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Sherrod & The Birther Issue: Is The Tea Party Afraid of The Bush Family?


The events surrounding the forced resignation of Shirley Sherrod should convince every one that ” in the pursuit of power truth is the first casuality”. 

The chief culprits in the forced resignation of Shirley Sherrod are the Tea Party and Fox Television (Tell-Lie-Vision). The Sherrod incident is not the only issue that Fox News and the Tea Party have distorted purposely to gain a political advantage.

Fox Television, whose letters equal 666(F=6 O=15=1+5=6  X=24=2+4=6), constantly offers access to people challenging the U.S. citizenship of President Barack Hussein Obama such as the Tea Party.

If Fox News and the Tea Party were really interested in truth, then they would not offer the public ideologically inspired, edited products such as the doctored tape of a speech Sherrod gave at a NAACP function.  

As we have seen with the Sherrod case, the vetting process for searching for what is the “truth” trumped the station’s and Tea Party group need to grind the political axe.

The double standard that Fox and the Tea Party employ can be seen with a host of issues such as the question of Obama’s citizenship.

 The need to omit and distort is rooted in the need for Fox and the Tea Party to score points rather than honestly pursue answer to questions that people may have.

Obama is not the first President to have his citizenship or place of origin questioned.  There have been questions raised about where George H.W. Bush was actually born. This information has been relegated to select areas and have not made it to the general mass media, where it could be scrutinized and debated.  Greg Szymanski’s  article ‘Curious’ George H.W. Bush’s True Identity posted  on the website  asks the question:

“Is George H.W. Bush Really Prescott Bush’s Son?

Or Is He The Son Of Inventor Nikola Tesla’s German-Born Accountant, George H. Scherff, Sr.?”

He goes on to state:

“Eric Orion in his yet to be published book, “The Bush Connection,” claims SS Nazi, Otto Skorzeny, told him in a death-bed confession that Bush has been lying all along about his identity and was born in Germany, the son of Tesla’s accountant. (21 Jan 2006)

The history books say Hitler’s personal body-guard and henchman Otto Skorzeny died in 1975.

Eric Orion of Florida says the former Nazi killer was alive and well only a few years ago, living under a fake CIA alias as a south Florida carpenter.

According to Orion, Skorzeny died several years ago at the ripe old age of 95 but not before he spilled out his guts to him in a death-bed confession.

And after hearing Skorzeny’s story — a story so bizarre and incredible — it simply leaves mouths hanging wide open, wondering how in the world this could happen in America.

“I was dating this girl in south Florida and her father turned out to be the feared Nazi SS body guard to Hitler, Otto Skorzeny,” said Orion in an extended conversation from his Florida home, adding Skorzeny spilled the beans himself, not his ex-girlfriend who remains tight lipped about her father’s past. “When I met him, he was 90 but looked a lot younger. He was 6’4″ with the biggest hand I ever shook in my life.”

Recently, Orion also was a guest on Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal, where he claimed, based on Skorzeny’s allegations, the American government has been lying since 1945 about the identities and whereabouts of thousands of former Nazis given safe haven and living in America today.

Orion also said Skorzeny gave him “a shoebox full” of never before published pictures, linking many high-ranking American officials to Nazi war criminals, as well as information that George H. Bush has been lying about his true identity and was really the adopted son of Prescott Bush.”

Now could you imagine Fox News and the other major media outlets allowing people on their networks to debate the legitimacy of these claims? 

Those who have questions about Obama’s citizenship should explore both their claims and those made by Szymanski and Eric Orion. This would demonstrate that they are genuinely interested in having a president who is a “natural-born citizen”. 

 The current methods utilized by Fox News and the Tea Party are nothing short of racist.  In general society a person of African ancestry has to work harder to advance and always has to confront having their credentials questioned.

This is seen with the so-called debate on Affirmative Action, studies such as the Kerner Commission Report  and the 2008 presidential campaign, where even those in Obama’s party attacked him for being “just a good speaker”. 

The questioning of the first Black president’s credentials has gone beyond his academic records or work related experience (Remember Hillary) but since he has now actually become President, they have attacked the one requirement which legally goes to the core of  the legitimate claim to be president that is his citizenship.

But where were the members of the Tea Party in regards to the Bush family? You had questions about Bush 41 and his true place of origin as well as when it came to credentials such as”academic record” and even “work related” experience, there was plenty of ammunition to go after Bush 43.  

Could it be that since the Bush name occupies the CIA building in Langley, VA and an airport, that Fox News and members of the Tea Party can live with those inconsistencies regarding the George HW Bush as well as George W. Bush?

In other words due to the perceived power of the Bush family, Fox News and those in the Tea Party would never dare pursue the “questions” that are lingering about the Bush family, the way that they have vigorously pursued their “questions”  about Obama.

What many people in the Tea Party fail to understand is that no one gets elected or selected without the backing of powerful interests in this country and the world. 

To think that Obama or any other person could get elected and not be a legitimate citizen of this country could be done with the complicity of the highest levels of the elite is delusional. 

If those who are concerned about Obama, would also pursue the same questions about George HW Bush, then we can take them seriously rather than suspect that they are trying another Sherrod type incident. 

For now, Fox News and the Tea Party are picking fights on the less powerful and running scared from fights with the real face of power.

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