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Tupac Shakur & The Influence Of Malcolm X On The Black Panthers

Tupac Shakur due to the adults in his life, was connected to the legacy of the Black Panthers.

Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur, his stepfather and current political prisoner Mutulu Shakur and his Godfather Geronimo Pratt, were all active members of the original Black Panther Party that came to prominence in the 1960s.

Interestingly enough when Tupac passed away it was on his Godfather’s Geronimo Pratt’s 49th born day / birthday.

Tupac passed away on September 13, 1996 and Geronimo Pratt was born on September 13, 1947.

One of the inspirations for the creation of the Black Panthers was Malcolm X.

Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton “founded the Black Panthers in the wake of the assassination of black nationalist Malcolm X and after police in San Francisco shot and killed an unarmed black teen named Matthew Johnson.”

Tupac Shakur in 1992, then 20-years old, spoke at the second annual banquet of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement in Atlanta, Georgia.

His comments reflect the promise of his potential as well as the contradictions that he exhibited throughout his short lifespan of 25 years.

Tupac Shakur listed the “Autobiography of Malcolm X” as one of his favorite books.

In Tupac’s song “Ghetto Gospel” he mentions both the first Black Panther martyr Bobby Hutton and Malcolm X:

“And nowadays things change
Everyone’s ashamed of the youth
‘cause the truth look strange
And for me it’s reversed
We left ’em a world that’s cursed and it hurts
‘Cause any day they’ll push the button, and all good men like Malcolm X or Bobby Hutton died for nothin'”

The name “Tupac Shakur” has the following numeric value when using the Simple Gematria/ English Ordinal numerology cipher:














Malcolm X was born on May 19, 1925 which is the 139th day of the year.

The metaphysical synchronicity between Malcolm X and Tupac Shakur is another reminder of the potential Tupac had as well as the opposition to having it realized.

The word “America” has the value of 139, when using the Reverse Ordinal cipher of numerology:










Malcolm X in the following video expressed his views on America:

Throughout the history of America, Freemasons have played a prominent role in the country.

Freemasonry equals 139 when the Simple Gematria/ English Ordinal cipher of numerology is applied:















At least 14 presidents of the United States have been Freemasons .

Freemasons have held powerful positions throughout American society, such as J. Edgar Hoover for example.

J. Edgar Hoover was the director of the FBI and its predecessor Bureau of Investigation, for over 50 years.

Hoover was the architect of the tactics that have come to be referred to as COINTELPRO.

Hoover has directly used the government seal of the United States of America to destroy Black movements for liberation beginning with Marcus Garvey, continuing with the Nation of Islam , Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as the Black Panthers .

“Beginning in 1969, leaders of the Black Panther Party were targeted by the COINTELPRO and “neutralized” by being assassinated, imprisoned, publicly humiliated or falsely charged with crimes.

Some of the Black Panthers affected included Fred HamptonMark ClarkZayd ShakurGeronimo PrattMumia Abu-Jamal, and Marshall Conway. “

“Common tactics used by COINTELPRO were perjury, witness harassment, witness intimidation, and withholding of evidence.”

The objective of the COINTELPRO program can be summed up in the following 7 words “Prevent The Rise Of A Black Messiah”.

History has revealed many things about J.Edgar Hoover, one of which is his affiliation with Freemasonry.

Hoover became a Master Mason by age 25, the same age Tupac Shakur was at the time of his death!

According to one source:

“Hoover was just as devoted to his Masonic Brothers.

He was raised a Master Mason on November 9, 1920, in Federal Lodge No. 1, Washington, DC, just two months before his 26th birthday.

During his 52 years with the Craft, he received innumerable medals, awards and decorations.

In 1955, for instance, he was coroneted a Thirty-third Degree Inspector General Honorary and awarded the Scottish Rite’s highest recognition, the Grand Cross of Honour in 1965.”

The Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite Southern Masonic Jurisdiction of the Untied States(AASR-SMJ) instituted a dedication to J. Edgar Hoover.

A room at the House of the Temple, the AASR-SMJ headquarters contains a room dedicated to J. Edgar Hoover containing personal papers and records.

Hoover also has had 7/8 oz Sterling Silver Masonic Coin made in his honor.

The creative force behind COINTELPRO, has a silver COIN in his honor.

Remember Judas according to Matthew 26 in the Bible betrayed Jesus (The Messiah) for 30 pieces of silver!

Malcolm X in his lifetime, witnessed and experienced the impact of Hoover’s demonic tactics firsthand.

Tupac inherited the legacy of the Black Panthers, which unfortunately included harassment and organized terrorism from known as well as unknown government agencies.

Hoover described the Black Panthers as the “greatest threat to the internal security of the country”.

By 1969, the Black Panthers were the primary target of the FBI’s COINTELPRO, and the target of 233 of 295 authorized “Black Nationalist” COINTELPRO actions.

The “139” in one aspect spoke to the challenges that confronted Malcolm X and Tupac Shakur during their respective lifetimes.

The “139” connection is an organic reference to name “Tupac Shakur” and the day of the year Malcolm X was was born.

The day Malcolm X was born, May 19th and its “139” encoded reference, represents another dimension of attack by the enemies of his legacy.

Oppressors such as J.Edgar Hoover engineer events on important dates to the liberation struggle in order to undermine the potency of true change.

The New Haven Haven Black Panther Trials is one of many examples of this tactic.

On May 19, 1969, which was 4 years after the assassination of Malcolm X and the 44th anniversary of his birth, members of the Black Panther supposedly kidnapped fellow Panther Alex Rackley on suspicion of being an informant and murdered him.

Bobby Seale was in New Haven to deliver a speech at Yale’s Battell Chapel on May 19, 1969.

According to published reports on the matter, Alex Rackley, was a member of the New York chapter of the Black Panther Party.

The party leader who ordered the hit, was George Sams, who some have suspected was a government informant.

Panthers Warren Kimbro and Lonnie McLucas fired the fatal bullets into Rackley’s skull and chest.

The gunman, Warren Kimbro, and the party leader who ordered the hit, George Sams, pleaded guilty to their crimes. 

May 20, 1969, they commandeered a Buick Riviera from a police informant who had infiltrated their chapter named Kelly  Moye.

“In 2006, Kelly Moye revealed that he was a police informant recruited to infiltrate the Panthers by Nick Pastore, head of New Haven Police’s Intelligence Division. George Sams held a gun to Moye’s head and demanded he turn over his car. Rackley was driven to his death in Moye’s car. “

In the end, Judge Harold Mulvey the white judge who had been outed for making racist statements about African-Americans declared a mistrial and set Bobby Seale and Erica Huggins free. 

One of the several outcomes of the trial was a by product of the aims of COINTELPRO, which was to disrupt and discredit organizations such as the Black Panthers.

In addition to the physical logistics of the COINTELPRO, there is a metaphysical component that is overlooked.

It is not a coincidence that the New Haven Trials occurred due to actions that took place on the Malcolm X ‘s birthday on May 19, 1969.

The key is not just physically subjugate Black people but to spiritually break them as well.

The aim is not just to attack the physical leaders of a movement, the oppressors seek to destroy the intellectual and metaphysical ideas connected to the movement as well.

To destroy the Black Panther Party it’s not enough to discredit, imprison and assassinate their leadership as COINTELPRO and other similar acts of war have done.

There was an esoteric undercurrent, which also attacks the symbols as well.

Malcolm X was the inspiration to the establishment of the Black Panther Party and the New Haven Trials sought to sever that link by facilitating an attack on the metaphysical signatures encoded in his birth.

The New Haven Trials marked a decline in public support, even among the black community, for the Black Panther Party.

The spiritual imprint of the Black Panther Party’s influence on Tupac Shakur begins with Malcolm X.

