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Craft Membership Determined By The Zodiac: Ausar, Auset & The Astrology of African Historians


African centered historians are cut from a special cloth, for they are guided by a sacred mission to empower Black people with the correct knowledge about their past accomplishments.

This sacred mission has been undertaken sometimes at great cost to the individual historians without regard to pain, suffering and lack of professional advancement.

There are metaphysical traits that certain African historians share who are respected in the African centered community. The metaphysical traits that these pioneering historians have in common include the astrological signs Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius as well as the planets  Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Jupiter is the 5th planet from the sun, while Saturn is the 6th and Uranus is the 7th respectively.

In Ancient Kemet Jupiter was identified with Auset and Saturn was associated with Ausar.

The African historians will be examined by birth order and their place within the astrological landscape will be identified by the tropical and sidereal zodiac systems of astrology.

The African historians whose metaphysical traits will be examined are: Arturo Alfonso Schomburg,  Dr. Carter G. Woodson, Dr. Chancellor Williams, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. John Hope Franklin, Dr. Yosef ben Jochannan, Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop and Dr. Ivan Van Sertima.

Schomburg who was originally born in Puerto Rico, on January 24, 1874, also worked with Carter G. Woodson and  John Henrik Clarke, who at the age of  17  left home in Columbus, Georgia to seek out Mr. Schomburg to further his studies in African history.

Arturo Alfonso Schomburg also known as Arthur Schomburg lived from January 24, 1874 to June 8, 1938.

Numerology22 letters in the name “Arturo Alfonso Schomburg”= 101=1+0+1=2.

Tropical Zodiac: Aquarius  

Sidereal Zodiac: Capricorn

Planet(s): Uranus (Tropical),  Saturn (Sidereal)


Dr. Carter G. Woodson is probably best known for his classic text “The Miseducation of the Negro” was the founder of the Association for the Study of African-American Life and History. He was also a founder of Journal of Negro History. Dr. Woodson is known as the Father of Black History due to his efforts to have Black institutions celebrate “Negro History Week“, which later evolved to the current recognition of “Black History Month” or “African History Month” as it is known in some circles.

Woodson lived from December 19, 1875 to  April 3, 1950. 

Numerology: 19 letters in Woodson’s full name “Carter Godwin Woodson” which equals 98. “98”=9+8=17=1+7=8.

Tropical Zodiac: Sagittarius

Sidereal Zodiac: Sagittarius

Planet(s): Jupiter

Dr. Chancellor Williams’ work “The Destruction of Black Civilization” is considered a classic in both the classroom and the “underground” conscious network. Williams other popular work is “The Rebirth of African Civilization” published in 1964.

Dr. Williams died of respiratory failure on December 7, 1992 at Providence Hospital. He had been a resident of the Washington Center for Aging Services for several years. He was survived by his wife of 65 years, Mattie Williams of Washington, and 14 children; 36 grandchildren; 38 great-grandchildren; and 10 great-great-grandchildren.”

Williams lived from December 22, 1898 to December 7, 1992.

Numerology: 23 letters in Williams’ full name “Chancellor James Williams” which equals 93. “93”=9+3=12=1+2=3.

Tropical Zodiac: Capricorn

Sidereal Zodiac: Sagittarius

Planet(s): Saturn (Tropical),  Jupiter (Sidereal)


Dr. John Henrik Clarke is beloved by many and is considered the preeminent “People’s Historian”.

Clarke had the penchant of weaving the “personal” with the “historical” providing to his students and those who attended his lectures powerful insights on the course events that would shape African history.

Clarke was known to often state that “African History is part of World History” and the two could not be studied sufficiently without one another. Clarke knew or worked with Arturo Schomburg, Malcolm X, Dr. Yosef ben Jochannan and Cheik Anta Diop to name a few.

He was Professor of African World History and in 1969 founding chairman of the Department of Black and Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College of the City University of New York. He also was the Carter G. Woodson Distinguished Visiting Professor of African History at Cornell University’s Africana Studies and Research Center. Clarke also founded the African Heritage Studies Association.

