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Lauryn Hill, Haile Selassie & The Marley Legacy

On July 23, 2011 music superstar Lauryn Hill gave birth to her sixth (6) child, whose name at the time of this writing has not yet been released to the public.

While most media attention circulated on who is the actual father of the child, the significance of the date of when the child was born, has been lost to many-if not all- in the media.

The paternity of the child not withstanding, the arrival of Lauryn Hill’s child on July 23, 2011 is another link to her connection to the legacy of Bob Marley and Ethiopia, namely Haile Selassie, who is a central figure in the Rastafarian as well as Pan-African historical cannon.

Hill’s initial direct link to the legacy of Bob Marley is cemented with her relationship with Rohan Marley which has produced five (5) children.

Rohan who had at least 2 children from his marriage to Geraldine Khawly. “Together they have daughter Eden and son Nicolas.” 

Rohan was one of the set of children sired by Bob Marley outside of his marriage to Rita Marley. Rohan’s mother is Janet Hunt. Interestingly enough, Rohan whose father Bob Marley was married when he was conceived and born, is experiencing a case of karmic deja vu, with rumors swirling that he is not the father of Hill’s  6th child. Guess its his turn in the cycle of life, to experience possibly what Rita Marley felt when he was born!

Rohan Marley was born on a day, that might have been of special interest to Lauryn Hill who is known for her mercurial personality as well as her affinity to Black History. Rohan Marley was born on May 19, 1972.

May 19th is also the birthday (earth-day) of the Great Malcolm X.

Malcolm X who was born on May 19, 1925, 47 years before Rohan birth and is governed by the number five (5).  Malcolm’s birth date of May 19, 1925 gives us: 5+19+1+9+2+5=41=4+1=5. 

Rohan is not the only Marley child born on day important to not only their parents but students of history  and Afrikan culture as well.  Stephanie Marley was born on August 17, 1974.

Stephanie Marley, whose mother is Rita Marley,  was also born under seemingly controversial circumstances. According to various publications quoting Cedella Booker, the mother of Bob Marley, the father of Stephanie Marley was a man named “Ital”.

August 17th is the “earth-day” of the Great Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, who was born on August 17, 1887.

May is also the birth month of Lauryn Hill, which is significant for it is the 5th month of the year. 5 is also the number of children Rohan and Lauryn have together.

We see the number 5 with the day that her child was born on July 23, 2011. “23”=2+3=5.

Furthermore when we examine the numerology of Rohan’s birth we find another link to Malcolm X. Rohan born on May 19, 1972= 5+19+1+9+7+2=43=4+3=7.  Malcolm X  was his father’s (Earl Little) 7th child.

We observe the number 7 with the birth date for Lauryn Hill give by most websites of May 25, 1975 also gives us 7: 5+2+5+1+9+7+5=34=3+4=7.

The number 7 is also present in the date her child was born on July 23, 2011. First we have the month of July, which is the 7th month of the year in the Gregorian calendar cycle. Then the actual date of “July 23, 2011” = 7+23+2+0+11=43=4+3=7.

Rohan’s birth date as well as Malcolm’s both register with the Black Symbology, with the number 19.  The term “Black Cat” in the Chaldean numerology equals 19.

While Malcolm is born on the 19th of May, 1925; Rohan has two ‘sightings’ of the number 19 in his birth date. The year of Rohan’s birth”1972″= 1+9+7+2=19 and he was born on the 19th  of May.

The Marley clan is also associated with the name “Malcolm” in another sense, for Bob Marley’s mother Cedella Booker’s surname was “Malcolm”. 

“Cedella Booker was born Cedella Malcolm in Rhoden Hall, Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica; to Omeriah Malcolm, a prominent magistrate and landowner, and Alberta Whilby.”

Lauryn Hill & Haile Selassie

The birth of Lauryn Hill’s child on July 23, 2011 featured metaphysical signatures to Haile Selassie. Lauryn Hill’s 6th child shares the same “earth-day” as Emperor Haile Selassie, who was born on 119 years ago on July 23, 1892.

The date of Selassie’s birth reconnects us to the number 5 which is featured with Hill in the birth month of  her, Rohan and Malcolm X as well as the number of children Rohan and Hill have together.  Selassie’s birth on July 23, 1892=7+23+1+8+9+2=50=5+0=5.

Lauryn Hill & The Number 6

The day of July 23rd, which her child was born,  is the 204th day of the year. “204”=2+0+4=6.

Hill’s child born on July 23, 2011 was her 6th child.

According to some scholars,  July 23rd is the beginning of the Kemetic/ Ancient  Egyptian New Year, when Sirius star “rises from behind the sun”. The Sirius star “rises in some helical fashion between July 23rd to August 1st.”

Sirius which is connected to the flow of the Nile as well as the Auset/Isis archetype ‘spins on its axis about 23 times per minute’.

“23” not only marks the day in July, Hill child was born but also the number 5. “23”=2+3=5. 

As one sifts through the rumor mill, Lauryn Hill is many things. She is portrayed as a difficult diva, controversial figure with great talent and has her share of  law suits from those who used to work with her.

What is often not spoken about in the same breath, is that she is a woman who is in search of depth, meaning and understanding. With Lauryn Hill being a public figure her cosmic lessons are portrayed as “mistakes” and she unlike the many people who critique her, is not shielded by the cloak of anonymity to “just develop and grow”.

Having a child born should be something to celebrate not to defend to the public. News of Hill’s first child Zion, was also met with public scrutiny.

Given her public persona, especially with her connection to the Marley legacy as well as her own individual artistic work, the significance of having a child on a day linked to the legacy of Bob Marley, Haile Selassie, the Sirius star, should make us pause and ask some profound questions that go beyond the usual way of thinking.

The deeper significance of the numbers 5, 6, and 7 in connection to Lauryn Hill will be examined in upcoming publications by the author.

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  2. Such an interesting connection, but what is the relevance of the Black cat? Is it bad luck.


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