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New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg: The Master Of Chaos

New York City’s Mayor Mike Bloomberg has his eye on the national political stage. He will undoubtedly tout his tenure as mayor of New York City as evidence of his ability to function as president of the United States or in another capacity of great influence on the national level.

There is a metaphysical pattern that we should observe with Bloomberg’s tenure  as mayor of  New York City in regards to how he achieves his goals. 

Bloomberg is astute at taking advantage of crisis situations and using them to his advantage.

Bronx, one of New York City’s five boroughs,  is the place where Hip-Hop is born. One of the featured elements of the Hip-Hop genre is the “Master of Ceremonies” otherwise known as “emcee” or “MC” for short. Bloomberg through his actions has put his own stamp and meaning on initials “MC”.

Bloomberg appears to thrive in CHAOS and has a formula which he employs to successfully execute his agenda.

By virtue of this pattern, Mike Bloomberg is the “Master of Chaos” or “MC”.

We see Bloomberg’s “Master of Chaos” skills at work when he sought to overturn term limits provision which was an impediment to his pursuit of a third term as mayor. According to the Washington Post on Wednesday, October 1, 2008 :

“Michael R. Bloomberg appeared poised this week to announce a bid to seek a third term in office, citing the country’s financial crisis and its disproportionate toll on New York’s fiscal health as a reason to overturn a city term-limit law that would force him from office at the end of next year.

Bloomberg has supported term limits, but his recent statements have been less emphatic than in the past. Although he remains enormously popular in the city, with sky-high approval ratings, opinion polls indicate that a majority of New Yorkers consistently favor keeping the two-term limit for the city’s top elected officials.

The turnaround for Bloomberg came Tuesday when the most prominent and best-funded proponent of the term-limit law, Ronald Lauder, the billionaire heir to the cosmetics fortune, said he had changed his view. In an interview with the New York Post, Lauder said that the “unprecedented times” of the financial crisis make Bloomberg’s experience “invaluable” and that the mayor should stay an additional four years.

Lauder’s support is considered crucial to overturning the law, because he almost single-handedly funded the campaign for term limits in two citywide referenda in the 1990s. Just a few months ago, before the meltdown on Wall Street, Lauder’s spokesman said the billionaire mogul remained committed to term limits.

Although voters approved the term limits, the City Council — which is normally pliant to the mayor — could overturn the referendum with a majority vote. A majority of council members, who would also have to give up their jobs next year, have indicated they would support a move to overturn term limits if the mayor publicly announced his intention to run again.

An attempt to stay in office to deal with an unexpected fiscal crisis would recall Rudolph W. Giuliani’s failed attempt to extend his term just after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Like Bloomberg’s supporters, Giuliani argued that dealing with a huge crisis required continuity and experience. The Sept. 11 attacks occurred on the day New Yorkers were voting in a primary election for Giuliani’s successor.”

Master of Chaos At Work

To overturn term limits in New York City, Bloomberg had to do more than organize his allies within the elite in media and finance. There had to be disruption in the organized elements that may pose a threat to his plans. 

Two media  outlets where the mayor would have been questioned and provide a platform for those opposed to his intentions were Pacifica’s New York station WBAI and NY1 Dominic Carter’s Inside City Hall.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s full name is “Michael Ruebens Bloomberg”, which according to the Pythagorean system equals “102”. 102=1+0+2=3.

Bloomberg’s date of birth is February 14, 1942, which makes him an Aquarius. “February 14, 1942″=2+14+1+9+4+2=32=3+2=5.

The numbers 3 ,5  and 13 are organizing guides to the events involving Bloomberg’s chaos handiwork.

WBAI at the time of Bloomberg’s attempt to overturn term limits was a progressive radio station. It provided a platform to the so-called disenfranchised to voice their concerns, address their issues and mobilize their constituency to action and challenge the most egregious forms of injustice.

The then program director of the station Bernard White became a casualty of Bloomberg’s war of chaos. The time line of events indicate that the firing of Bernard White was the first “chess move” to stifle opposition to Bloomberg’s desire for a third term.

The firing of Bernard White, took advantage of the latent discord within WBAI due to their internal struggle to transform the station into a true beacon for justice and liberation versus the organized soldiers of mayhem that sought to water down the militancy of the supposedly progressive station.

Hindsight is 20/20.

We notice a hallmark of the Bloomberg presence with the name “Bernard White“. The name “Bernard White” has 12 letters. The number 12 single digit expression under numerology is “12”=1+2=3.

The name “Pacifica” equals 39. “39”=3+9=1+2=3.

Bernard White received notice of his termination on May 19th, 2009 the 84th year anniversary of Malcolm X’s birth . “84”=8+4=12=1=2=3.

Remember Bloomberg’s full name equals 3.

Bernard White in discussing the chain of events that led to his termination from WBAI states:

“On Friday May 8th at around 4pm I was asked by LaVarn Williams WBAI’s Acting Station Manager to come to her office. When I got to the office and took a seat I was given a letter that placed me on a 10-day suspension, without pay.”