Clarke lived from January 1, 1915 to  July 16, 1998.

Numerology: 16 letters in Clarke’s full name “John Henrik Clarke” which equals 81. “81”=8+1=9.

Tropical Zodiac: Capricorn

Sidereal Zodiac: Sagittarius

Planet(s): Saturn (Tropical),  Jupiter (Sidereal)


John Hope Franklin is best known for his work “From Slavery To Freedom” and his list of achievements include:

  • President of Phi Beta Kappa, the Organization of American Historians, the American Historical Association, and the Southern Historical Association.
  • The John Matthews Manly Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus at The University of Chicago.
  • In 1976, the National Endowment for the Humanities selected Franklin for the Jefferson Lecture, the U.S. federal government’s highest honor for achievement in the humanities. Franklin’s three-part lecture became the basis for his book Racial Equality in America.
  • Franklin was appointed to the U.S. Delegation to the UNESCO General Conference, Belgrade (1980).
  • In 1983, Franklin was appointed the James B. Duke Professor of History at Duke University. In 1985, he took emeritus status. Franklin was also Professor of Legal History at the Duke University Law School from 1985-92.
  • In 1995, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor.

Franklin lived from January 2, 1915 to March 25, 2009.

Numerology: 16 letters in Franklin’s full name “John Hope Franklin” which equals 86. “86”=8+6=14=1+4=5.

Tropical Zodiac: Capricorn

Sidereal Zodiac: Sagittarius

Planet(s): Saturn (Tropical),  Jupiter (Sidereal)



Dr. Yosef ben Jochannan affectionately known to his many students as “Dr.Ben” is a living legend. Dr. Ben can be found on any day walking in Harlem, New York  which is one of the places he considers to be “home”.

Dr. Ben was born on December 31, 1918, in Gonder, Ethiopia to a Puerto-Rican mother and Ethiopian father. Dr. Ben is a multi-genius in the tradition of Imhotep and has degrees in law, anthropology, architecture and engineering.  Dr. Ben is also multi-lingual and speaks at least 6 languages: Ge’ez, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Italian. The author of 49 books, of which his most popular works are:

  • African Origins of Major “Western Religions”
  •  We the Black Jews;
  • Black Man of the Nile and His Family;
  • Africa: Mother of Western Civilization

Dr. Ben is probably best known for the educational tours he conducted beginning approximately in 1950s to modern day Egypt.

Dr. Ben is founder and high priest in the Craft of Amen-Ra and holds the title/rank of 360° Grand Master in the Craft of Amen-Ra as well as a former student of the author of “Stolen Legacy”, George G.M. James.

Numerology: 31 letters in Dr. Ben’s full name “Yosef Alfredo Antonio Ben-Jochannan” which equals 140. “140”=1+4+0=5.

Tropical Zodiac: Capricorn

Sidereal Zodiac: Sagittarius

Planet(s): Saturn (Tropical),  Jupiter (Sidereal)

The Great Master Scholar Cheikh Anta Diop is also an embodiment of the multi-genius expressed by Imhotep. Diop who was born in Senegal and is highly regarded for his work as  a historian, anthropologist, physicist,and politician.

“In 1974, Diop participated in a UNESCO symposium in Cairo, where he presented his theories to specialists in Egyptology. He also wrote the chapter about the origins of the Egyptians in the UNESCO General History of Africa.

“Diop’s first work translated into English, The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality, was published in 1974. It gained a much wider audience for his work. He proved that archaeological and anthropological evidence supported his view that Pharaohs were of Negroid origin.”

Diop developed a melanin dosage test to determine directly the skin color and, hence, the ethnic affiliations of the ancient Egyptians by microscopic analysis in the laboratory

He established and was the director of the radiocarbon laboratory at the IFAN (Institute Fundamental de L’Afrique Noir). Diop dedicated a book about the IFAN radiocarbon laboratory

After his death the university was named in his honor: Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar.

