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Search For The Inner Black Christ: Esoteric Symbolism and The Name of Singer Chris Brown


Chris Brown’s full name “Christopher Maurice Brown” has meaning rooted in esoteric symbolism. 

First Name:Christopher

His first name “Christopher”  means “bearing Christ inside” or “bearer of Christ”.

“Christopher is derived from the Greek ‘christos’ (the anointed one, Christ) and ‘phero’ (I carry). Christopher is the patron saint of travellers and, according to the legend, Christopher carried the young Jesus across a river. Another famous bearer of the name is the explorer, “patron of genocide”, Christopher Columbus who also travelled across a body of water.”

“The legend of Saint Christopher as the patron saint of travelers grew from the story of a giant who made his living carrying people across a river. According to the legend, one day he carried across a child whom he discovered was actually Christ.”

Using sacred etymology we see that Christ is Greek for “the anointed one” and Opher is derived from the Old English Ofer which means “seashore” or “riverbank” . The name in Hebrew means “Fawn, the offspring of deer, gazelle, etc.” Variant spelling of English Ophir, meaning “gold” or “reducing to ashes.”Anglicized form of Hebrew Owphiyr, meaning “gold” or “reducing to ashes.” In the bible, this is the name for gold and its characteristics, the name of a land or city, and the name of the eleventh son of Joktan.


C=3 +H=8+R=9+I=9+S=1+T=2+O=6+P=7+H=8+E=5+R=9=67=6+7=13.

Middle Name: Maurice

The meaning of Chris Brown’s middle name Maurice is  “dark-skinned, Moorish, or the Moor”.  As it is in the name Christopher, Maurice is the name of a saint. Maurice who is also known as Saint Maurice, Moritz, Morris, or Mauritius.  St. Maurice, patron saint of medieval Europe, was only one of many Black soldiers and officers under the employ of the Roman Empire. Maurice was the leader of the legendary Roman Theban Legion. He was the patron saint of several professions, locales, and kingdoms. He was also a highly revered saint in the Coptic Orthodox Church as Maurice was a Black Christian from Meroe.

The legion, Maurice did lead was entirely composed of Christians, had been called from Thebes in Egypt to Gaul to assist Maximian to quell a revolt by people in a Roman province. However, when Maximian ordered them to harass some local Christians, they refused and Maximian ordered the unit punished. Every tenth soldier was killed, a military punishment known as decimation. More orders followed, they still refused, partly because of Maurice’s encouragement, and a second decimation was ordered. In response to their refusal to use violence against fellow Christians, Maximian ordered all the remaining members of the 6,666 unit executed. The place in Switzerland where this occurred, known as Agaunum, is now Saint Maurice-en-Valais, site of the Abbey of Saint Maurice-en-Valais.

“Over 650 religious foundations dedicated to Saint Maurice can be found in France and other European countries. Maurice is also the patron saint of a Roman Catholic parish and church in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, and including part of the town of Arabi in St. Bernard parish. The church was constructed in 1856, making it one of the oldest currently used churches in the area. The church was devastated by the winds and flood waters of Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005; the copper-plated steeple was blown off the building. Masses resumed at the building in 2006. It is currently again an active church.”

Numerology: M=4+A=1+U=3+R=9+I=9+C=3+E=5=34.

Last Name: Brown

Brown, the last name can mean the obvious referring to his complexion or color. Brown however has meaning on the esoteric and metaphysical levels. One writer states that Brown can mean “Selfishness, deception, confusion or discouragement”. The various shades of Brown also have spiritual meaning:

  • Light Brown: Indicates confusion or discouragement. The lack of confidence in one’s self, the present situation or in the subject being addressed.
  • Dark Brown: Indicates selfishness, fault-finding, and a tendency toward deception.

In the healing arts the color “Brown” represents the “knees” and “stands” stability or flexibility.

The “different shades” of “Brown” on a metaphysical level are determined by thoughts, choices and moods.

Numerology: B=2+R=9+O=6+W=5+N=5=27.


The full name of Chris Brown, “Christopher Maurice Brown” contains many layers of esoteric symbolism not obvious at first glance. All three names together relay in the positive sense the spirit of “veneration”, “protected”, “nurtured”, “influential”, “wealth”, “travel and adventure” as well as the potential for “spiritual growth”.

When we examine the name “Christopher” it is a reference to Christ, the anointed, the “messiah” the chosen by God for a divine purpose. When we analyze the two main parts of the name “Christopher”, we see “Christ” and “Opher”. The understanding of “Christ” should not be limited to an external vision of Christ being outside of each person. As the meaning of the full name “Christopher” indicates “I carry Christ inside”. Ancient cultures have long-held this notion of “the divine within”. The so-called Bible relates this observation in Psalm 82 “..that ye are gods”.

