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Nat Turner The Seed Of Old Bridgette, Hidden Christ & Forgotten Orisha

This past  Christmas many people celebrated the birth of the so-called messiah Jesus Christ.

Scholars such as Dr. Yosef -Ben- Jochannan, John Henrik Clarke, John G. Jackson and Ashra Kwesi among others have demonstrated that the Jesus Christ story is a stolen concept from Africa which has been distorted  to suit the interests of the international network of  white supremacist elites.

Others have argued quite convincingly that Western religions have corrupted concepts and principles of the ancient world that those cultures assigned as cycles of nature by falsely making them historical personages. 

There is an institutional wall around the minds of many Christian believers that prevents them from identifying “Christ” outside of their belief system regardless of clear correspondences to their Bible that can be found with persons other than their beloved Jesus.

Kersey Graves wrote in his book “The World’s 16 Crucified Saviors” that the Biblical Jesus Christ wasn’t the only crucified savior in the history of the world.

The source of this problem is found in the information scholars previously mentioned above have uncovered, has not yet reached the critical mass level of acceptance and altered how people view religion. 

This is the case despite maxims in their holy book such as John 8: 32 “You Shall Know the truth & The truth shall set you free” .

Christians cannot think outside the parameters set by white supremacy.

Consider the portrayal of Jesus by Western Christianity.  With white supremacy all disciplines including religion must conform to its logic where whites are always in the superior position. Jesus continues to be depicted as white even though the genealogy of Jesus is clearly Black.

The genealogy of Jesus is described in two passages of the Gospels: Luke 3:23–38 and Matthew 1:1–17.  In both accounts we can identify the Blackness of Jesus through David. In Luke’s genealogy goes back to Adam, through a minor son of David, Nathan and apparently again to Joseph.

With Matthew’s genealogy it begins with Abraham and then from King David’s son Solomon which follows the legal line of the kings through Jeconiah, the king whose descendants were cursed, to Joseph, legal father of Jesus.

David was the father of Solomon. Solomon is quoted in the Bible as saying in the Song of Songs 1 verse 5-6:

I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.

Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother’s children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept.”

The one question Christians have not resolved is how can Solomon the ancestor of Jesus be Black and Jesus be white?

Another consideration for Christians to ponder is why is Egypt and other Black countries of the ancient world mentioned over 370 times in the Bible, while no modern-day European countries are mentioned?

The answer would probably explain why even with personalities in the Bible from Black geographical areas are falsely portrayed as white.

With Nat Turner we find direct correspondences with his life and the Christ mythos but due to the resiliency of Western Christianity’s myth making apparatus, the thought that any one else could be the “Christ” is not a consideration.

 To this day, there are no churches named after Martin Luther King or any modern Black Christian historical figure.

The following Biblical references  that  directly correspond to the life of Nat Turner:


Jesus was said to be born of a Virgin, Mary.

Nat Turner was born in Virgina.

According to one source:

“This name was first spelled Verginia, and was the feminine form of an ancient Roman clan name, Verginius. Over time its spelling changed due to its association with the Latin term virgo, meaning ‘maiden.’ This meaning has driven the use of the name ever since.

In 1587, this was the name given the first baby born to English colonists in the New World, Virginia Dare. Both the baby and her home colony were named for Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen of England. Virginia is the oldest surviving English place-name in the U.S. not wholly borrowed from a Native American word, and the fourth oldest surviving English place-name, though it is Latin in form.

Virginia may be used by Catholics to honor the Virgin Mary.”


The angel (messenger) Gabriel foretold the birth of  Jesus.  See Luke 1:26–37.

Gabriel Prosser led a revolt against slavery in Richmond, Virgina 31 years before Nat Turner. 


Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem.

Nat Turner was executed in  Jerusalem, Virgina now known as Courtland, Virgina. “His body was flayed, beheaded and quartered.”

The Number 4

In the Bible, there are 4 Gospels which supposedly document the life of Jesus. They are Matthew, Luke, Mark & John.

Nat Turner had 4 accomplices in spreading his Gospel of Liberation fellow enslaved Africans Henry, Hark, Nelson, and Sam.

