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Black Cat Archetype & The Number 19: Leon Panetta, David Petraeus & Cam Newton

United States President Barack Obama on April 28, 2011 announced that he has chosen to nominate Leon Panetta for the United States Secretary of Defense, once the current holder of the office, Robert Gates retires.

One media outlet reported:

“Gates will resign effective June 30, assuming Panetta gets confirmed by Congress in time and is ready to start on July 1, according to an administration official and a congressional aide familiar with phone calls Gates was making to legislators and senior staff members.”

Subsequently the public was also informed that if approved United States army General David Petraeus will replace Panetta as the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Both Panetta and Petraeus embody metaphysical signatures of the Black Cat Archetype and the number 19.

The full name of Leon Panetta is “Leon Edward Panetta”. Panetta’s first name which is “Leon”  is a variant of Leo which means “the Lion”.  

In my previous articles on the Black Cat Archetype, I have made it clear that “Lion” is a “Black Cat” due to its origins in Africa. While Panetta himself is a non-African, his first name “Leon” is associated with the Black Cat symbology due to the existence of Lions in Africa as well as the metaphysical nature of the symbol.

His middle name “Edward” means “wealthy guardian”. The name “Edward” is associated with Edward Kennedy and King Edward I of England.

Edward (Ted) Kennedy was known as the “Lion of the Senate”.

The significance of Panetta’s association with the name “Edward” is mostly due the current history of America, which is involved in a war against Muslim/Arab/ Moorish countries primarily in Africa and the so-called Middle East. America just as King Edward I’s militaristic thrust in these areas is closely allied with France.

King Edward I according to Wikipedia:

“Edward took the crusader’s cross in an elaborate ceremony on 24 June 1268, with his brother Edmund and cousin Henry of Almain. Among others who committed themselves to the Ninth Crusade were Edward’s former adversaries—like the earl of Gloucester, though the earl did not ultimately participate.

With the country pacified, the greatest impediment to the project was providing sufficient finances.  King Louis IX of France, who was the leader of the crusade, provided a loan of about £17,500. This, however, was not enough; the rest had to be raised through a tax on the laity, which had not been levied since 1237.

In May 1270, Parliament granted a tax of a twentieth,  in exchange for which the king agreed to reconfirm Magna Carta, and to impose restrictions on Jewish money lending. On 20 August Edward sailed from Dover for France. Historians have been unable to determine the size of the force with any certainty, but Edward probably brought with him around 225 knights and all together less than 1000 men.

Originally, the Crusaders intended to relieve the beleaguered Christian stronghold of Acre, but Louis had been diverted to Tunis.

The French king and his brother Charles of Anjou, who had made himself king of Sicily, decided to attack the emirate in order to establish a stronghold in North Africa.

The plans failed when the French forces were struck by an epidemic which, on 25 August, took the life of King Louis himself. By the time Edward arrived at Tunis, Charles had already signed a treaty with the emir, and there was little else to do but return to Sicily. The crusade was postponed until next spring, but a devastating storm off the coast of Sicily dissuaded Charles of Anjou and Louis’s successor Philip III from any further campaigning. Edward decided to continue alone, and on 9 May 1271 he finally landed at Acre.”

Edward I and Leon Edward Panetta share the following historical associations:

1.) War with Muslim/Arabs/Moorish controlled territories. With Edward I it was called the Crusades, while America and its Western allies avoid such labels, it is nevertheless a 21st century Crusades that is being waged by the West.

2.) Finances were a challenge for King Edward I and the economy is a challenge for the Western Empire in carrying out its imperialistic agenda.

3.) Month of June:

King Edward was born on June 17, 1239.

Leon Panetta was born on June 28, 1938.

King Edward I initiated the  9th Crusades on June 24, 1268.

4.) Month of July:

King Edward I passed away on July 7, 1307.

Panetta is scheduled to officially become the United Secretary of Defense on July 1, 2011.

5.) France:

King Edward I was closely aligned with France, and its leader at the time, King Louis IX. King Louis IX was considered to be the leader of the 9th Crusades against North Africa. America is a partner with France led by Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, who has declared:

 “In foreign affairs he has promised a strengthening of the entente cordiale with the United Kingdom and closer cooperation with the United States.”

