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Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Percy Sutton & June 28th: The Spiritual Bond Between Brothers

As history would have it, June 28th is the day shared in common by three men, who each in their own right, made significant contributions to uplifting Black people.

The June 28th connection between Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali and Percy Sutton, is found in the numbers 7 and 19.

20160628_162324 (1)

The numerology of June 28th is as follows:


Malcolm X  lived from May 19, 1925 to February 21, 1965 is forever linked to the number 7.

Malcolm X,  is also referred to as the “7th Son”.

Elijah Muhammad, who had six sons and two daughters, looked upon Malcolm as his seventh son.

Malcolm was the seventh child of his father Earl Little’s nine children — three by a previous marriage — and his mother  Louise Little’s, fourth child.

The June 28th connection between Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali manifested 7 years after the Organization for Afro-American Unity (OAAU) was founded on June 28, 1964.


Malcolm X , with 3 of his children, with Muhammad Ali.

A genuine bond!


Malcolm X, National Memorial African Bookstore Owner, Lewis Michaux and Muhammad Ali.


7 years after Malcolm X  founded the OAAU in 1964, Muhammad Ali scores a major win against the United States government. Some say it was the biggest victory in Muhammad Ali’s life.

Though their friendship was ruptured, when Malcolm X was alive, the gods of history or better yet, the Ancestors brought back together on June 21, 1971.

Muhammad Ali lived from January 17, 1942 to  June 3, 2016.

percy sutton

Percy Sutton to the left, Muhammad Ali in the center and David Dinkins to the right.


Percy Sutton on the right, Malcolm X in the center, Politican Hulan Jack, who was once referred to as the “Black Boss” of Harlem.

In 1953, Jack was elected Borough President of Manhattan, making him one of the nation’s most important African-American elected officials.

download (4)

Percy Sutton, the son of a former slave, lived from November 24, 1920 – December 26, 2009.

His accomplishments were many, of which included being the personal attorney for Malcolm X and later Betty Shabazz.

Percy Sutton would go on to become Manhattan Borough President from 1966 to 1977, the longest tenure at that position.

In 1971, Sutton co-founded the Inner City Broadcasting Corporation, which purchased New York City’s WLIB-AM, the city’s first African-American-owned radio station.  Inner City Broadcasting Corp. eventually picked up WBLS-FM, which reigned for years as New York’s top-rated radio station.

He later became an entrepreneur whose investments included the New York Amsterdam News and the Apollo Theater in Harlem.

“Sutton’s devotion to Harlem and its people was rarely more evident than when he spent $250,000 to purchase the shuttered Apollo Theater in 1981.”

The Apollo Theatre on June 28, 1983, in an effort led by Percy Sutton, was designated a cultural landmark by New York City.

The designation of Apollo Theater as a cultural landmark on June 28, 1983, would be 19 years after Malcolm X founded the OAAU on June 28, 1964.

The June 28th achievements of Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali and Percy Sutton are another glaring example of what is not taught in homes, schools, or celebrated in the overall society.

The aforementioned June 28th examples should be included in the events of significance that took place in the month of June in relationship to Black people.

Some of these events are :

Juneteenth on June 19th.

The passing of Marcus Garvey on June 10, 1940.

Soweto Uprising on June 16, 1976.

Black Music Month.

Birth of Master Decoder/ Researcher Steve Comely on June 17, 1952.

We will have to reconsider the true impact of Malcolm X, given the connections he has  with other historical figures which reflect  metaphysical signatures associated with him such as the vibrational frequencies of the numbers 7 and 19.

This connection points  to an everlasting spiritual bond that transcends the imperfections of what life rendered on an earthly realm.



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