Great Works

Both the Biblical Jesus and Nat Turner performed “Great Works”.  The reader can refer to the Bible to see the many “Great Works” that Jesus supposedly have done. Nat Turner is credited with the following:

  1. He learned to read and write at a young age.
  2. Deeply religious, Nat was often seen fasting, praying, or immersed in reading the stories of the Bible.
  3. He frequently experienced visions which he interpreted as messages from God. These visions greatly influenced his life; for instance, when Turner was 22 years old, he ran away from his owner, but returned a month later after having such a vision.
  4. Turner often conducted Baptist services, preaching the Bible to his fellow slaves, who dubbed him “The Prophet”.  
  5. May 12 1828, Turner “heard a loud noise in the heavens, and the Spirit instantly appeared to me and said the Serpent was loosened, and Christ had laid down the yoke he had borne for the sins of men, and that I should take it on and fight against the Serpent, for the time was fast approaching when the first should be last and the last should be first.”
  6. Turner was convinced that God had given him the task of “slay[ing] my enemies with their own weapons.” Turner “communicated the great work laid out for me to do, to four in whom I had the greatest confidence” – his fellow slaves Henry, Hark, Nelson, and Sam. 
  7. February 11, 1831, an annular solar eclipse was seen in Virginia. Turner saw this as a black man’s hand reaching over the sun, and he took this vision as his sign. The rebellion was initially planned for July 4, Independence Day, but was postponed for more deliberation between him and his followers, and illness.
  8. On August 13, there was another solar eclipse, in which the sun appeared bluish-green (possibly from debris deposited in the atmosphere by an eruption of Mount Saint Helens). Turner took this occasion as the final signal, and a week later, on August 21, he began the rebellion.
  9. Turner also had influence over white people, and in the case of Ethelred T. Brantley, Turner said that he was able to convince Brantley to “cease from his wickedness”.

The Christian tradition is not the only negligent religious party in denying the spirit of Nat Turner in the lives of their participants. When we examine the name of Nat Turner’s paternal grandmother we see how Haitian Vodun and Louisiana Hoodoo tradition has ignored Nat Turner. Imagine what New Orleans would have been like with a cult dedicated to Nat Turner?

Nat Turner was close to his paternal grandmother, whose slave name was Old Bridget. She was the property of slave holder Samuel Turner. Turner’s maternal grandmother was a member of the Coromantee an Akan-speaking tribe, who was captured in Africa at thirteen years of age and shipped to America.

Nat Turner mother’s name “Bridget” is also part of the  Voodoo as well as the Hoodoo tradition in Louisiana and Haiti . The name “Bridget” is supposedly of Irish origin. The name means exalted one”,  “strong-willed”  and is “derived from the noun brígh, meaning “power, strength, vigor, virtue”. A variant of “Bridget” is “Brigette”, which is the spelling of  the loa Maman Brigette, who is the wife of Baron Samedi.

Maman Brigette  is sometimes identified with the orisha Ogu-Yansan who is the wife of Shango. Shango with his  double-headed axe which represents swift and balanced justice.

Another writes asserts that:

“While Brigitte and Oya share many functions, personality traits and correspondences – an association with cemeteries, academia and justice, the colour purple, the number nine etc, they are not the same deity in historical terms. Oya has an Africa root, Brigitte has a Celtic one.”

The historical issue is resolved when one consults the works of J.A. Rogers, Edward Scobie and others that Africans were in Europe prior to the Maafa, where Africans were enslaved.  Some have put forth the theory that King Kenneth III was a Moor. This led to King Kenneth III being  #36 on the list of 100 Great Black Britons.

Despite the existence of historical evidence of a Black presence in Europe, views to contrary exist and influence how even African religions are perceived.  This is evident in the attempt to explain the relationship of  Maman Brigette to Africa. According to

“Maman Brigitte is the Vodoun Goddess of death. She is the one of the Ghede loas, the deities associated with death and fertility. Her husband is Baron Samedi, the leader of the Ghede. Maman Brigitte protects cemeteries, especially graves that are marked with a cross. Since Vodou combines elements of Christianity with native African beliefs, the cross symbolizes both the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the crossroads, where the human world intersects with the divine. Maman Brigitte is usually depicted as white-skinned with red hair, and it is said that she is a form of the Celtic Goddess.”

Brigette or St. Bridgette association with the cemetery is a hidden reference to the ancestors. The so-called dead who are buried in a cemetery are the ancestors. Brigette is in effect the gateway to the ancestors.

There are 3 layers to the inherent flaws within Christianity and Western religions in general:

  1. Christianity and other Western religions have co-opted concepts, symbols and practices of the ancient world especially from Africa without giving the appropriate credit due to those nations.
  2. Christianity and other Western religions claim that they are the true religion, despite having numerous elements from the very people and groups they say are “unholy”.
  3. The supporters of Christianity and other Western religions are not aware of their history as well as not fully versed in their texts of faith such as the Bible or the Quran. This leads to a failure for them to think for themselves.

 The African derived religions are also victims of stagnation and express it in the following manner:

  1. They are still wedded to the survival tactic from slavery of masking their African practice with European imagery. They may have left the plantation but the plantation mind-set still exists.
  2. They like the Christians have not updated their religious practice to expand or re-shape their pantheon of deities to include ancestors such as Nat Turner, Haiti’s Christophe or Dessalines.
  3. The religions which are off-shots of Africa do not seem as a whole to reconnect to their source and are satisfied with remaining away from their African home.

