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London Bridge Stabbing 2019: Metaphysical Covert Operation

The London Bridge Stabbing that took place on November 29, 2019 has the mark of the Black Cat Archetype 19.

The 2019 London Bridge Stabbings appears to be a joint ritual by British and American covert agencies to celebrate one of the most infamous events in U.S.A. history as well engage in a pattern of social control of the population of Great Britain.

28 year old, Usman Khan has been identified as the  perpetrator of the London Bridge Stabbing on November 29, 2019 that claimed two lives.

Khan according to various media reports had prior convictions for terrorist acts.

According to the BBC,

“Khan, 28, was out on licence from prison when he killed two people and injured three others in the stabbing attack on Friday , before he was shot dead by armed police.”

The name “USMAN” equals 19 when using the Chaldean numerology cipher.

The last incident of this kind to occur in London, took place on June 3, 2017, where 11 people died including the 3 assailants.

June 3, 2017= 6+3+2+0+1+7=19.

Furthermore June 3rd is governed by the Gemini zodiac cycle. Gemini equals 19 when Chaldean numerology is applied.

The word “STABBING” equals 29 , when using the so-called Pythagorean method of numerology.











The value of the word “STABBING” is in synchronicity with the day it took place on the 29th of November, 2019.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and the husband of Queen Elizabeth II  was born on June 10, 1921.

June 10, 1921=


The number 29 also is connected to the place the crime took place which is London.









29 brings to mind that 2 people were killed by Usman Khan in the month of NOVEMBER,  whose original meaning was based on the number 9.

We are informed by

“The month kept its original name from the Latin novem meaning “nine” which marked it the 9th month of the year in the Roman calendar. November was named during a time when the calendar year began with March, which is why its name no longer corresponds with its placement in the Julian and Gregorian calendars.”

USMAN Khan, if media reports are to be believed, was one of 9 conspirators charged with attempting to blow up the British stock exchange in 2010.

The name USMAN KHAN, has 9 letters.

We identify the vibration of the number 29, when we recognize that the media made mention of the MI5.

MI5 is a covert organization.









29 when simplified according to numerology is 2+9=11.

11 is a reference to multiple things such as the 11th month of the year which is November.

11 is also a reference to the word COVERT, as in covert operations.

The dead assailant name USMAN KHAN, equals 470 when using Hebrew Gematria. 470=4+7+0=11. The value of 470, is reminiscent of 47 linked to Freemasonry.

The phrase bantered in the headlines is “London Bridge Stabbing” equals 94 when the single digit expression of each letter is combined. 94=9+4=13, which can symbolize both physical or metaphysical death.

A specific location at the London Bridge that was mentioned in the news was Fishmongers Hall. The attacker attended an event earlier on Friday afternoon at Fishmongers’ Hall called ‘Learning Together’.

“Fishmongers Hall” equals 76 when using the Pythagorean method of numerology and 58 when using Chaldean numerology.

Both 76 and 58 equal 13 for 7+6=13 and 58=5+8=13.

Though this incident took place across the pond so to speak, there is an implied association via the the date of the attack to George H.W. Bush and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, also referred to as JFK.

The first indication is found in the date the London Bridge attack of November 29, 2019 which equals 52.

Both men are associated with the number 52 in the dates of their respective deaths.

The phrase

“London Bridge Stabbing” equals 94.

George H.W. passed away at the age of 94 on November 30, 2018.


The 13th prime number is 41. George H.W. Bush was the 41st President of the U.S.

The last name BUSH has 5 letters.  November 29, 2019 when the London Bridge Stabbings took place, was the 333rd day of year, with 32 left. 3+2=5.

We see 32 in reverse, when the news reported 2 dead and 3 injured. 2+3=5. The number 5 appears  again, with the unidentified man who confronted USMAN KHAN. According to one report, the unidentified man “ripped a five-foot Narwhal tusk from the wall to help neutralize the knife-wielding madman, a witness said.”

The name USMAN KHAN, when Chaldean numerology  is applied, renders the value of 32, where 3+2=5.

The mailing address of MI5 according to Wikipedia, “is colloquially known as Box 500 (after its official wartime address of PO Box 500; its current address is PO Box 3255, LondonSW1P 1AE).”


November 29th had special significance to both former US presidents.

