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Alton Maddox, Charles Baron, The Freedom Party & The Metaphysics of Black Political Empowerment

On August 16, 2010, the New York Freedom Party made history by securing over 43,500 signatures to achieve ballot status in the state of New York. While obtaining the 43,500 signatures is an accomplishment worth noting, it is not the end of the fierce sense of urgency by its members and supporters.

In response to not having any candidates of African or Latino ancestry on the state-wide ballot as well as the long-standing historical neglect of the interests of the aforementioned groups, the Freedom party will field its own candidates for state-wide offices in New York.

The Freedom Party has New York City Councilperson Charles Barron for governor, Buffalo educator and historian Eva Doyle for lieutenant governor, and Bronx activist Ramon Jimenez for attorney general.

The Freedom Party on November 2, 2010 must overcome the “dirty tricks” of the Board of Elections  and garner 50,000 votes in order to be certified as an official state-wide party. Getting on the ballot on August 16, 2010 was only one phase  in a protracted struggle for liberation.

The great legal mind Alton Maddox, co-founder of the Freedom Party declared:

“The Democratic and Republican parties enjoy a duopoly.  This permits them to control politics in all fifty states and the District of Columbia which lacks statehood status.  Therefore, its residents suffer “taxation without representation”.  The District of Columbia is a territory without a single, voting member of Congress.

There was no Black and Latino-led political party in the nation which enjoys ballot status before August 2010. The Freedom Party has exceeded the expectations of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and the Rainbow Coalition.  Neither of these associations ever obtained ballot status.”

Due to the hard work and collective effort of the dedicated membership of the Freedom Party, people of African ancestry in New York have the opportunity to change the course of history and improve their lives  for generations to come.

Unlike other attempts at political power where the focus was on a particular person, the Freedom Party’s primary thrust is to develop a long-lasting institution to bring about real and long -lasting change.

Yet for the benefits that await them if they succeed, the majority of the masses of Black people are not joining the ranks of the Freedom Party as they should.

We are literally not reading the tea leaves.

The Democrats despite having in their membership, the  first African-American governor in the state of  New York, David Paterson and Barack Obama the country’s first elected president of African ancestry, have decided to field an all white slate for all of New York’s state-wide offices on the ballot in the November 2, 2010 elections. 

If the New York Democratic party can feel comfortable making  blatantly racist decisions with an African-American president and an  governor of African ancestry, what else is next on their agenda?

It is only in an independent apparatus such as the Freedom Party can persons of African ancestry ensure that they have a voice on matters that affect their very existence and survival.

The great historian and ancestor John Henrik Clarke once stated that the Europeans not only colonized the world but they also colonized INFORMATION ABOUT THE WORLD. This colonization of the information has led to a fragmented view on the disciplines of knowledge that determine and shape our every day lives.

This includes our understanding of the relationship between spirituality and politics.

This disjointed view of the all disciplines that produce knowledge has led to us not to being aware of the metaphysical aspect involved in the quest for political power.

However those opposed to the ascendancy of people of African ancestry clearly understand the link between spirituality and political power.

The first director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) J.Edgar Hoover proclaimed in his COINTELPRO program the following directive: “Prevent the rise of a “messiah” that could unify and electrify the militant  Black Nationalist movement”. 

J.Edgar Hoover was a 33 degree Freemason and his role as director of the FBI was an extension of his masonic commitment.

The choice of words in this 16 word sentence are worthy of serious reflection. In the directive by the FBI they chose the word “messiah” to indicate a threat to the white ruling order.

The word messiah is a word that has its roots in ancient Kemet and was co-opted  and its meaning perverted by western organized religions. Even in its corrupted state the word “messiah” indicates a connection between spirituality and politics, for once the people have given “birth” to a “messiah” their level of spirituality is heightened and that threatens all earthly kingdoms, especially oppressive regimes.

