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Alicia Keys, Tiny Cottle & Chelsea Clinton: 5-5-5 Matrimony

On July 31, 2010, three highly publicized weddings took place: Alicia Keys to Swizz Beatz, Tiny Cottle to T.I. and Chelsea Clinton to Marc Mezvinsky.

Of the three weddings, Chelsea Clinton’s garnered the most media attention. Nevertheless all three weddings  were each individually parts of  an embedded  code.

Together they projected the energy of the 5-5-5  number as well as the number six.  The date of the wedding on July 31, 2010 gives us five: 7+31+2+0+1+0=41=4+1=5.

Thus “5” represents each couple that got married on that day, giving us the 5-5-5 number code.  We get “6” when we add 5-5-5 to itself: 5+5+5=15=1+5=6. We also can get the  number”6″ when we add the total number of persons that make up 3 couples: “2+2+2=6”.

When we see with the birth dates of each of the couples we can identify the following:

  • At least one couple had a part of their birth date be a multiple of 5: Alicia Keys is born January 25, 1981, while her new husband Swizz Beatz’s birthdate is August 30, 1978. “1978=1+9+7+8=25.
  • Tiny Cottle was born on July 14, 1975 and offers the day of the month she was born which “14=1+4=5″. T.I. date of birth is September 25,1980.
  • Chelsea Clinton is born on February 27, 1980 as such doesn’t offer any concrete expression of 5. Her new husband Marc Mezvinsky birth date is December 15, 1977. 

By adding the part of each birthdate that was highlighted previously we get 104:


When we identify the same Life Path numbers of  couples Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys as well Tiny Cottle and T.I. The Life Path number is derived from the sum of a person’s  birth date is:

  • Alicia Keys born on January 25, 1981=1+25+1+9+8+1=45=4+5=9.  Swizz Beatz birth date is August 30, 1978=8+30+1+9+7+8=63=6+3=9.  With this couple we have when we combine their Life Path numbers, 9+9= “18” or “99”. 

We will return to the “9+9=18” combination later in this article. When the appearance of two nines is seen as “99” it deals with:

  • “Holistic healing, wholeness, body as temple of Spirit, ultimate regeneration, resurrection, immortality, illumination, Divine communion, cosmic love, pure awareness, ego annihilation, Agape Love, Enlightenment.”
  •  It represents artistic genius. A person with this number is often misunderstood, and is frequently the victim of gossip. It can bring jealousy and strong desire to be possessive to relationships.”

With the pairing of Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz we definitely see the reference to “artistic genius” and being “the victim of gossip”, the other traits mentioned of “99” we will have to “wait and see”.

Tiny Cottle born on July 14, 1975= 7+14+1+9+7+5=43=4+3=7.  T.I.’s birthdate is on September 25, 1980= 9+25+1+9+8+0=52=5+2=7. Thus we have “7+7=14” and “77”.  We will revisit the “7+7=14″ combination later in this article.  In regards to the number 77 is considered to be ” perhaps the most intelligent and inventive of all numbers. It also represents spiritual wisdom”. Other properties of “77” include:

  • “Wise counsel, body as temple, mystical powers in action, purity in mind, body and spirit, Master Mystic, loving detachment, holy emptiness, turning away from the masses and towards Spirit, Presence, conscious union with God, mystical marriage, electricity of Awakening, universal intelligence”.

When we observe some of the negative things said about the union of Tiny Cottle and T.I., which won’t be repeated here it shows a failure to comprehend things from a highly developed spiritual frame work. Two aspects of “77” include “turning away from the masses and towards spirit” and “mystical marriage” is probably a statement on the current frame of mind of this couple.

When you take the combined Life Path numbers of Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz as well as those of Tiny Cottle and T.I. we get the following:

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz combined Life Path Numbers=18. Tiny Cottle and T.I.Life Path Numbers=14. 18+14=32=3+2=5. The number 32 is also present with Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky during their wedding.

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky’s on its own expressed the number code 5-5-5:

  • Marc Mezvinsky born on December 15, 1977 was 32 years old on the day of the wedding. 32=3+2=5.
  • The couple was married on the 50 acre at the estate built by John Jacob Astor IV. 50=5+0=5.
  • John Jacob Astor IV died on April 15, 1912. April 15, 1865 is the day that Abraham Lincoln died from the gun of John Wilkes Booth  as well as Tax filing deadline since 1955 for the United States. Astor’s date of death on April 15, 1912=4+15+1+9+1+2=32=3+2=5.

555 is often referred to as “triple death” and this may be a limited view. Death as such is a new cycle of existence, it doesn’t have to all cases refer to a final process. One of the symbols for the 5-5-5 code is the  Washington Monument in Washington DC, completed in 1884.   555 feet 5.5 inches (169.29 m) in height, it is the world’s tallest true obelisk. This symbol is original from Kemet and was used to represent the “regeneration” aspect of life.

When we identify the presence of the 5-5-5 number code we should understand that there are two aspects to its expression: destructive and creative. 

Imagine if everyone saw electricity as “evil” just because the people who controlled it used it only for the electric chair?  We must understand that this dual aspect of the 5-5-5 number code and all numbers that appear in pattern form and harness that energy for good. 

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  1. did you vote for obama? be honest

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