Diop lived from December 29, 1923 to February 7, 1986.

Numerology: 14 letters in the name “Cheikh Anta Diop” which equals 70. “70”=7+0=7.

Tropical Zodiac: Capricorn

Sidereal Zodiac: Sagittarius

Planet(s): Saturn (Tropical),  Jupiter (Sidereal)

Ivan Van Sertima was born in British colonial Kitty Village, Guyana on January 26, 1935.  Van Sertima’s body of work includes:

  • Editor of the Journal of African Civilizations
  • Spoke  Swahili, English and Hungarian languages.
  • Compiled a dictionary of Swahili legal terms.
  • Author of They Came Before Columbus, was a bestseller and achieved widespread fame for his claims of prehistoric African influences in Central and South America
  • July 7, 1987, Van Sertima appeared before a United States Congressional committee in opposition to describing Christopher Columbus’s initial contact with America as a discovery, saying “You cannot really conceive of how insulting it is to Native Americans . . . to be told they were discovered“.

Van Sertima lived from January 26, 1935 to May 25, 2009.

Numerology: 23 letters in Van Sertima’s full name “Ivan Gladstone Van Sertima” which equals 94. “94”=9+4=13=1+3=4.

Tropical Zodiac: Aquarius

Sidereal Zodiac: Capricorn

Planet(s): Uranus (Tropical), Saturn (Sidereal)


The pattern observed with the ground-breaking historians of African ancestry studied in this paper is the consistent presence of the Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius astrological signs as well as their governing planets Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

While not all African historians or historians of African ancestry will conform to this pattern, it is significant that the aforementioned signs and their corresponding planets appear with those historians identified in this article, given their importance to the development of the discipline of African history.

Each zodiac sign and their governing planets embody traits on the metaphysical level which symbolize and influence the process of being a historian.

The persons born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius are said to “be blessed with growth, development, wealth and good luck, in generous doses. They are also characterized by traits like justice, morality, humanity, joviality, along with high aims and ideals. Such individuals tend to value freedom a lot and have a desire to explore.

The planet Jupiter which rules Sagittarius, is also associated with overseas travel, education, religion and law. Sagittarians also display qualities like intellect, kindness, competitiveness, extrovert, excellent communication, and passion.”

Sagittarius,  is the sign of truth-seeking, learning, travel, philosophy and physical movement.


Capricorn’s contribution to the historical process is that they are not the ones who seek limelight; rather they make up the audience that admires. They are like the tortoise, which moves slowly and still wins the race. A Capricorn finds it extremely easy to merge into a group and will look like one of its original members. He always seems to be surrounded by an air of melancholy and seriousness. He has a soothing voice, pleasant appearance and a convincing personality. A Capricorn loves taking responsibilities and will carry them out meticulously. Capricorns operating on their positive aspect is above envy, obsession, recklessness, rage, abuse, idleness and negligence.

The planet that rules Capricorn is Saturn. Saturn is the ruling planet for historians, archeologists and curators of museums.

Saturn is the planet for “inner discipline”.  Known as “the keeper of records” , “the Celestial Taskmaster” and “our teacher”, we can readily identify traits fitting for the historian profession.

“Saturn builds faith in yourself, since you’ve got to walk through the “dark night of the soul” to overcome these mysterious built-in pressures, fears, losses.”

“Although the themes of Saturn seem depressing, Saturn brings structure and meaning to our world. Saturn knows the limits of time and matter. Saturn reminds us of our boundaries, our responsibilities, and our commitments. It brings definition to our lives. Saturn makes us aware of the need for self-control and of boundaries and our limits.

Saturn is often associated with our fathers or father/authority figures. In childhood, the discipline, rules, and regulations imposed on us by our authority figures–from parents, teachers, and the like–were not always pleasant, but they actually helped us to understand the world around us. Similarly, Saturn’s lessons actually help us to grow.”

