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Jeffrey Epstein Dead or Alive? : Black Cat By The Numbers

Jeffrey Epstein

The recent reported suicide of accused pedophile sex ring leader Jeffrey Epstein was met with collective skepticism.  In others words this shit ain’t real!


Many remain unconvinced until they see the body of Jeffrey Epstein for themselves.


The heat was ever increasing on Epstein, who in addition to pending charges in the United States, also had authorities in France investigating him for possible crimes:

“Marlene Schiappa, secretary of state for gender equality, and Adrien Taquet, secretary of state for protecting children, added the US probe into Epstein’s abuse of teenage girls had “highlighted links with France”.


Nevertheless the Black Cat marches on!


As stated elsewhere the Black Cat Archetype 19 appears with the truth or a lie.


Here are Black Cat Archetype 19 elements expressed with Jeffrey Epstein:



Epstein’s full name is Jeffrey Edward Epstein, which has 19 letters.


Epstein was charged previously for sex crimes:

“After an investigation, prosecution, and plea negotiations, on June 30, 2008 Epstein pleaded guilty and was convicted by a Florida state court of soliciting a prostitute and of procuring an under-18 girl for prostitution.”


June 30, 2008= 6+3+0+2+0+0+8=19.


On July 6, 2019 Epstein was arrested again in relation to allegations tied to his June 30, 2008 plea agreement .

July 6th falls under the Cancer zodiac sign.  Cancer equals 19 under Chaldean numerology.


Several of Epstein’s associates also mentioned for allegedly taking part in sexual acts with underage young girls or “individuals”, have the number 19 associated with their births.


Ghislaine Maxwell, known as Epstein’s longtime girlfriend and alleged recruiter of sex slaves was born on December 25, 1961. “December 25” gives us 12-25; which becomes 12+2+5=19.

Maxwell founded a successful women’s club named after the original Kit-Cat Club. “Kit-Kat”  is a subtle reference to the Black Cat Archetype.

Bill Clinton born on August 19, 1946.

Prince Andrew was born February 19,1960.

Current President Donald J. Trump born June 14, 1946, which makes him a Gemini. Gemini equals 19 under Chaldean numerology.


Members of Epstein’s legal team:

Attorney Roy Black born February 17, 1945. “1945”=1+9+4+5=19.

Alan Dershowitz served who as part of Epstein’s legal team; was also mentioned by one of Epstein’s alleged victims as a perpetrator, was born on September 1, 1938. September 1st is assigned to the Virgo zodiac sign. “Virgo” equals 19 under Chaldean numerology.


Ken Starr who became a household name for his prosecution of Bill Clinton for allegations of misconduct related to the suicide of Vince Foster and Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky, which led to Bill Clinton’s impeachment.


Anyone see the irony in this?


Starr’s full name “Kenneth Winston Starr” has 19 letters. Starr was born on July 21, 1946. July 21 is part of the Cancer zodiac cycle. Cancer as previously mentioned equals 19 under Chaldean numerology.


Two people in the current Trump administration also exhibit Black Cat 19 elements, they are Alex Acosta and William Barr.


Alex Acosta served as Donald Trump’s secretary of labor. Acosta prior to joining the Trump administration, negotiated plea deal for Epstein, while serving as  Miami’s U.S. Attorney. “Acosta resigned as Labor Secretary, effective July 19, 2019, following criticism of his role in the Epstein case.”

William Barr, Trump’s current attorney general was born on May 23, 1950, which makes him a Gemini. Gemini as previously stated equals 19 under Chaldean numerology.

The alleged actions of Jeffrey Epstein made the “news”.

“News” equals 19 under Chaldean numerology.

Novelist Walter Scott once said: “O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!”


Epstein was rumored to be linked to the CIA and Mossad spy networks. Similar to the Robert Maxwell, father of Epstein’s long time companion Ghislaine Maxwell. Robert Maxwell was a member of British Parliment, in addition to being an alleged covert operative for Israel  and other countries died under mysterious circumstances, though his death was classified as a suicide.


Robert Maxwell died on November 5, 1991. November 5, 1991= 11+5+2=19.

Epstein lived from January 20, 1953 – August 10, 2019. His supposed death on August 10th falls under the Leo zodiac sign, whose symbol is the lion. The lion is part of the family of Black Cat Archetype 19 expressions.


Surprisingly, there are “religious overtones” in the life of  Jeffrey Epstein.


His date of birth on January 20 1953= 1+20+1+9+5+3=39.


Epstein died at the age of 66.

39 and 66 are biblical numbers for there are 39 books of  the Old Testament and the bible has 66 books in all.

Furthermore Epstein who is reported to be Jewish,  supposed death took place during the Jewish observation of Tish B’Av, which began on sunset on Saturday, August 10, 2019 the recorded date of his death.

Saturday is important to Jews for:” The Sabbath begins at nightfall on Friday and lasts until nightfall on Saturday.”

Regarding Tish B’Av Michael Laitman writes:

“Our world is governed by two forces, a positive force and a negative force. We, humans, are in between these two forces. The spiritual root of the negative force is referred to as the 9th of Av (Tisha B’Av).”

During Tisha B’Av one should be focused  on mourning and repentance.


Epstein’s life was one great web of deception that will follow him in death, when and wherever that actually takes place.








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