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Taurus Constellation, Astrological Correspondences & Understanding The Life Of Malcolm X- El Hajj Malik El Shabazz


The life of  Malcolm X -El Hajj Malik Shabazz followed the “patterns of the stars” in ways not yet fully comprehended by many assessing the meaning of who he was during his sojourn here on earth.

With the benefit of hindsight and information regarding his astrological zodiac sign, we can observe direct correspondences with research about Malcolm’s life that is currently available.

While others have utilized an in-depth astrological reading to better understand the life and legacy of Malcolm, the information they have provided has mostly been a detailed exposition of  his personality traits. This article attempts to complement previous work done in this regard and provide additional insights to the Taurian and other astrological influences on the great leader, El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, better known as Malcolm X.

Born on May 19, 1925 Malcolm X is classified by both the tropical and sidereal zodiac astrological systems as a Taurus. Taurus while popularly known as the “Bull”,the symbol for this sign denotes “the builder”.  Malcolm X in his almost 13 years as a minister of the Nation of Islam, worked tirelessly and increased the number of Nation of Islam temples from 4 temples in 1952 to 49 temples by 1959.

Taurus is the second (2nd) sign of the zodiac. Malcolm when he was in the Nation of Islam (NOI) and became minister of mosque #7 in Harlem, New York City was considered in the eyes of the public as the number 2 person in the Nation of Islam organizational structure.

The brightest star within the constellation of Taurus is named  Alderbaran and is bright orange. Many times in common language, things which are orange are called “red”, especially the complexion of people who are classified as “light-skin”. We know that one of Malcolm’s street names while he was engaged in criminal activity was “Detroit Red”.  Anyone who looked at a picture of Malcolm or saw him in person knows that he wasn’t “red” as such but was closer to the color of the star Alderbaran, which is orange as the shade of the morning sun.

The   Alderbaran   star means “follower”, which directly corresponds with how Malcolm was introduced into our consciousness. Malcolm became a household name as “a follower of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.”  Malcolm before his 1963, “Chicken Coming Home To Roost” split with his mentor, teacher and spiritual guide displayed an unflinching loyalty to the Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm obeisance to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was evident with his constant use of the phrase “The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us…”  before making any speeches in public.

Exploration into the other zodiac’s correspondences to the life of Malcolm X is deepened when we utilize the discipline of Christian astrology.

In Christian astrology, the disciple associated with Taurus is “Simon the Zealot” not to be confused with “Simon Peter”. The parallels between Simon the Zealot and the life of Malcolm X are striking!

Malcolm was seen as a “zealot” with his unwavering devotion to Elijah Muhammad, the NOI and Black Liberation. His view in the eyes of many as zealot was due to provocative speeches such as “Chickens Coming Home To Roost” and “The Ballot or The Bullet”.

One writer in describing”Simon the Zealot”, stated that he belonged to a group “that terrorized the Romans”,  and when he became an apostle “he learned to control his energy” thus “becoming more understanding and giving”. Other descriptions of Simon the Zealot that mirror positive as well as negative statements about Malcolm X include:

  1. Fiery orator.
  2. Excellent debater.
  3. Inspirational loyalty.
  4. Exhibited tension between nationalism for his group and staying within the confines of religious based focus to solve his people’s problems.
  5. Was spoken to by the head of the movement to not venture too far into nationalism and concentrate on God’s solution to the problem confronting his people.
  6. A rebel by nature and by training.

*See Matthew 10:3, Mark 3:18, Luke 6:15 and Acts1:13.

One of the lesser acknowledged traits of the Taurus is its rebellious nature:

“Taurus does have a  rebellious nature, which often manifests as stubbornness. This rebelliousness is especially pronounced when Taurus feels it is not appreciated, not taken into consideration, belittled or otherwise disrespected, then it becomes extremely wilful and difficult, sometimes even contrarian.

Forcefulness also brings this about in him. This rebelliousness rises from certain frustrations that make up this personality type, but this kind of behavior is actually in contrast to the fundamental, reasonable and rational earthy nature of this sign. It may be used as a kind of power-play, as Taurus tends more toward passive-aggressiveness than to outright aggression – perhaps because this method offers less of a risk. Then other times what has been said just does not make any earthy sense.”

El Hajj Malik Shabbaz was assassinated on February 21, 1965, which under the tropical zodiac system is ruled by Pisces. Pisces has been identified by Christian Gnostics as the sign of Judas Iscariot who suffered severe pangs of remorse after his betrayal.

“For thirty silver pieces, Judas betrayed his friend and Lord Jesus. And like a Pisces, when all was said and done, he became depressed and gave up his life.

