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Glenn Beck, The Art Of Spiritual Desecration Of August 28th Part V: Summoning The White Man’s God

The number of those who attended the “Restoring Honor” rally are in dispute with estimates ranging from 87,000 to 500,000 and more.

The strength of this event will and cannot be measured with the numbers of those who actually attended but in the number of sympathizers who support the aims of Beck’s agenda as well as how many of his objectives are achieved.

Many are confused by trying to impose a standard solely on outward appearance. To discount Beck’s rally due to what some have deemed lackluster speeches by the event’s list of speakers misses the point. The key is not ARTICULATION but in the ACQUISITION of power. In other words it’s the execution of the plan that will determine the success of this event, not the perceived quality of the speeches.

There are 3 phases to Beck’s spiritual desecration: mass psychological deception, occult ordering of sequence of events  and invocation of the white man’s God.

Beck in order to carry his act of spiritual sacrilege, cunningly mirrored key elements of Black history, while his political agenda was rooted solidly in a white supremacist agenda.  The public show co-opted symbols from the population it intends to destroy. This is a classical feature of warfare throughout the ages, where deception was used to gain an advantage over an opponent. Sun Tzu, the master military strategist declared “all warfare is based on deception”.

By mirroring key elements of Civil Rights or better yet African-American history Beck established a comfort level with the majority of the American public. Mirroring is best achieved by imitating the actions and the language of a target subject in order to establish rapport and influence them. When this rapport is established, the person directing the mirroring protocol can now assume the role of the leader and the subject that was being copied, becomes the follower. One of the effects of mirroring is that the controlling agent directing the mirroring act can replace or provide a counter image initially established by the target subject.

Beck mirrored symbolic elements of African-American history in general and of President Obama in particular in the following manner:

The Month Of February

The event featured Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin as its main speakers. Both Beck and Palin were born in the month of February. This very subtle “occurrence” should not be overlooked for the birth of Lincoln and Black History or African-American History month take place in February. As stated previously, the goal of Beck’s mirroring is to have the subject being targeted to follow cues of the directing agent.

Thus, rather than reflect on Lincoln, the Civil War and/or African-American History month, now that the populace has accepted Beck, he now strives to become the focal point of the month of February. Beck’s interpretation or acts of misdirection aim to supplant the meaning of February and shape it in accord with his agenda. Instead of paying attention to those aspects of the month of February that would instigate a discussion on race and social justice, Beck wants to direct the attention of the people to the agenda in harmony with his “100 year plan”. Central to Beck’s mirroring activities is to replace the image and the meaning of events, dates and individuals which are counter to his white supremacist goals. It has been said if you repeat a lie often enough it will become the truth.

Martin Luther King

Obama during his presidential campaign frequently evoked the name and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Beck chose the date of August 28th, 2010, which among other things is the 47th anniversary of the March On Washington which took place on August 28, 1963, where King made his iconic “I Have A Dream” speech.

Beck, in referring to Dr. King, noted that he had spent the night before in the same Washington hotel where King had put the finishing touches on his famous “I Have a Dream” speech

The event’s speakers spoke from the steps of the  Lincoln Memorial just as the speakers of  the 1963 March.

One of the speakers at the “Restoring Honor” rally was Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Assistance From Female Aquarius

Obama received assistance from female Aquarius Oprah Winfrey who was born on January 29, 1954. Sarah Palin born on February 11, 1964,  has a constituency that is broad-based and speaks to “their hearts” in a political sense as well as is for her endorsements.  Oprah Winfrey to a larger degree speaks to “the hearts” of her viewers and is known for her endorsements that have catapulted numerous individuals and their products to high profiled notoriety. 

The other mirroring or “hijacking” acts employed by Beck and his movement take us into the realm of overt displays of the occult.

