselves by “bucking heads”. 

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