Ronald Reagan the 40th president of the United States relied heavily on astrologers  Carroll Righter, Joan Quigley  Joyce Jillson to time events including the bombing of the African country Libya on  April 15, 1986. 

What has occurred with people of African ancestry is by and large  they do not pay attention to the metaphysical component of the quest for political power. They for the most part respond to the external conditions that they are seeking to change without comprehending the metaphysical agencies at work.

The numbers that we will briefly examine in this article as they relate to the Freedom Party are 3, 5, 11 and 13.


The number three is recognized in the year “2010”where the Freedom Party gained ballot status and  will participate in their first election as an independent party.  “2010”=2+0+1+0=3.

The number of signatures obtained to become eligible for ballot status equals 3: 43, 500= 4+3+5+0+0=12=1+2=3.

The Freedom Party has 3 candidates running for state-wide office: Charles Barron for governor, Eva Doyle for lieutenant governor, and  Ramon Jimenez for attorney general.

The number 3 pertains to the different  aspects of the spiritual and political structure:

  • Mind, which generates ideas. It is ideas that leads to laws.
  • Spirit, which is the motive and the source of all power of ideas.
  • Body, is the vehicle  that carries out the idea.
  • In the political arena we have the 3 branches of government: legislative, judicial and executive.


The Freedom Party needs to secure 50,000 votes state-wide in order to complete the process of becoming a state-wide party. 50,000= 5+0+0+0+0=5.

If reports in the media are correct the Freedom Party’s gubernatorial candidate Charles Baron was born on October 7, 1950=32=5.

The Freedom Party is sowing seeds for future political campaigns namely those upcoming in “2012”. “2012”= 2+0+1+2=5

The Freedom Party is an independent political party founded in 1994 to meet the political needs of people of African ancestry and Latinos. “1994”=1+9+9+4=23=2+3=5.

 The number 5 is associated with but not limited to the following traits:

  • Progressive mindset, with the attitude and skills to make the world a better place.
  • The key word for the number 5 is freedom.
  • In the pursuit of freedom, those associated with the number 5 are naturally versatile, adventurous, and advanced in their thinking.
  • The number 5 person or institution  is always striving to find answers to the many questions that life poses.
  • The byword for the positive expression of the  5 is constant change and improvement.

The Freedom Party  and Charles Baron the candidate for governor for New York  are rooted in the metaphysical expression of the number 11.

Charles Baron is the candidate for governor for the Freedom Party. Freedom Party=65=6+5=11.

Baron is running to be the 56th governor of the  state of  New York. 56=5+6=11.

Charles Baron is a former member of the Black Panther Party. Black Panther Party =74=7+4=11.

Charles Baron resides in New York City, “New York City” has 11 letters

The great legal mind, the attorney for Twanna Brawley Alton Maddox is one of the founders of the Freedom Party. The name “Alton Maddox” has 11 letters.

Alton Maddox is currently 65 years old. 65=6+5=11.

11 represents among other things duality. The moon and sun energies. The sun=male and the moon=female. The Freedom Party ticket has Charles Baron for governor which is the male/sun energy and Eva Doyle for  lieutenant governor which is the female/moon energy.

According to most authors on numerology the number 11: 

  1.  11 is considered to be a Master Number
  2.  Number 11 is a master vibration and as such should not be reduced to a single number.
  3. Possesses the qualities of intuition, patience, honesty, sensitivity, and spirituality, and is idealistic.
  4. Teaching and inspiration, and people who are exposed to this are usually uplifted by the experience.
  5. 11  brings the gift of spiritual inheritance and  is gifted as the “Light-Bearer”.
  6. 11 is considered “The PeaceMaker”.
  7. Colours of the number 11 are Gold, Salmon, Prune, White and Black.”
  8. It is the number of the Light within all. Strengthened by the love of Peace, gentleness, sensitivity and insight.
  9. Greatest facility is the awareness of Universal relationship. Is related to the energy of Oppositions and the Balancing needed in order to achieve synthesis.