Bernard White goes on to state:

On Tuesday May 19th, the day that would have been the 84th birthday of Malcolm X, I received a letter via FedEx from LaVarn Williams. Inside the envelope was a letter of termination.

I was informed that Ms. Williams had determined that it was in the best interests of WBAI to replace me as program director for WBAI, effective immediately. The letter was signed by, LaVarn Williams, WBAI’s acting station manager.

My termination was effective as of Monday May 18th, four days before the end of my ten-day, unpaid, illegal suspension. Thus, the long-term campaign of LSB board member Steve Brown had achieved a major victory.  Make no mistake, there are other players involved but the brains and financier of this takeover is Steve Brown.”

The number 5 which is the second hallmark feature of the Bloomberg chaotic presence is observed in the month of May, when Bernard White was suspended and later fired. May is the fifth (5) month of the year according to the Gregorian calendar cycle

The phrase “Pacifica Radio” equals 68. “68”=6+8=14=1+4=5.

The phrase “Pacifica Radio”  has 13 letters.

We observe the same pattern with the demise of Dominic Carter.

Dominic Carter former host of Inside City Hall on NY1 cable show was arrested on October 22, 2008 for assaulting his wife Marliyn Carter. According to the October 29, 2009 New York Times:

Mr. Carter is a star on NY1, the city’s all-news cable channel, which telecasts his political talk show each weekday at 7 p.m. It is known as “Road to City Hall” before local elections and “Inside City Hall” at other times. The program is influential in political circles for its interviews and debates.

“Dominic has become an iconic political TV fixture,” said Douglas A. Muzzio, a professor of public affairs at Baruch College. He noted that Mr. Carter moderated a mayoral debate two weeks ago.

Mr. Carter now finds himself effectively benched on the eve of the mayoral election.

“This is the time that the show particularly thrives,” Mr. Muzzio said.

On January 14, 2010, Carter was sentenced to 30 days in jail and immediately remanded to custody.

We can observe the number 3 with Carter’s 30 days in jail sentence. “30”=3+0=3. The number 3 also appears the number of times is associated with Dominic Carter. The number 5, is seen with the day of his sentence on the 14th of January, 2010. “14”=1+4=5.

We observe numerous sightings of the number 13 associated with the Dominic Carter situation. There are 13 letters in the name “Dominic Carter” as well as with his wife’s name “Marilyn Carter”.

The name “Marilyn Carter” equals 76. “76”=7+6=13.

It was revealed that when Dominic Carter was in court that he was also arrested 13 years ago for physically abusing his wife.

The “Bloomberg Effect” involving the numbers the numbers 3, 5 and 13 is not limited to his mayoral coup with the overturning of term limits but also can be identified with his nomination of Cathie Black as Chancellor of the NYC Board of Education.

Bloomberg nominated Cathie Black on November 9th, 2010 to replace outgoing Chancellor Joel Klein. The imprint of Bloomberg’s “Master of Chaos” handiwork is very clear with the Cathie Black nomination and subsequent appointment as Chancellor of NYC Board of Education. The first introduction of Cathie Black  to the public caught most by surprise. Cathie Black who has no direct experience in the field or educational formal training caused quite a stir to say the least.

November 9, 2010 is the day of the little known or rarely publicly celebrated holiday known as “Chaos Never Ends Day”.

Most activists were focused on events related to Mumia Abu Jamal, who was appearing before the Third Circuit court in Pennsylvania on the same day.

Both events involving Cathie Black and Mumia Abu Jamal conformed to the metaphysical signatures connected to the “Bloomberg Effect”.


The year “2010”=2+0+1+0=3.

Mumia Abu Jamal appeared before the Third Circuit Court in Pennsylvania. Third=3.

The name “Mumia” equals 21. “21”=2+1-3.

Cathie Black was born on April 26, 1944= 4+26+1+9+4+4=48=4+8=12=1+2=3.


The date of November 9, 2010= 11+9+2+0+1+0=23=2+3=5

The name “Mumia” has 5 letters as well as the name “Jamal”.


Cathie Black’s full name is “Cathleen Prunty Black” , which has 19 letters and equals 76. “76”=7+6=13.

 The name “Mumia Abu Jamal” has 13 letters.

The “Bloomberg Effect” should not be a surprise to anyone who has observed the relationship between the occult practices and political power. Two examples will further illuminate this point.

Ariel Sharon is considered by many to be a “war hawk” and fierce protector of the settler nation Israel. Despite that reputation, Sharon offended the hardliners in Israel when he implemented Gaza pullout as part his plan to increase Israeli security and promote peace between the Palestinians. Segments of the hardliner population decided to invoke a curse on Ariel Sharon through an ancient ritual known as Pulsa diNura:

“In July 2005, the Israeli media, without citing sources reported that opponents of the Gaza pullout plan recited the Pulsa diNura in the old cemetery of Rosh Pina, asking the “Angel of Death” to kill Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Six months later Sharon suffered two strokes and is currently in a coma, fighting for his life. Of course, most analysts link this to his age, 77, and obesity.”