6.) Italy:

During the reign of King Edward I, King Louis IX’s  brother Charles of Anjou named himself King of Sicily. Leon Panetta is of Italian ancestry.

No one should assume because of this association that Panetta will or can act on the interests of African people.  This association is another example of oppositional synchronicity, which I have covered in previous articles.

The other expression of the Black Cat Archetype we can identify with Panetta is the number 19.

Panetta is currently the 19th director of the CIA.

On February 19, 2009, Leon Panetta was sworn in as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Four star general David Petraeus also expresses the Lion symbology and the number 19.

The full name of General Petraeus is “David Howell Petraeus”. Petraeus’ first name “David” is associated with the Black Cat Archetype for in the Judeo-Christian tradition, specifically the Ethiopian Orthodox religion and the Rastafarian faith “David” is a member of lineage of the prophets who comprise the lineage of the “Lion of Judah”.

In the Book of Revelation 5:5, it states:

“And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.”

Rastafarians maintain that Emperor Haile Selassie is a direct descendant of the Israelite Tribe of Judah through the lineage of King David and Solomon, and that he is also the Lion of Judah mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

Petraeus’ middle name, which is “Howell” means  “the sun”  and “exalted”. Thus the name “Howell” is akin to the “Leo” in that both names are symbolic references to the sun. Leo is equivalent to Lion, which was used as a symbol for the sun.

As mentioned in previous articles, the “Black Cat” in its many forms was used to represent the solar aspect of Divinity.

The sun disk was either seen as the body or eye of Ra. Ra’s identity was often combined with other aspects of Divinity, forming an interconnection between the complimentary aspects such as Amen-Ra.  

The name Amen-Ra is from Ancient Kemet and through the ages has been represented in various forms including but not limited to:

1.) As a man with the head of a uraeus, whilst his female counterpart has the head of a cat.

2.) As a lion couching upon a pedestal.

Petraeus’ full name “David Howell Petraeus” has 19 letters. 

The term “Black Cat” under the Chaldean numerology system = 19

The organizing logic of the global elites quest to maintain power can be identified with the metaphysical signatures associated with the Black Cat Archetype.

The appointment and most likely nomination of Leon Panetta and General David Petraeus (which sounds very close to “Betray Us”) confirm this.

President Obama who among others embodies traits of the Black Cat Archetype himself through his father who was born in Kenya. Kenya was home of the anti-colonial Mau-Mau movement.

“Mau” means “Cat” in Ancient Kemet, commonly referred to as Ancient Egypt.

Both men appointed by Obama have a reference to the sun in their names. With Panetta it is his first name “Leon” which is a variant of “Leo”.

The symbol of the Leo astrological sign is the Lion, which represents the sun.

Is this another form of the elites’ sun worship rituals in their attempt to maintain power?

Panetta and Petraeus both with last names that begin the 16th letter of the Latin alphabet also expressed the number 19 as previously mentioned in this article.

The Black Cat Archetype expresses itself in all facets of society including sports, which can be seen with the 2011’s number 1 NFL draft selection.

Cam Newton was the number 1 selection of the NFL Draft. When we briefly examine Cam Newton’s life we find metaphysical signatures linking him to the Black Cat Archetype.

We observe the first Black Cat reference with his first name, which is “Cam”. Born “Cameron  Jerrell Newton”, and is best known as “Cam Newton”.  “Cam” is a phonetic reference to “Kemet” which was also referred to as  “Kem” or “Kam”.

The second reference to the Black Cat Archetype that can be detected with Cam Newton are the football teams he has and will play for on a professional level.

Cam Newton played for several college football teams most notably the Auburn Tigers which he led to a national championship.

The reader should be reminded that “Tigers” are part of the Black Cat Archetype pantheon.

Auburn beat Oregon just 22 to 19 to win the BCS National Championship. The number 19 is closely associated with the Black Cat Archetype.

On April 28, 2011 Newton was selected with the 1st overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft by the Carolina Panthers. He is the first reigning Heisman Trophy winner to go first overall since Carson Palmer.

The “Panther” is clearly part of the “Black Cat Archetype”.

Whether in global politics or in the entertainment/sports the presence of the Black Archetype can be found.

In a word, the Black Cat Symbol marches on!

©VisionThought 2011. All Rights Reserved.


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