The Freedom Party owes its name to the Mississippi Democratic Freedom Party of 1964, co-founded by the great activist Fannie Lou Hamer who also served as a delegate. One reason why 13 appears frequently with persons of African ancestry seeking power is that the number is a metaphysical register for “LAND”.

 The word “LAND” has the same value under both the Chaldean and Pythagorean methods of numerology:L=3+A=1+N=5+D=4=13. 

When one engages in politics they are involved in who controls land, as well as the distribution of its resources, whether on the local, national or international level.

The nameFannie Lou Hamerunder the Chaldean numerology:

F=8 + A=1+ N=5+N=5+I=1+E=5=25 
The number 13 appears frequently with persons of African ancestry seeking power.
“In particular, 13 represents “all or nothing” through transformation pertaining to degeneration or regeneration.
Symbolic death and rebirth is strongly associated to 13. An example of the representative power of the number 13
is transitioning from modest means to vast wealth.”
According to some numerologists, 13 is considered to be one of the “Karmic Debt Numbers”. The others are 14, 16, and 19:
“During our long evolutionary path of many incarnations, we have accumulated a wealth of wisdom, and have made many good choices that benefit us in future lifetimes. We have also made mistakes, and have sometimes abused the gifts we have been given. To rectify such errors, we may take on an additional burden in order to learn a particular lesson that we failed to learn in previous lifetimes. In numerology, this burden is called a Karmic Debt.”
Other expressions of 13 identified with persons of African ancestry pursuing political power include:
  1. The 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution issued in 1865,  where slavery was supposedly abolished except for those incarcerated.
  2. The first African-American United States Senator Hiram Revels, whose first name “Hiram” under the so-called Chaldean numerology system equals 13: Revel’s first name “Hiram” under the so-called Chaldean numerology system gives us the value of 13: H=5+I=1+R=2+A=1+M=4=(5+1+2+1+4=)13.
  3. The number 13 appears with the Tilden-Hayes Compromise, with the number of electoral college votes garnered by then Democratic presidential candidate Samuel Tilden. Tilden secured 184 electoral college votes. 184=1+8+4=13. The Tilden-Hayes Compromise paved the way for racist policies such as Jim Crow and segregation in the American South and the overturning of any gains made by persons of African ancestry after the Civil War.
  4.  Haitian Revolution: After the Vodou ceremony at Bwa Kayiman presided over by Dutty Boukman on August 14, 1791, the enslaved African people of Haiti fought for 13 years to gain their freedom resulting in the first free African led Republic in the world on January 1,1804. The year “1804″=1+8+0+4=13
  5.  The ANC was founded on January 8, 1912. The year “1912“=1+9+1+2=13.
  6.  Marcus Garvey born on August 17, 1887. August 17, 1887= 8+17+1+8+8+7=49=4+9=13
  7.  Adam Clayton Powell lived from November 29, 1908-April 4, 1972, His birth date of November 29, 1908= 11+29+1+9+0+8= 58=5+8=13.
  8. Powell’s successor Charles Rangel. Charlie Rangel was born on June 11, 1930. The year “1930″ = 1+9+3+0=13.
  9.  The “Nation of Islam”=N=5 + A=1 + T=2+ I=9 + O=6 + N=5= 28; O=6 +F=12; I=9+ S= 1+ L= 3+ A= 1+  M=4= 18; 28+12+18= 58=5+8=13.
  10.  OAU: The Organization of African Unity (OAU) was formed on May 25, 1963: 5+25+1+9+6+3=49=4+9=13.
  11.  Kwame Nkrumah lived from September 21, 1909 –  April  27, 1972. Nkrumah’s birth date of September 21, 1909= 9+21+1+9+0+9=49=4+9=13.
  12.  The National Urban League established in 1920 has the number 13 in its name. N=5+A=1+T=2+I=9+O=6+N=5+A=1+L=3+ U=3+R=9+B=2+A=1+N=5+ L=3+E=5+A=1+G=7+U=3+E=5=76= 7+6=13.
  13. The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) was formed with 13 members of African-Ancestry after the election in 1970.
  14. The current official address for the CBC is “2444 Rayburn Building Washington, DC 20515″. The zip code for the CBC location ”20515″= 2+0+5+1+5=13.  The building is named after Sam Rayburn, the longest-serving Speaker of the House of Representatives in the history of the United States. Rayburn become Speaker of the House on September 16, 1940 at the age of 58. 58=5+8=13. Rayburn became a Congressman in 1913!
  15. The current Chair of the CBC, Barbara Lee during 1990-1992 served in the California State Assembly from the 13th district.
  16. The CBC’s first chairperson was Charles Diggs a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Michigan’s 13th district. Diggs was also the first person of African ancestry to be elected to the U.S. Congress from Michigan.
  17. George W.Collins, a founding member of the CBC and member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Illinois’s 6th District died in a plane crash on December 8, 1972. Collins was on United Airlines flight 553, which crashed on approach to the Chicago Midway International Airport. “553″=5+5+3=13. The date of his fatal crash December 8, 1972=12+8+1+9+7+2=39. 39=13+13+13=39 or 13×3=39.
  18. Ron Dellums the first African-American to be elected to Congress from Northern California as well as the first openly Socialist Congressman since WWII. Dellums who was on Nixon’s enemies list was elected to 13 terms as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives hailing from California’s 9th Congressional District.
  19. Parren Mitchell, the first African-American Congressman from Maryland passed away on May 28, 2007 at the age of 85. 8+5=13.
  20. Black Liberation Army: The Fraternal Order of Police blamed the BLA for the murders of 13 police officers. October 22, 1970, the BLA is credited by the authorities to have planted a bomb in St. Brendan’s Church in San Francisco. October 22, 1970=10+22+1+9+7+0=49=4+9=13.
  21. Barack Hussein Obama, the first acknowledged U.S. president of African ancestry was an Illinois  state senator from the 13th district!