The Number 5

The time period of “August 28th” falls under the zodiac sign of Aquarius with the tropical sun sign system. The lucky number for Virgo is 5. As cited in my previous blogs many watershed moments in Black History occurred on August 28th and are governed by the number 5, including  but not limited to:

  • The murder of Emmet Till on August 28, 1955. That is 55 years ago on August 28th, 2010. Till was 14 years old when he was brutally killed. 14=1+4=5.
  • The 1963 March On Washington, where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his ”I Have A Dream” speech. The actual  date is August 28, 1963=8+28+1+9+6+3=55
  • Hurricane Katrina August 28, 2005, 5 years ago on August 28, 2010.
  • The number 5 numerously appeared in other ways:

  • Glenn Beck’s birthdate is February 10, 1964, which gives equals 5: 2+10+1+9+6+4=32=3+2=5.
  • Beck’s full name “Glenn Lee Beck”= G=7+L=3+E=5+N=5+N=5=25; L=3+E=5+E=5=13; B=2+E=5+C=3+K=2=12.  25+13+12=50=5+0=5.
  • The Restore Honor rally will take place on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Abraham Lincoln  was born on February 12, 1809: 2+12+1+8+0+9=32=3+2=5.
  • Dr. Negiel BigPound who spoke at the Restoring Honor rally was born on November 7, 1949=11+7+1+9+4+9=41=5.
  • St. Louis manager Tony LaRussa who presented his star player Albert Pujlos who also spoke at the rally, was born on October 4, 1944=10+4+1+9+4+4=32=3+2=5.
  • Alveda King, niece of Dr. King was once ran for Georgia’s  In 1984, King ran for the seat of Georgia’s 5th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives, losing to Wyche Fowler.
  • The current political landscape is shaped by the number 5:

    • Obama won the presidential election by 365 electoral votes. 365=3+6+5=14=5.
    • The democrats have 59 Senators to the republicans 41: 59=5+9=14=1+4=5; 41=4+1=5.
    • Democrats have 255 members in the House of Representatives to the Republicans 178.
    • Democrat Nancy Pelosi, the current speaker of the House hails from the 8th Congressional District. But for three terms for when she was elected it was known as the 5th Congressional District.
    • Democrat Steny Hoyer, the current Majority Leader represents Maryland’s 5th Congressional District.

    “The number 5 is brilliance, cleverness, and impatience”.

    “Thus we may consider 5 as the POWER of THOUGHT directed unto fruitfulness (in achievement). In its lower form this manifests as thought used to take advantage of others.

    It could be called subtle, or even cunning. While in its higher phase, 5 is God’s measure of spiritual CO-ORDINATION, which, when complied with, draws on the grace and power of God. When the individual seeker applies its secret magic, then the BATTLE IS WON, and the aspirant is ready for entering into the higher phase of the next number, 6. “

    “Members of secret societies, such as Masonic Lodges of the Grand Orient, in their highest levels use the words “unknown superiors” to describe the force that guides them and their efforts.

    When the Illuminati was formed on Walpurgisnacht (eve of May 1st), 1776, five men gathered in a cavern deep beneath Ingolstadt in Bavaria and made contact with what they said were “unknown superiors.” One of these five men was Dr. Adam Weishaupt. The name Adam Weishaupt is profound in the sense that his name means “first man to know the superiors.”

    Here let it be noted that the five founders of the Illuminati used witchcraft rituals known as “The greater and lesser keys of Solomon”, which involved the “Pentacle of Invocation.”

    The pentacle is a three-dimensional, five-pointed star, and the number five became sacred to the Illuminati.

    We must also note that the Rothschild family consisted of five sons of one Moses Amschel Bauer, who took the name Rothschild, because it means “Red Shield.”

    Much later, a man named John D. Rockefeller also had five sons to control the American branch of Illuminism.

    The Illuminati and all of witchcraft is obsessed with the Pentacle of Invocation, and is it any wonder that the Washington Monument in Washington D.C. is exactly 555 feet high?

    Is it any wonder that we have a five-sided death house, known as the Pentagon?

    When I think of the five Rockefellers and the five Rothschilds, I am reminded that in Luke, chapter 16, we are told of a man in fiery torment, who in verses 27-28 said, “…I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father’s house: For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment.”

    The number five remains paramount in importance to the Masterminds of the Great Conspiracy functioning in our day. A very ancient and evil book known as the Necronomicon sets forth the “Law of Fives”, which has found its way into our modern-day computer systems. Millions of computers are running on Intel’s “Pentium Processor.”

    In addition to that, the Microsoft Corporation with its founder, Bill Gates, is providing the technology through occultism to force the age-old objective of a one-world Luciferian government on all the world.

    The full name of Bill Gates is Williams Henry Gates III. It is interesting that when you take the name he goes by, Bill Gates, and add the III to it, his name adds up to 666 in computer ASCII-values. According to a report entitled Microsoft And The Bavarian Illuminati, there is a secret building on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington, which unlike the other 22 buildings, is hidden from view. Building 7, which is accessed by secret passage, is shaped like a pentagon or Pentacle of Invocation.