 The story of St.Christopher , where the giant carries a child across the water and later realizes the child is the Christ, is telling us that we must unite the developed part (the giant) with the undeveloped (the child) in order to travel the waters (the mind or spirit).

The “Opher” part of the name “Christ-opher” is indicative of the transformative process where the inner being is “reduced to ashes” and one is able to see “gold”.  Gold represents the enduring qualities of the soul which survive the “fires” of life.  We have another reference to water with “Opher” for it means in Old English “seashore” or “river bank”. Water should be understood in its symbolic form which includes but is not limited to:

  • Elemental energy of cleansing, love, and healing.
  • All life is dependant upon water and thus it is a symbol of life.
  • People who are dominated by water energies tend to be dreamers, poets, and abstract or whimsical thinkers.
  • It is used as a tool for healing, purification, new beginnings,and peace.
  • It is said to develope psychic awareness, bless unions, and create peaceful dreams.
  • Water takes on the shape of its container as our soul takes on the shape of our bodies.
  • Water is seen as a symbol for eternal life i.e. Baptism and John 4:14 “But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of  water springing up into everlasting life.”   
  • The Dogon Nommos, amphibious beings sent to earth from Sirius for the benefit of mankind. The name comes from a Dogon word meaning “to make one drink”, with the Nommos also being called: “Masters of the Water”, the “Monitors”, and the “Teachers”.

“Opher” in Hebrew means “fawn” which in literal terms is the offspring of a deer. In common usage it means to “exhibit affection” or “attempt to please”.  This part of the name “Christ-opher”speaks to his profession as an entertainer.

The middle name of Chris Brown, also indicates “veneration”, in that it is the name of a saint. The name also is a reference to a historical legacy which may not be taken seriously by many. “Maurice” is name  that means “the Moor”.  The Moors were Africans who ruled parts of Europe, namely Spain from 711 A.D. to 1492 A.D. They made vast contributions to world civilization in mathematics, science and language to name a few. Saint Maurice is also important due to the stand he took to not murder Christians and in doing so became venerated centuries past his death.

His last name Brown is understood best in symbolic and not literally. The color “Brown” deals with stability, flexibility and relates to the “knees”.  Chris Brown demonstrates this aspect of his name through his dancing. Many of his moves require “stability” as well as “flexibility” and his “knees” play an integral part of his ability to execute sometimes very complex dance moves.

The values of his full name are Christopher (67) + Maurice (34) +Brown (27), which gives us 128: 67+34+27=128.  128 simplified is 1+2+8-11. The number 11 as a Destiny number, which is the sum of ones full name has the following reading:

  • Eleven is a higher octave of the number two and is considered to be a master number (the second master number being 22) and therefore is not simplified to the number 2.
  • 11 is considered the path of spiritual awareness and knowledge beyond the grasp of others. It carries psychic vibrations and has an equal balance of masculine and feminine properties.
  • It is also related to open-mindedness, intuition, idealism, and visions.
  • Because eleven contains many gifts such as psychic awareness and a keen sense of sensitivity, it also has negative effects such as treachery and betrayal from secret enemies.


The full name of Chris Brown “Christopher Maurice Brown” literally means: “Bearing the Christ Within, “The Moor Who is  Stable and Flexible”  or “The Moor Bearing the Christ within Who is Stable and Flexible”.  With the understanding that “Moor” means “Black” of “African Origins”, Brown’s full name is in effect means “The Black Christ”.

This understanding of his name gives a different dimension to the various tattoos that Chris Brown has, including the three stars on the back or the side of his ear.

All aspects of the name “Christopher Maurice Brown” point to a spiritual journey, which must be recognized as an individual effort within and not solely an external journey. With his numerology reading as 11 with his full name, he has the “potential for psychic development” and “spiritual growth”.

His name deals with water as a symbol of transformation. The “Christ” was baptized and promised eternal life by releasing the “well within” as stated in John 4:11.  Brown must not just eternally take “the child” across the water within himself,  as in the legend of  St. John, but recognize as the one who bears Christ within, he is leading others along their spiritual journey as the “Black Christ”. To do so he must like Saint Maurice, refuse to murder the Christians (Others Seeking Their Christ) and not obey the orders of  the Roman order.

Water also deals with the mouth and speech, Brown as an entertainer  “fawn” seeking to please others, his challenge is to follow the mandates given to him by his name. By doing so, he will be able to  achieve true fame and be venerated beyond his time on earth as Saint Maurice, the source of his middle name.

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