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Buju Banton & The Expression of The Rastafari Archetype

Update* It was announced in the news several weeks ago that Buju’s album Til Shiloh was certified gold 24 years later after its release. The album was certified gold officially on September 27, 2019. As mentioned below major events in Buju’s life vibrates on the number 4 energy. So for it to be certified gold 24 years after initial release shows the same pattern for 24=4×6 or 4+4+4+4+4+4=24. 4 is a multiple of 24.*
To the untrained eye
“people are just

However, we are all holders of higher expressions of the Creator.

This is the case whether we are aware of it or not.

Or even if we have made mistakes in our lives.

The past struggles of Buju Banton are well documented and don’t need to be rehashed here.

In this writing, will identify the spiritual connection Buju Banton has to the “higher expressions of life”, not seen using our normal everyday eyes.

This “higher expression” for Buju Banton is the Rastafari Archetype.

As he eloquently expressed in his song ‘Til Shiloh, which also serves as the title for his 4th album:

“Strange, this feeling I’m feeling
But Jah love we will always believe in
I know you may think my faith is in vain
Til Shiloh we’ll chant Rastafari’s name”

Using our spiritual eyes,  we can identify the Rastafari Archetype via the vibration of the number 4 in the life and career of Reggae living legend Buju Banton.

Our spiritual eyes will be those of the Black Cat Archetype 19.

Buju Banton was born July 15, 1973.

July being the 7th month will later on be represented as”7″.

According to the tropical zodiac system which is commonly used, his birth took place during the Cancer zodiac cycle.

Cancer is the 4th zodiac sign of the 12 zodiac signs.

Cancer equals 19 under the Chaldean system of numerology and 44 under the system of so-called Pythagorean numerology.

Both numbers 19 and 44 are important in this analysis.

19 is the signature number of the Black Cat Archetype 19, which has been discussed in my previous writings, such as “Beyond-August-6-1962-The-Secret-History-of-Jamaica-Vol.1”.

The number 44, is another manifestation of the number 4. In actuality 44 in relation to “4” is 11×4=44.


11 in numerology is the number of revealation and spiritual insight. 11 is also the value of the word “Black” in both the Chaldean and the so-called Pythagorean systems of numerology.

The fact that “Black” equals 11, which is the number for spiritual insight is key to understand the higher expressions of what is “Black”.

Buju’s 4th album, ‘Til Shiloh, was released on July 18, 1995.

‘Til Shiloh is considered by music critics to be Buju’s “international breakthrough”.

The album is recognized as one of Buju’s best work to date.

The title ‘T’il Shiloh according to published reports, Buju Banton’s producer Donovan Germain claims the title means “forever”. The value of “Forever” under the so-called Pythagorean system of numerology

is 44.

The number 44 is also linked as previously mentioned to his zodiac sign of Cancer which equals 44 via the so-called Pythagorean system of numerology.

July 18, 1995, like Buju’s birthday falls under the Cancer zodiac sign.

The date of July 18, 1995 equals: 7+18+1+9+9+5=49=4+9=13=1+3=4.

So July 18, 1995, when the ‘Til Shiloh album was released, also took place during the period of 4th zodiac cycle which is Cancer.

The date of July 18, 1995 equals 4.

The number 4 is embedded in the length of the
‘Til Shiloh album, which is listed as “1:04:35”.
When we add “1:04:35” to itself we get 1+0+4+3+5=13, which then becomes 1+3=4.

So we can clearly identify the vibration of the number 4 with the artist Buju Banton and his fourth album.

The word “Shiloh” is first mentioned in the Bible in the 49th chapter of Genesis. “49”=4+9=13=1+3=4.

The title ‘Til Shiloh is a reflection of 49. Through the lens of of the so-called Pythagorean

numerology system, ‘Til Shiloh equals 49.

“49”= 4+9=13; 1+3=4.

‘Til Shiloh album had songs which expressed Buju’s then new relationship with Rastafarian faith.

Haile Selassie, the central figure for Rastafarians visited Jamaica on April 21, 1966.

April is the 4th month of the year.

In the King James Bible, with what is considered to be the 4 evangelists we find another link to Buju Banton.

We see this link or connection with the 4 evangelists and to Buju Banton’s given name at birth which is “Mark Anthony Myrie”.

The four evangelists are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Each of the Biblical New Testament’s four evangelists are associated with a symbolic figure.

“The most common association, but not the original or only, is: Matthew the man, Mark the lion, Luke the ox, and John the eagle.”

The apostle Mark is associated with the Lion.

The word “Lion” has 4 letters.

Buju, whose given birth first name is Mark, is also Rastafari which has as one of its symbol is the Lion of Judah.

Furthermore, he is a native born citizen of Jamaica, which celebrates its independence during the Leo zodiac cycle on every August 6th.

Buju Banton’s spiritual ties to Jamaica run even deeper!