    Is Satan working through the computer systems of the world? Doubtlessly, he is! Microsoft has a book entitled, Object Linking And Imbedding 2.0 Programmer’s Reference. (1) On page 78, paragraph 2 begins as follows: “In the aggregation model, this internal communication is achieved through coordination with a special instance of IUnknown interface known as the controlling unknown of the aggregate.”

    When you consider a system that works with fives and a “controlling unknown” that is now controlling humanity, we must also consider the “unknown superiors” of Illuminism.”

    The Beck opposition is not only reflective of  contrasting political ideologies but also the signature of the zodiac designation of he and Obama. We will explore this further when we examine the role of the number 11.

    The Number 11

    The number 11 appears first appears with President Barack Obama and his election. Obama’s birth date of August 4, 1961. August 4, 1961=8+4+1+9+6+1=29=2+9=11. The second sighting of the number 11 is with his election. Obama beat McCain by 365 electoral votes to 173 electoral votes.  365=3+6+5=14=1+4=5.  McCain’s 173=1+7+3=11.  McCain was born on August 29, 1936=8+29+1+9+3+6=56=5+6=11.

    Obama was 47 years old when he was elected. 47=4+7=11.

    The day of August 28th is related to 11 and 5, with the aforementioned actual dates which express the number 55 in one way or the other.

    The murder of Emmet Till on August 28, 1955. 55 years ago on August 28, 2010. The 1963 March On Washington, where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his ”I Have A Dream” speech. The actual  date is August 28, 1963=8+28+1+9+6+3=55.

    55= 11X5=55

    Beck announced on  November 21, 2009 his plans for the August 28th, 2010 rally:

    “November 21, 2009, at The Villages, Florida, Beck announced a rally to be held on August 28, 2010, in Washington, D.C., at the Lincoln Memorial.  Beck originally intended the rally as political, and planned to promote his next book, The Plan, in which he would outline a century-long plan to “save the country”.

    Over the 2009 Christmas holidays, however, Beck decided to publicize the event as being “non-political”, and focus on raising awareness and funds for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation charity, because soliciting tax-exempt funds to pay for the rally through the charity restricts political activity. The charity receives funds collected above the amount needed to pay for the rally. Beck named his planned rally “Restoring Honor,” saying its theme was “about honoring character” as well as honoring the sacrifices of U.S. Armed Services personnel.

    The Restoring Honor rally as widely reported took place 47 years after the historic 1963 March On Washington. 47=4+7=11.

    At least two speakers at the rally were born on the 11th month of November; Dr. Negiel BigPound  born on 11-7-1949 and Marcus Luttrell born on 11-7-1975. The fact that both are born on “11-7″ is something to be explored at a later time.

    Sarah Palin is born on February 11, 1964.

    Beck who is opposed to most if not all of the agenda of the Obama administration, has the zodiac sign under the tropical zodiac system of Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac.  Aquarius according to most astrologers is not compatible with Leo due to them being on “the opposite sides of the zodiac”.

    As an Aquarius, Beck’s lucky number is 4. Beck and Palin both being of the 11th zodiac sign Aquarius give us “11+11=22”. 22 is a master number and is not simplified to its single digit expression which would be 4. Another expression of 4 is the number 13, for 13=1+3=4. Another expression of  13 is 39 for it is 13X3=39.

    The Number 39

    Next to the selection of August 28th for his rally, the next indicator of the nefarious aims of the Beck movement is the appearance of the number 39.  39 is the age that icons Martin Luther King and Malcolm X died. The date of the “Restoring Honor” rally of August 28, 2010= 8+28+2+0+1+0=39.

    Dr. King’s niece Alveda King, who attended and spoke at the “Restoring Honor” rally was born on January 22, 1951. She was criticized by Dr.King’s son Martin Luther King,III  for misrepresenting his father’s legacy at the August 28, 2010 rally.  Her birth date of January 22, 1951= 1+22+1+9+5+1=39.

    If Martin Luther King, III ‘s contention is correct that Alveda King mistakenly attributed things to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that were untrue, then her 39 signature reveals her purpose to represent the “death” of the truthful legacy Dr. King.  Hence, death would equate to misrepresentation in symbolic terms.