 The great Nat Turner embodies the metaphysical and religious signatures of the Bible which makes him a “Christ” and the elements that should make him a orisha. 

Due to the inability of  the Christian,Vodun and Hoodo traditions to expand their horizons beyond their established orthodoxies, they have failed to identify contemporary figures that directly fulfill the qualities for their supposed religions.  It has been said that religion is a deification of a people’s nationalism.

The failure to ritualize or appropriate the legacy and spirit of Nat Turner stands as a glaring example of a people still in search of their nationality.

©VisionThought 2010. All Rights Reserved.

7 Responses to “Nat Turner The Seed Of Old Bridgette, Hidden Christ & Forgotten Orisha”

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  4. What does it matter? If you’re focused or concerned with Christ’s skin color, you’ve missed the boat entirely. The point of the matter is that at the heart of the matter we have dark matter for a heart. All of us. And God’s holiness disallows Him to be associated therewith. He’s also just and requires punishment for our rebellion and sin against Him.

    So we have a dilemma. Except for the grace and love of God through Christ who mercifully and lovingly gave up His seat at the right hand of the Father for 30 or 35 years to come live amongst us, in a human body, dealing with everything we do. Except He never sinned. With no sin in His life, He was the perfect and only sacrifice for God, for in that day, God required sacrifices be unblemished. He still does, for that matter. A sacrifice quickly becomes blemished when your attitude about giving it is skewed.

    His mind was right, and He was beaten, bruised and bleeding His innocent blood as a sacrifice for our sins. The only truly righteous man who ever walked this earth, willfully went through more than we can possibly imagine, physically and spiritually, in order that He would be able to take our sins upon Himself, in exchange for His robe of righteousness. I have no righteousness in my heart. I’m a human. But I have Christ, and His righteousness is enough to cover both of us. And anyone else who wants in on the action.

    God’s never sent any human spirit to hell. It’s a choice they make of their own volition. He stands with his arms open, pleading with you to come fellowship with Him. And all you have to do is know you’re a sinner, acknowledge that to God, ask Christ to come into your life and teach you how to serve Him out of love, not out of requirement, and be willing to follow His lead. Once you do, the Bible says He will never leave you nor forsake you. Nothing can snatch you from His hand. And you couldn’t jump out if you wanted to. He’s the Good Shepherd. He watches over and keeps all of His sheep. If they stray, He’ll go get them and bring them back to the herd.

    Furthermore, it’s a constant process. I have been saved, I am being saved, and I will be saved. He loves me that much. And everyone else. All you have to do is accept Him. To reject Him means an eternal life spent separated from Him in a place of unimaginable horror.

    Titus 3

    New International Version (NIV)

    Saved in Order to Do Good

    1 Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good, 2 to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and always to be gentle toward everyone.

    3 At one time we too were foolish, disobedient, deceived and enslaved by all kinds of passions and pleasures. We lived in malice and envy, being hated and hating one another. 4 But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, 5 he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, 6 whom he poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Savior, 7 so that, having been justified by his grace, we might become heirs having the hope of eternal life. 8 This is a trustworthy saying. And I want you to stress these things, so that those who have trusted in God may be careful to devote themselves to doing what is good. These things are excellent and profitable for everyone.

    9 But avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and arguments and quarrels about the law, because these are unprofitable and useless. 10 Warn a divisive person once, and then warn them a second time. After that, have nothing to do with them. 11 You may be sure that such people are warped and sinful; they are self-condemned.

    1 Timothy

    New International Version (NIV)

    1 Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the command of God our Savior and of Christ Jesus our hope,

    2 To Timothy my true son in the faith:

    Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.

    Timothy Charged to Oppose False Teachers

    3 As I urged you when I went into Macedonia, stay there in Ephesus so that you may command certain people not to teach false doctrines any longer 4 or to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies. Such things promote controversial speculations rather than advancing God’s work—which is by faith. 5 The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith. 6 Some have departed from these and have turned to meaningless talk. 7 They want to be teachers of the law, but they do not know what they are talking about or what they so confidently affirm.

  5. Pithy, biting, and thought provoking, your article shed some new light on some old wounds. I never thought to question the practice of African traditions until recently and your piece helped to give voice to some of my concerns. I believe life and God both have a mystery to them. I searched for “Nat Turner Orisha” after watching birth of a nation (2017) and wondering if he invoked the spirits of the ancestors to aid and guide him. I figured since his grandma was born in Africa and likely grew up with African spirituality, she influenced his life as well. Thank you for your work. You must keep writing. Even if only for your own edification.

    P.S. what do you think of dr. John Sweet’s take on African Intellectualism and Spirituality through the lens of Domingos Alvarez?

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