According to esoteric Christian astrology  expressed by writer Tiara Starr, the Cancer zodiac sign is aassociated with the disciple Andrew.

Buju Banton was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Kingston is located in the parish of Saint Andrew.

Buju Banton manifestation of the Rastafari archetype is inseparable from his connection to Jamaica and the Black Cat Archetype 19.

We see evidence of this with his zodiac sign of Cancer, which equals 19 under the Chaldean system of numerology.

With Cancer being the 4th sign of the zodiac, we see the vibration of number 4 in the progression of Buju’s career.

His first name given at birth is Mark.

There are 4 letters in the name Mark.

Mark in the Bible is associated with the Lion.

Buju Banton became a Rastafarian, whose central figure Haile Selassie visited Jamaica on April 21, 1966. April is the fourth/4th month of the year.

One of the symbols of the Rastafari movement is the Lion of Judah.

Buju fully expressed his understanding of Rastafari on his 4th album, ‘Til Shiloh.

The title ‘Til Shiloh also equals 4.

The ascribed meaning of ‘Til Shiloh is “forever”. FOREVER=44; which is 4×11.

The lion is a member of the Black Cat Archetype 19 pantheon.

Buju expresses his connection to the Black Archetype 19 through the country he was born in, his zodiac sign, his given first name at birth and his embrace of  Rastafari.

Once again, the Lion is a member of the Black Cat Archetype 19 pantheon.

Buju Banton has 4 esoteric references to the Lion in his “spiritual profile”:

1. Name: Mark=Biblical association with Lion.

2. Born in Jamaica: August 6, 1962 date of independence falls under the Leo zodiac. The symbol for the Leo zodiac is the Lion.

3. Embraced the Rastafari life and the “Lion of Judah” as seen through Haile Selassie is central to Rastafarian principles.

4. According to the website, The Twelve Tribes of Israel Mansion of Rastafari was founded in 1968 by Prophet Gad, who lived from November 1, 1936 to March 22, 2005.

Their system of astrology has the month of July, which is the month Buju Banton was born, as the month representing Judah:

Tribe Birth Month Characteristic
Reuben April/Nisan Strength
Simeon May/Iyar Faith
Levi June/Sivan Will
Judah July/Tammuz Praise
Issachar August/Av Zeal
Zebulon September/Elus Order and Compassion
Dan October/Tishri Judgement
Gad November/Heshvan Power
Asher December/Kislev Understanding
Napthali January/Tevet Love
Joseph February/Shevat Imagination
Benjamin March/Adar Elimination

Interestingly enough, the Prophet Gad was to have a band called the Twelve Tribes of Vibe, which would practice four/4 times a day.

The month of July associated with Judah is further cemented by the fact Emperor Haile Selassie was born on July 23, 1892.

Upon his coronation as Emperor, Haile Selassie’s title was

“His Imperial Majesty, the King of Kings of Ethiopia, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Elect of God.”

Buju Banton has a four-fold esoteric expression of the Lion symbol as seen with his metaphysical relationship to his date of birth, his given first name of Mark and embrace of Rastafari, which has as one of its main  symbols the “Lion of Judah”.

Elena Harris writes:

“The lion as a spirit animal or totem symbolizes:

  • Strength, assertiveness, personal power
  • A common meaning for the lion spirit animal is predatory feelings, such as anger, aggression directed at someone else or towards you
  • Personal struggle to deal with these feelings
  • Lion spirit animals warn about a threatening situation or event in your life.”

Lion is a four letter word.

Mark, which is associated in the Bible with the lion also has 4 letters.

‘Til Shiloh is Buju’s 4th album where he expresses his early stages of his embrace of Rastafari.

While the number 4 vibration is prominent with Buju Banton there is also a subtle undercurrent  presence of the number 19.

While the term “Black Cat” equals 19 under Chaldean numerology, the Black Cat Archetype 19 can and does exist with other numbers.

For example Buju born under the Cancer zodiac sign. Cancer equals 19 under Chaldean numerology.

The first song on his 4th album, also titled ‘Til Shiloh, is 19 seconds long.

According to Billboard Magazine’s August 5, 1995 edition, Til Shiloh debuted at number 148 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

August 5, 1995 = 8+5+1+9+9+5=37 or when simplify “1995”, we get 1+9+9+5=24=2+4=6.

Now August 5, 1995=8+5+6=19.

We are most likely to live a successful and fulfilling life, when we organize (organization is associated with the number 4), our lives according to the highest metaphysical principles we embody, gifted to us by our date of birth, geographic location, our name, ancestral lineage and the spiritual path we have chosen.

We cannot just recognize these higher principles in just ourselves but we must acknowledge those higher principles in others.

Using the impact of Buju Banton’s  4th album ‘T’il Shiloh as a template, it suggests that for Buju to continue to be successful, he must continue to grow along the path he has chosen and share the experience of his journey with the world.


Visionthought © 2019




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