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Michael Jackson Revisited: The Appearance of The Symbolic Code Of Social Control

The legacy of Michael Jackson will continue to grow as the world better appreciates his talent and his works. In this culture where we don’t affirm life: “We curse the living and praise the dead. We ignore those while alive and mourn when they are gone.”

Upon further reflection on the circumstances of his death and closer examination of those involved in Michael Jackson’s life, we can identify the presence of the Lincoln Symbolic Code of Social Control.

The Lincoln Symbolic Code of Social Control is the interference as well as the disruption of the any activity by groups and/or individuals that may promote the advancement and the empowerment of persons of African ancestry.

This form of social control does not apply to all individuals and groups who are destroyed or co-opted by the white ruling class but it is one of their preferred methods to maintain power.

The numbers 5, 39 and 44 were numbers that appeared with the assassination of America’s 16th president Abraham Lincoln and have been featured in the major assassinations of U.S. presidents as well as leaders and popular personalities who are of African ancestry.

Once again: “The occult signature of this methodology by the ruling class are evidenced by the presence of the numbers 5, 39 and 44.”

We observe in Michael Jackson’s life the numbers 5, 39 and 44 which serve as the foundation for the Symbolic Code of Social Control.

The number 5 is readily detected with the name of the group “Jackson 5” that launched Michael Jackson into international stardom. Other registers of the number five include but are not limited to:

Michael’s age when he died was 50 and the sum of that number is 5: 50=5+0=5.

Michael has 5 family members born in fifth month of May:

  • Katherine Jackson-May 4, 1930.
  • Rebbie – May 29, 1950.
  • Jackie-   May 4, 1951.
  • Latoya- May 29, 1956.
  • Janet-May 16, 1966.

The number 39, which is the warning sign to persons of African ancestry embarking on initiatives that threaten the status quo. Both Malcolm and Martin were assassinated at the age of 39. 39 is also a hidden code for the number 13 as in 13×3=39. We see the number 13 in Jackson’s full name: Michael Joseph Jackson=76=7+6=13.

Michael Jackson’s parents Katherine and Joseph Jackson were married on November 5, 1949. November 5, 1949=11+5+1+9+4+9=39.

The appearance of the number 39 with Michael Jackson is also observed with Dr. Conrad Murray, the person accused of administering Jackson’s death. Dr.Conrad Murray, was born on February 19, 1953. February 19, 1953=2+19+1+9+5+3=39.

The appearance of “44” is seen with the day of birth for his mother Katherine and brother Jackie on 4th of May in different years.  44 also appears with Jackson nemesis Tommy Mottola who was born on July 14, 1949: 7+14+1+9+4+9=44!

Another observation in the numerology of MJ is that the number 6 appeared often in his life. The number sequence 666 appears at least twice with Michael Jackson.

Michael’s life path number is governed by the number 6: August 29, 1958=8+2+9+1+9+5+8=42=4+2=6.

The date of Michael’s passing is also governed by the number 6: June 25, 2009=6+2+5+2+0+0+9=24=2+4=6.

His sibling Jermaine who was the first family member to announce the news of his brother’s passing to the media, life path’s number operates on the six vibration: December 11, 1954=12+11+1+9+5+4=42=4+2=6.

Thus we see that the elements involved in announcing his arrival to the next plane of existence, commonly referred to as death registered the number 6 vibration.

The number 6 vibration was also present in the announcement of his arrival to the world as a musical talent.

It was not Diana Ross but Gladys Knight who was the real person who was instrumental in getting Motown executives to give the Jackson clan an opportunity to be signed by the historic label.

Gladys Knight  was born on May 28, 1944=5+28+1+9+4+4=51=5+1=6. 

Barry Gordy the founder of Motown was born on November 28, 1929= 11+28+1+9+2=9=60=6+0=6.

Joseph Jackson, MJ’s father and driving influence was the eldest of six children for his parents Samuel Jackson and Crystal King.

James Brown, the Godfather of Soul was a major influence on MJ. Brown’s birth date on May 31, 1933 equals 6: 5+3+1+9+3+3=24=2+4=6.

As it was noted that MJ owned a 1/3 of Sony as well as 100% of the publishing rights to Beatles music catalog. This made Michael Jackson a very powerful man.

One demonstration of that power is when Jackson, according to Dick Gregory discovered that in buying the Beatles catalog he also purchased and owned the rights to Little Richard’s music.

Michael Jackson later arranged for Little Richard to receive at no cost, his entire music catalog, returning ownership to its original creator.

The death of Michael Jackson in the eyes of many was a “hit”. There are still questions pertaining to the cause and manner of his death. Especially given his comments about SONY records and Tommy Mottola in particular.

With the numbers 5, 39 and 44 present in the life  and death of MJ, we can surmise that there is most likely an invisible hand at work, which has been involved in the assassinations of popular figures that undermine the authority of the current ruling class.

Suggested Reading

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  1. Michael Jackson Revisited: The Appearance of The Symbolic Code Of Social Control…

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  2. Michael Jackson Revisited: The Appearance of The Symbolic Code Of Social Control…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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