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Frances Cress Wesling: The Legacy of The Isis Papers

January 2, 2020

      Frances Cress Welsing lived from March 18, 1935 to  January 2, 2016. The response to her passing reflected the profound impact her seminal work “The Isis Papers: The Key To Colors” had on many people from all walks of life. Praises for her work and steadfast commitment to uplifting Black people were […]

Kwanzaa, The Principle of Imani & Afrikan Liberation

January 1, 2020

  The Kwanzaa celebration is culminated on January 1st, with the affirmation of the 7th Principle Imani, which means “Faith” in KiSwahili. The Kwanzaa Holiday, which is strongly embedded in the energy of the number 7 vibration, shares its 7th day of celebration, with 7 countries who also celebrate their independence on the same day. […]

Natural Mystic: Bob Marley & The Wailers in Zimbabwe

January 1, 2020

Originally posted on VisionThought's Blog: Reggae music has no boundaries, like the Black Cat Archetype19, it reflects. “REGGAE” equals 19 under Chaldean numerology and due to its esoteric composition, is also metaphysically linked with the Black Cat pantheon, namely the Lion. On any given day, one can find upcoming as well as established…