29 years ago, George H.W. Bush and Ted Kennedy, brother of JFK, collaborated to get the Immigration Act of 1990 signed into law.

November 29, 1963 the Warren Commission was established by the 36th President,  Lyndon B. Johnson, who appointed CIA’s Allen Dulles as one of seven commissioners of the Warren Commission to investigate the assassination of the U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

The choice of  Allen Dulles by Lyndon B. Johnson was interesting to say the least,  for due to the Bay of Pigs fiasco and other related issues, Dulles resigned on November 29, 1961, after receiving the National Security Medal on November 28, 1961.


JFK on November 29, 1961 appointed John A. McCone as CIA. Director.

McCone would later be accused of participating in cover up of the true details involved in the JFK assassination.

The 2019 London Bridge Stabbings took place on Friday, November 29, 2019.

Friday is ruled by the planetary energy of Venus, as well as by archetypal archangels Uriel for the Eastern Othrodox tradition and Jegudiel for the Catholic tradition.

“Uriel is the spirit of Ministration and Peace; always saving the day. The Magus claims that Uriel gave the cabala to man; ‘the key to the mystical interpretation of scripture’. His mission is to help you manifest stability and relief from life’s pressures when there doesn’t seem to be any.”

The people praised for their heroism in subduing USMAN KHAN, are examples of the spirit of the archangel Uriel’s energy.

According to BBC:

“The Queen praised the emergency services and “the brave individuals who put their own lives at risk to selflessly help and protect others”.”

It is stated that:

“If you are open to Uriel’s assistance, he’ll be there in a heartbeat. Cry out for God and like all archangels he can travel faster than the speed of light.”

Jegudiel is the patron of all who work in some field of endeavor, and the crown he holds symbolizes the reward for successful spiritual labors.

Jegudiel is the advisor and defender of all who work in positions of responsibility to the glory of God, and as such is resorted to by kings, judges, and others in positions of leadership.

The planetary energy of Venus was in alignment with the numerology of the day of November 29, 2019.

November 29, 2019 equals 11+29+2+0+1+9=


Venus is connected to the number 7 for it is the ruling planet of the 7th zodiac sign, which is Libra.

When using the magical practice of classical Hermetic system of emanation, Venus is associated with the number 7, for Venus is considered the Seventh Sphere.

November 29th is considered to be a cusp placement, thus having qualities of the current Sagittarius zodiac and in this case, the preceding zodiac cycle, which is Scorpio.

The Scorpio-Sagittarius Astrological Cusp has Jupiter and Pluto ruling over this cusp. Jupiter governs, Sagittarius aspects and Pluto represents Scorpio aspects.

The number associated with the planet Jupiter is 3.

The value of the name USMAN KHAN equals 30,  when using the so-called Pythagorean method of numerology.

30=3+0=3. The number 3, which is associated with the planet Jupiter, is not only present in the name of the dead assailant but also in the year the violent incident took place of 2019. 2019=2+0+1+9=12=1+2=3.

There have been 4 major violent incidents that have taken place at the London Bridge and in all cases the number 3 can be readily identified, among other metaphysical signatures.

On December 13, 1884 three American Irish Republican members as part of the Fenian Dynamite Campaign unsuccessfully attempted to blow up the London Bridge.

The three men were killed, when the bomb detonated prematurely. The 3 men had already been under surveillance by the police in America and in Britain.

In addition to the 3 men involved, other manifestations of the number 3:

December=12 month=12=1+2=3.



Does that express 333?

On February 28, 1992 , the Provisional IRA successfully exploded a bomb inside the London Bridge Station at 8:30 a.m. , injuring 29.  1992=1+9+9+2=21=2+1=3.

The reader should take note of the number 29, which is prevalent in the 2019 incident involving USMAN KHAN, as well as 8:30, which gives us 8+3+0=11. Remember November is the 11th month of the year.

The number 3 is evident in the 2017 attack that took place on June 3, 2017, where the 3 perpetrators were killed and were among the 11 in total that were killed.

Of those injured, 21 were classified as critically injured. 21=2+1=3.

Why is it the case that that the alleged perpetrators in each of the London Bridge attacks, never make it to trial because they were not apprehended or are conveniently killed before facing public scrutiny?

What’s the relationship of the numbers 3, 11 and 29 to the history of Great Britain and London in particular?

To be continued…

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