Saturn according to some astrologers is said to rule both Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs.


The traits of those born under the Aquarius zodiac which lend themselves to the profession of  being a historian are:

  •  Basic trait of Aquarius is “I Know“.
  • The Aquarius person loves to experiment and to explore.
  •  An Aquarian is a genius.
  • Aquarians have an amazing sixth sense and their intuition is very strong.

With the characteristics of the Uranus, the ruling planet for Aquarius we clearly can identify traits fitting for a historian.

  1.  Uranus is known in astrology as the “Awakener,” since its aspects and transits bring sudden changes and shocks.
  2. It rules Aquarius, the quirky innovator, and sometimes these upheavals are a necessary break from restrictions in favor of a more liberated path.
  3. Uranus plays an important role as the provocateur, the bringer of the cosmic wake-up call for both individuals and the collective as a whole.
  4. Just when we relax into our comfortable, stable lives, Uranus disrupts the scene. It can be through an event that happens to us, or self-initiated acts spurned on by a desire for change.
  5. Uranus rules Aquarius and those with a heavy influence in their chart are born to shake things up, be the revolutionaries.


The planets Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus are considered to be members of the”Jovian Planets”, for they are is a large planets that are not primarily composed of rock or other solid matter. There are four gas giants in our Solar System: Jupiter, Saturn Uranus and Neptune. Many extrasolar gas giants have been identified orbiting other stars.

The key words that are associated with the metaphysical attributes of the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus aptly describe the task of being an African historian. Probably with the exception of John Hope  Franklin, the historians covered in this article are considered to be part of the African centered movement. Not withstanding John Hope Franklin’s contribution is worthy to be evaluated and as this article has demonstrated he shares metaphysical qualities with his fellow “craft” members.

As stated earlier, the planets Jupiter and Saturn were associated with Auset (Jupiter) and Ausar (Saturn).  Auset and Ausar were the children of Nut and Geb.

According to Ra Un Nefer Amen, is the neteru that governs the faculty of the “imagination and dreams”.

When we consider the  impact of having a historical consciousness, Ra Un Nefer Amen’s words are instructive. A people’s historical vision guides their “I-MAGI-NATION”.  Think about how many leaders of African ancestry have delivered speeches using the theme of “DREAMS”.

Auset is the deification of trance, dreams and rituals through which the process of replacing the identification of one’s being with the “person”. 

Ausar is the vehicle to which the divine intelligence which governs the universe is externalized and manifested in our behavior. Through the establishment of Ausar in our being, we are at peace and use all experiences in life-whether positive or negative to reclaim the peace achieved through unity with the divine order.   

The African historians examined in this article were all born in the months of December or January. The zodiac signs they were born under by either the tropical or sidereal zodiac were Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.  The corresponding planets of those zodiac signs are Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.  The metaphysical attributes of the three zodiac signs and their corresponding planets directly correspond to the profile needed to be a historian.

The planets Jupiter and Saturn are connected to the Kemetic neteru Auset and Ausar. 

Auset in occult literature is Sirius or Spodet, while Ausar has been identified by some writers with the star system of Orion.

Auset and Ausar represent spiritual principles of the  Creator.  We must remember in Kemetic mythology Auset and Ausar gave birth to Heru, who reclaimed the throne and restored Maat in the universe.

The work of the African historians briefly explored in this article sought to establish the same principles embodied in the Auset- Ausar mythos. Through establishing the correct place of Africans in history, Africans through TRUTH would reclaim their rightful place on the world stage.

©VisionThought 2010. All Rights Reserved.

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    Ausar – None
    Tehuti – Jupiter
    Sekhert – Saturn
    Maat – Jupiter (remember that Tehuti and Maat are brother and sister)
    Herukhuti – Mars
    Heru – Sun
    Het-Heru – Venus
    Sebek – Mercury
    Auset – Moon

    Hope that this helps. Blessed Love

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