OCTOBER 6, 1917= 10+6+1+9+1+7=34=3+4=7. THE ELECTIONS WILL TAKE PLACE ON NOVEMBER 2, 2010. NOVEMBER 2, 2010=11+2+2+0+1+0=16=1+6=7!

FANNIE LOU HAMER PASSED AWAY ON MARCH 14, 1977. MARCH 14, 1977= 3+14+1+9+7+7= 41=4+1=5. FANNIE LOU HAMER PASSED AWAY AT THE AGE OF 59. 59=5+9=14=1+4=5.



When we speak of spirituality we are not referring to religion, religiosity or ideology. What is being referred to is the essence of what it is to be African.

Spirituality refers to what is at the core of people of African ancestry that makes them unique and distinct from the rest of world. Where we can know the imprint of the Black spirit as it has been observed in dance, worship, speech patterns, athletics as well as in other areas.

Spirituality is the organizing logic of a people that goes beyond affiliations of religion or ideology.

The Freedom Party will continue to grow and overcome the obstacles placed in its path by being true to the spirituality of African people. Politics by extension is not limited to the  participation in political parties especially the democratic and republican parties.

Politics is an expression of a people’s spirituality. By being truly “spiritual” one is “political” and by being “political” one is “spiritual”.

In this regard, spiritual counsel must go beyond scripture verses and prayer. Comprehensive spiritual counseling would provide a celestial compass derived from the proper understanding of the movements of the heavens and the impact on human affairs.

Understanding the metaphysical influences of the activity one is engaging in, is one step in the right direction.

 Contact Information

Alton Maddox:​Maddox-Jr

Phone: 718-834-9034

The Freedom Party’s Website:

Phone: 347-636-3660     


©VisionThought 2010. All Rights Reserved.

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