    According to the website the

    “Notice that the Bilderberg Group has core of 39 members who are broken into 3 groups of 13 members in each group. Notice that the core of 39 answers to the 13 who make up the Policy Committee. Take special notice that the 13 members of the Policy Committee answer to the Round Table of Nine. You know that the original number of states in the United States of America was 13. The Constitution has 7 articles and was signed by 39 members of the Constitutional Convention. More research is to be done on this number.

     Who were our fathers that framed the Constitution? I suppose the “thirty-nine” who signed the original instrument may be fairly called our fathers who framed that part of the present government. It is almost exactly true to say they framed it, and it is altogether true to say they fairly represented the opinion and sentiment of the whole nation at that time. Their names, being familiar to nearly all, and accessible to quite all, need not now be repeated. I take these “thirty-nine,” for the present, as being “our fathers who framed the government under which we live.” What is the question which, according to the text, those fathers understood “just as well, and even better, than we do now”? (Abraham Lincoln, “Cooper Institute Address,” 27 February 1860)”

    Beck as a Yale graduate should be familiar with concepts of spiritual desecration. The secret society Skull and Bones was founded at Yale University. According to Wikipedia:

    “Skull and Bones is a secret society at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut founded in 1832 . President George H. W. Bush, his son President George W. Bush, and the latter’s 2004 Presidential opponent Senator John Kerry are members of Skull and Bones

    Skull and Bones members supposedly stole the bones of Geronimo from Fort Sill, Oklahoma during World War I. In 1986, former San Carlos Apache Chairman Ned Anderson received an anonymous letter with a photograph and a copy of a log book claiming that Skull & Bones held the skull.”

    Unlike the members of the Skull &Bones who supposedly stole the head of Geronimo, Beck is attempting to steal the “head” of the Civil Rights Movement by replacing the memory of it with recollections counter to its truthful original expression.  Beck does this  unholy act, while simultaneously claiming to serve God.

    White Man’s God

    By appealing for his legion of supporters to “return to God”, Beck was speaking in code. The code or message Beck was appealing to was white nationalism. The white image of God has steadfastly remained despite so-called gains in race relations.  Beck who is a Mormon, understands this all too well. Mormons hold or have held the following beliefs:

    • MARK E. PETERSON of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles states “At least in the cases of the Lamanites and the negroes we have the definite word of the Lord Himself that He placed a dark skin upon them as a curse – as a punishment and as a sign to all others.If there is one drop of negro blood in my children, as I have read to you, they receive the curse, There isn’t any argument, therefore, as to intermarriage with the Negro, is there? “Now we are generous with the Negro. We are willing that the Negro have the highest kind of education. I would be willing to let every Negro drive a Cadillac if they could afford it.
    • JOHN TAYLOR 3rd Prophet and President  stated: “…after the flood we are told that the curse that had been pronounced upon Cain was continued through Ham’s wife, as he had married a wife of that seed. And why did it pass through the flood? Because it was necessary that the devil should have a representation a upon a the earth as well as God;..”


    People of African ancestry could not be members of the clergy in the Mormon religion until 1978.

    With the image of God firmly rooted in white people’s minds as well as in the minds of Blacks  the call to return to God, is in effect to place more firmly the white image of God within the populace.

    Especially with the election of an African-American president, the white nationalist imperative is to focus on the one area that despite gains in Civil Rights have not been able to supplant.

    Organized religions have been murder cults using Africans who pray as prey. Christianity is no exception. Consider the following:

    1. The Roman church was responsible for the burning of African libraries.
    2. The Europeans under Christianity sustained the “Reconquista” movement which expelled the Moors from Europe on January 2, 1492. It was in 1492 that Europeans “discovered” the world and instituted systems and “isms” that we are still confronting today.
    3.  Bartolomé de las Casas issued the edict that relegated slavery solely to persons of African ancestry.
    4. The ships that carried enslaved Africans, had the names such as “Jesus”
    5. The song Amazing Grace was written by a slave holder.
    6. The Klu Klux Klan is a Christian organization.
    7. All of the European countries that participated in slavery claimed to be Christian countries.
    8. The Western Church was a chief and willing participant in the enslavement of African people.

    Whether in America or abroad, people of African ancestry have not fared well under a mass mobilization of Europeans under the guise of Christianity. Beck appears to be a continuation of that historical trend.

