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To Abbey Lincoln(August 6, 1930 -August 14, 2010): A Poem for Aminata

Your songs nursed the revolutionary soul, searching for liberation movement rhythms 

In the spirit we will applaud you with  private concerts as the music plays


Our memories weave between “would of “, “could of”, “I was there when she sang at…”  “do you have that album?”

Colliding worlds of the real, fantasy and the yet to be

I didn’t know you in all those ways that made you “You”


There was no mystery as you graced the stage and made me fall in love with Music 

Its texture, warmth, pain, victories, defeats and the lessons and hope in between

Before I knew what you and Max meant to each other, hearing you two together sounded so right

Now on your new journey you will meet him again.

Say hello to him, Odetta, Miriam Makeba, Seku Ture, Nina Simone and all the others who continue to feed us  with their legacy..

Our hellos weren’t long enough and the good byes aren’t timely.

Each phase of your creative becoming  beyond what we could see

As the pages of destiny turned, your life’s story changed into the more beautiful of your beauty:

Anna Marie Wooldridge

Abbey Lincoln




Freedom Fighter

Earthly Life


You are so beautiful in so many ways..

I hear you singing “Being Me”:

“All along away there were things to do
Always some other, someone I could be
All the things to know, all the ways to go
To fly a spirit for to stage the show

It wasn’t always easy learning to be me
Sometimes my head and heart would disagree
Times I walked away, all the times I’d stay
To see the glamor of my life play”

I will look for you in the newly born, the night’s sky, the night’s dream and deep inside of me

Savoring those memories of your passionate insightful lyrics, preserving the best in us as a people and sowing seeds for that which is yet to come

Our hello was too short


saying good bye




©VisionThought 2010. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. A+ would read again

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