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Life of Transformation: Nipsey Hussle Numbers 13 & Beyond


The number 13 among other numbers was very prominent in the public life of Nipsey Hussle.

In my previous article, I clearly showed that the number 19 was profoundly expressed in the life of Nipsey Hussle.

There is a connection between the number 19 and the number 13.

The 19th prime number is 67. “67”=6+7=13. 

We see another connection between the numbers 19 and 13 with Nipsey Hussle’s discography.  Nipsey Hussle put out  49 singles and 13 mixed tapes. The number 49 equals 13: “49” = 4+9=13.

Of the 49 singles (Remember 49=13) that Nipsey Hussle has performed on, he has 19 of which he was the featured artist.

13 appears again in time of death recorded for Nipsey Hussle, which was 3:55 p.m., according to the death certificate released in the media. “3:55″= 3+5+5=13.

From Super Bowl 53, the NBA season and the March Madness Tournament, we saw an expression of 13 in some form or the other.

In the 53rd NFL Super Bowl, New England Patriots  beat the Los Angeles Rams by the score of 13-3.  “13-3” positioned in reverse manner is “3-31” which is the day Nipsey Hussle was murdered.

Some of the other ways 13 can be identified during  prior to the death of Nipsey Hussle include but not limited to:

  • There are 67 days from XXXtentacion’s birthday on January 23, 2019 to March 31, 2019, when Nipsey Hussle was tragically killed. 67=6+7=13. Furthermore, XXXtentacion would have been 31 years old in 2019 had he lived. Nipsey Hussle was killed on 31st day in March.
  • In the NCCA’s men’s basketball March Madness tournament, Michigan vs Duke the score was Michigan State 68 vs. Duke 67; 67=6+7=13.
  • The Los Angeles Clippers won a NBA best 13 games in the month of March 2019.
  • NBA super star Lebron James won’t be in the playoffs this year (2019) after making 13 straight playoff appearances.
  • Russell Westbrook on April 2, 2019, became the second NBA player to score at least 20 points, 20 rebounds and 20 assists since Wilt Chamberlin.
  • Russell Westbrook date of birth equals 13. Westbrook was born on November 12, 1988, which is numerically: 11+12+26=49=4+9=13. 
  • Wilt Chamberlin the first NBA player to score at least 20-20-20, and former Los Angeles Laker, NBA jersey’s number was 13.

13 manifested itself in directly with the age of Nipsey Hussle at the time of his death at 33 years old. Some scholars claim the Jesus died at the age of 33. According to the Bible and general Christian lore, Jesus had 12 disciples-12+1=13.

As stated previously the foundation expression of Nipsey Hussle’s life is the number 19, which is the signature expression of the Black Cat Archetype, also known as the Black Cat Symbol 19.

The  19th prime number is 67 and when we complete the first step in simplifying “67” equals 13.

13 while seen by many as a negative number, actually is a number of great power and constructive use.

In regards to number 13, I wrote the following in my article titled  “Beyond The Number 13: The Messiah, The Freedom Party & The Metaphysics Of Black Political Empowerment”:

“The number 13 has been associated with persons of African ancestry throughout their existence on the planet earth. The number 13 was not tainted with any sentiment of fear on the part of the ancient Africans but was an expression of their being in harmony with the natural order.

In Ancient Kemet there existed alongside the 365 day calendar, a 13 month calendar which guided rituals and ceremonies. in the Great Mythos of Ancient Kemet , Auset collected 13 of the scattered parts of her husband Ausar’s body in the process of bringing forth their son Heru to reclaim the throne from his evil uncle Set.

The temple at Dendreah with its zodiac has 12 figures revolving around the one sun, which is another expression of the number 13. There were 13 steps to the ladder of immortality for the people of Ancient Kemet.”

When you consider the strategic moves that Ermias Joseph Asghedom a.k.a Nipsey Hussle made in his seemingly short life is a statement on an authentic understanding of power .

The  business ventures Asghedom established include but not limited to  his  “The Marathon” retail store, owning the masters to his music and having a trust fund for his children.  Combined ” Masters Trust Fund” equals 58, “58”=5+8=13.


Image result for the marathon


Putting triskaidekaphobia the fear of number thirteen aside, we should make clear that the negative understanding of number 13 limits understanding its true role in the creative cosmos.

13 in the occult tarot is the card of death. However “death” is not to be viewed as solely negative.  Various writers have stated the following about the number 13 and the understanding of death:

  • “Death symbolizes getting rid of the old and make room for something new.
  • This tarot card is about transformation.”
  • “Reversed it shows the failure to move on to something better.”
  • “13 is a sign from your angels your are connected to the ascended masters and their ability to help you manifest your desires.”
  • “..this card designates a metamorphosis. It brings with it the beginning of a new era and marks the start of a transition.
  • “It must be interpreted as an initiatory death leading to a rebirth. In this regard, the 13th arcanum is very often a positive tarot card that offers the possibility of enhancing your good luck or seizing a new opportunity.”

We were reminded of the uplifting understanding of life’s events-no matter how seemingly tragic-can be seen as redemptive by the family of Nipsey Hussle during his “Celebration of Life” ceremony on Thursday, April 11, 2019.




Nipsey Hussle once stated:

“I feel good about what I’m waking up doing and about my lifestyle. At one point, I wasn’t proud of my lifestyle…

Now, I wake up with the feeling that I’m going in the direction that I’m here for.

Like, what I’m on this planet for, I’m doing it. Bigger than just the L.A., bigger than some gang-banging, bigger than some street shit. Just on some human shit. I’m doing what I’m here to do.”


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