Ariel Sharon is still under intense medical care.

Another example is closer to the politics of New York and they involve the 55th and first African-American governor of New York state, David Paterson.

Paterson who is also legally blind has endured an organized campaign to portray him as a bumbling idiot. While Paterson had made some mis-steps along the way, but nothing warranted the constant barrage of criticism and ridicule that he endured.

Paterson in response to the overwhelming forces to undermine him, though he was the incumbent was forced  to withdraw from the November 2010 elections due to lack of support from his own democratic party.

Paterson prior to his withdrawal from consideration for re-election sought assistance from a higher power to avert the pending implosion of his tenure as governor. The New York Daily News on July 15, 2010 reported:

“Gov. Paterson is counting on a Madonna-blessed higher power to lead him out of the mess in Albany.

The lame-duck governor has begun wearing a red string Kabbalah bracelet – just like the Material Girl – in an eyebrow-raising bid to deflect ill will.

“It was explained to the governor that the red string is a symbol of protection [that] wards off problems and tribulations,” Paterson spokesman Morgan Hook said.

“His attitude was that he’ll take all the help he can get.”

Paterson could be forgiven for turning to a little divine protection.

In the past six months he’s found himself under investigation, dumped his reelection bid as a result, and wrestled with the Legislature over the state budget.

So he’s apparently trying his luck with the trendy talisman favored by followers of the mystical Jewish discipline. But unlike Madonna, Demi Moore and Britney Spears, Paterson is not yet one of the devoted, a spokesman said.

“Kabbalah didn’t change his life, just to be clear here,” Hook said.

Either way, Paterson may not be getting all the spiritual backup he hopes for – the bracelet is customarily worn on the left wrist, while the governor is seen in photos wearing it on his right.

Paterson’s spiritual shift was set in motion this spring when the Catholic-raised pol visited the Queens burial site of a venerated rabbi.

It was at the Union Field Cemetery in Ridgewood, housing the body of Rabbi Jacob Joseph, who died in 1902 and whose tomb has become a sacred site visited by thousands of Jews, that Paterson learned about the little red string.”

Bloomberg is adept at using secrecy, the element of surprise and projecting himself as the “Savior” during times of crisis or urgency. His media conglomerate Bloomberg LP of which he owns 88% stake in, is not available to public scrutiny. Bloomberg since become mayor of New York net worth has increased even during the city’s economic downturn.

Bloomberg seems to enjoy projecting himself as the proverbial grown up amongst the immature political elite, who is the”voice of reason”, and the one who is calm in the “eye of the storm”. This includes offering his invited or unsolicited opinions on a range of matters, including his views on  Barack Obama the current president of the United States.

Bloomberg, who is currently registered as an independent, is behaving true to form, and is riding the political coattails of the perceived discontent with establishment politics. Bloomberg has provided the media a steady diet of disapproving comments on various issues including his opinions about President Barack Obama.

In a recent interview in this December’s GQ Magazine, Bloomberg stated that Obama needs better advisors. Bloomberg is quoted as saying “He campaigns, ‘I’m going to do A,’ and then he doesn’t do it.”

Bloomberg also cited Obama’s handling of the New York City  Mosque controversy as evidence why the President needs better advice:

“If you’re going to stand up for the mosque Friday night, you don’t walk away from it Saturday morning,” said Bloomberg, who supports plans to build a mosque and Islamic cultural center just two blocks from the World Trade Center site.[“]

Bloomberg was involved in the New York City Mosque controversy and publicly supported the building of the mosque near Ground Zero. The Mosque controversy also embodied the numbers associated of the “Bloomberg Effect” of 3, 5 and 13.

The story about the proposed mosque to be built two blocks away from the 9-11 World Trade Center site has several references to the numbers 3, 5 and 13.

The year the controversy took place is 2010. “2010”=2+0+1+0=3.

Wednesday,  May 5, 2010 the organizations behind the project met with Community Board 1 finance committee to gain approval of the project.  We can identify the number 5 with the month of May, the 5th month of the year. As well as with the day the vote took place on the 5th of May, 2010.


May 5, 2010= 5+5+2+0+1+0=13.

The proposed mosque is slated to be a 13 stories tall.

Fellow billionaire and white supremacist Rupert Murdoch alleged in an interview with an Australian publication that Bloomberg referred to Obama as “arrogant”.

“I never met in my life such an arrogant man,” Bloomberg said of Obama after a golf outing with the president at Martha’s Vineyard in August, Murdoch told an Australian paper in an interview on November 2010.

“I don’t remember the conversation that way,” Bloomberg said, later adding, “I do not think he’s arrogant.”

Clearly, if Bloomberg did call Obama arrogant it is definitely the case of the pot calling the kettle black.  

The numbers associated with Mike Bloomberg a.k.a. The Master of Chaos are 3, 5, and 13. When we reduce the number 13 to its single digit expression you get “13”=1+3=4. 

Thus the actual numbers are 3,4 and 5. These numbers predate Pythagorus and were represented in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

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