Pisces are also known for being shy and withdrawn, as a general, losing touch with reality. When he sat with Jesus at the Last Supper, Jesus said that one of the twelve would betray him. And though Judas had the silver pieces as payment for the betrayal in his possession; he still questioned who the betrayer was.

“Then Judas, which betrayed him, answered and said, Master, is it I?” Matthew 26:25

The glyph of the two fish, which represents the zodiac sign of the Pisces, shows that they have the ability to either sink or swim. Clearly, Judas chose to sink to the lower depths and later committed suicide.

The date of February 21, 1965 under the sidereal zodiac system is governed by the sign Aquarius. Revisiting the Christian Gnostic esoteric tradition the sign of Aquarius is identified with the disciple Thaddeus, who is also named Judas. Thaddeus is described in the Christian Bible as one who questioned Jesus. 

“Thaddeus called Judas is thought to have been the Aquarian by formidable astrologers. Aquarius is a fixed air sign of uncertainty, curiosity, questioning others without tact and in a rude manner. At the Last Supper, Thaddeus was found questioning Jesus:

Lord how is it that thou wilt manifest thyself unto us, and not unto the world?” John 14:22

While an Aquarian may offer loyal friendship, like Thaddeus, he will question what will be his own gain. They are not fighters and are not willing to fight for what they believe. They would much rather to change their opinion to stand with the crowd.”  That is clearly the profile of a traitor.

The double reference to figures in the Bible known as “Judas” speaks only to the extreme level of treachery involved in the demise of Malcolm X.  As the saying goes “traitors within and traitors without”.

The Taurus constellation has a total of 19 main stars. 19 is a very important number for Muslims, Islam and the Quran. The number 19 is the 13th integer mentioned in the Quran. According to some scholars of Islam, the number 19 serves as the structure of the Quran:

“Dr. Khalifa, with the aid of his computer, discovered, however, that in certain Suras the sum of all the letters that are represented in the initials above the Sura are divisible by the mysterious 19.

To give an example: Three initials (ALR) stand at the head of Sura 15. In the text of this Sura, the sum of the L’s is 323 and this figure represents 17 x 19.

In the case of Sura 68 which has the initial N above it, the sum of all the N’s in the Sura is 133, i.e. 7 x 19.

Then again if one were to add up all the letters of all Suras that have the initial A at the top, we would again have a number divisible by 19. Similarly the totals of all the letters of the initials above each individual Sura when added up are divisible by 19.

In Sura 36, for instance, where the initials are Y and S, there are 48 S and 237 Y. Though neither of these sums can be divided by 19, the combined total is 15 x 19.”

Malcolm X, El Hajj Malik El Shabazz life can be understood through various disciplines including astrology. What we can discern about the life and legacy of Malcolm from knowing comprehensively all aspects of his Taurus zodiac sign, is that he was shaped by cosmic forces as well as soci-economic earthly forces.

While that may be an understatement given that all of us are shaped by an interplay of celestial and earthly energies, in regards to Malcolm it is very evident upon an informed investigation into that aspect of his reality.

We can draw direct correspondences between his astrological profile as well as public information provided by scholarly research on his life and his work to awaken the Black masses to their true worth.

The Taurus profile gives us the references to Malcolm’s organizational acumen and relationship to his spiritual mentor and teacher Elijah Muhammad.

Taurus is the sign called “the builder and is the second (2nd) sign of the zodiac. Malcolm before his split with the NOI was Elijah Muhammad’s “number 2″ person in command. Simon the Zealot who is associated in the Christian esoteric tradition with the Taurus astrological sign and  is said to be the 11th apostle. The number 11 falls under the energy of number 2.  Other traits of mentioned with Simon the Zealot which also applies to Malcolm include:

  • A Fiery Agitator.
  • Intense Display of loyalty.
  • A great debater
  • Tension between working solely from a theological approach vs. A Nationalistic front.

 The brightest star within the constellation of Taurus is named  Alderbaran which means “follower”. Loyalty is also a feature of the Taurus profile and Malcolm for decades displayed that for the Elijah Muhammad and the NOI organization.

The physical appearance of Malcolm was also indicated by his astrological sign. The brightest star within the constellation of Taurus, as mentioned previously  is named  Alderbaran and is bright orange, which corresponds with his moniker before his conversion of “Detroit Red”. 

The Taurus constellation has 19 main stars and according to numerous Islamic scholars, the number 19 is very important in the writing of the Quran.

When we depart from Malcolm’s specific astrological sign of Taurus and examine the sign of the zodiac which important events such as his death, we also find direct correspondences.

The fateful date of February 21, 1965 under both the tropical and sidereal zodiac systems make reference to the biblical personage “Judas”. It is no wonder with that energy, without any knowledge of the astrological template of Malcolm, a popular book about him would be titled “The Judas Factor”.

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