      The spiritual desecration executed by Glenn Beck utilized deception and distortion of the historical record.  Beck through mirroring subliminally and overtly key elements of Black History, in general and Obama in particular, while maintaining a white supremacist agenda. The activities of Beck were guided mainly by the occult use of numbers 5, 11 and 39.

    Beck’s call for America to return to God, echoes past campaigns ushered by Europeans, where Christianity was used to rally Europeans to military action.

    For Beck to not to be seriously challenged for equating honoring soldiers with the memory of a historical figure committed to non-violence speaks to the effectiveness of the dumbing down process.

    Beck encouraged his supporters to tone down their standard operating procedure and don’t bring posters or placards. This was done, because of concerns that racist,violent and overt political messages might be seen and subject to criticism.

    Beck’s efforts including the use of occult signatures had an effect not detected by ‘normal means’.  This is seen with Elias Abuelazam, who was arrested on August 11, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia the birthplace of Dr. King. Abuelazam who was born on August 28, 1976 complemented the controlled spectacle. Abuelazam’s birth date and the violent acts he has allegedly been charged with, also reflect to associate August 28th with violence, especially committed against people of African ancestry, not the elimination of it. 

    Days after the rally two incidents reflected the numerology involved with Beck’s efforts. In Arizona, the home of Republican Senator John McCain where a gunman people killed 5, before turning the gun on himself. Various media outlets reported:

    “A gunman entered a western Arizona home and fatally shot five people, including the mother of his two children and her new boyfriend, before fleeing with the kids to Southern California where he killed himself, police said.

    The shootings occurred as 23-year-old Deborah Langstaff and friends were celebrating her boyfriend’s birthday, Lake Havasu City police Sgt. Joe Harrold said Sunday. In all, six people died.

    Police went to the Lake Havasu City home after dispatchers received an emergency call at 11:57 p.m. local time Saturday from a woman who said an intruder had shot several people.

    Officers responding to the home said they found the bodies of Langstaff, Primo Verdone – who had just turned 24 – Russell Nyland, 42, and Ashley Nyland, 20.

    Two others were wounded, but 20-year-old Brock Kelson died of his injuries early Sunday. Deborah Nyland, 44, was in intensive care at a Las Vegas hospital Sunday afternoon, Harrold said.” 

    Notice the occult signatures which are a carryover from the energy spewed by Beck and his supporters:

    • 23-year-old Deborah Langstaff. 23=2+3=5.
    • Dispatchers received an emergency call at 11:57 p.m. local time=11+5+7=23=2+3=5.
    • In all, six people died. Remember the successful invocation of 5 enables one to graduate to use of the number 6. Washington Monument is 555 feet tall which is 6660 inches. 5-5-5=15=1+5=6.
    • The number 6 is seen with the ages of members of the deceased,Langstaff, Primo Verdone, 24=2+4=6 and  Russell Nyland 42=4+2=6.

    Another dimension to this story that the survivor of the shooting is 44 years old. President Obama is America’s 44th president. Is this a metaphysical symbolic representation indicating that Obama will be injured  but survive this phase of attack?

    Another news story which was representative of the residual effects of the high ritual is the Discovery Channel hostage situation in Silver Spring, Maryland that ended in the death of gunman James J. Lee. The incident occurred on September 1, 2010. September 1, 2010=9+1+2+0+1+0=13. 13=1+3=4. 13 is another expression 4 ,the lucky number for  Aquarius. The hostage situation involved 1 assailant and 3 hostages, which symbolically gives 13 and 4 in all.

    James J. Lee was 43 years old when he was fatally killed by police. Beck announced his plans to hold his “Restoring Honor” rally on  November 21, 2009. November 21, 2009=11+21+2+0+0+9=43.

    Obama has been derailed by his critics for being an elitist and decry any suggestion that he is the “messiah”.  What is important to note that this sentiment of making sure Obama is not designated as the “messiah” is connected to objectives and aims of Beck’s call to return to God and the policy of the United States government.

    J.Edgar Hoover’s directive in his COINTELPRO was clear prevent the rise of a Black Messiah. Glenn Beck is attempting to prevent an established pattern of good will and acceptance of a Black leadership, and the maintenance of white supremacy, hence the prevent rise of a Black Messiah.

    ©VisionThought 2010. All Rights Reserved

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