The “139” connection between Tupac Shakur and Malcolm X, is encoded in the numeric vibrational frequency in the name “Tupac Shakur” and the day of the year Malcolm X was born.

Tupac and Malcolm X also share another metaphysical connection with the number 44.

Malcolm X made his transition on February 21, 1965.

The numerology of February 21, 1965 is as follows:


Tupac Shakur’s association with the number 44 is through his mother Afeni Shakur.

Afeni Shakur, Tupac’s mother was born on January 22, 1947, which equals the following: 1+22+1+9+4+7=44.

If they had not murdered Malcolm X, there probably never would have been a Black Panther Party”-claims Bobby Seale, co-founder of the Black Panther Party.

M.S. Handler who wrote the introduction to the Autobiography of Malcolm X, shares the following based on his observation about the reaction of his wife to Malcolm after having invited him to their home and served him some tea while he discussed the book with her husband. 

“You know, it was like having tea with a black panther”.

Mr. Handler thought about that description and concluded that the Black Panther animal is an aristocrat in the animal kingdom.

Like Malcolm, the panther is beautiful and dangerous.

As a man, Malcolm X had the bearing of a born aristocrat and was potentially dangerous to the white power structure.

No man of our time aroused as much fear and hatred from the white man as Malcolm X, because in him the white man sensed an implacable foe who could not be had for any price.

Black People, like a cornered black panther, have had our collective backs against the walls of oppression by white supremacy, imperialism and colonization.

Brother Malclom was the one who came out of that corner to confront the enemy of his people.”

“Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton, co-founders of the Black Panther Party, both said that the nature of the panther animal is when you drive it into a corner and don’t let it go left or right, it will come out of that corner to destroy its enemy absolutely and completely.”

It is this potential inherent in the inspiration of Malcolm X is a threat to the current establishment.

To ascend beyond the reaction of forces represented by J.Edgar Hoover and COINTELPRO, the collective must tap into other meanings associated with the number 139.

When we add 139 to itself we get the following: 139=1+3+9=13.

The number 13 may bring to mind associations with the 13 colonies, the numbers of years Malcolm X served as a minister in the Nation of Islam, the 13th Tarot card or the lunar/ moon yearly cycle.

There is another aspect of number 13 and Malcolm X’s life.

Malcolm X visited Nigeria in 1959 and 1964.

In his 1964 trip he received the name Omowale, which means in Yoruba “The child has returned.” 

In Yoruba mythology the Ife State, which is considered to be the “Holy State” was created through war lasting many years.

Oduduwa, the Yoruba divine king, was able to defeat the forces of the 13 indigenous communities of Ife led by Obalata and formed these communities into a single Ife state.

In the Yoruba philosophy, the human soul is referred to as Ori.

In Jewish Gematria the word Ori equals 139, the number Tupac and Malcolm X have in common:






The Ori according to the Yoruba tradition is located in the head.

The ultimate aim of the actions of COINTELPRO like activities is psychological warfare.

According to

“In Yoruba tradition, it is believed that human beings are able to heal themselves both spiritually and physically by working with the Orishas to achieve a balanced character, or iwa-pele.

When one has a balanced character, one obtains an alignment with one’s Ori or divine self.

Alignment with one’s Ori brings, to the person who obtains it, inner peace and satistaction with life.

To come to know the Ori is, essentially, to come to know oneself, a concept extremely foreign to Western philosophy.”

As previously mentioned by 1969, the Black Panthers were the primary target of the FBI’s COINTELPRO, and the target of 233 of 295 authorized “Black Nationalist” COINTELPRO actions.

The number 233 is significant, for it relates to the ultimate goal of the COINTELPRO, which was to “PREVENT THE RISE OF A BLACK MESSIAH”.

In Jewish Gematria, “MESSIAH” equals 233:










The traits associated with the “MESSIAH” are cultivated in the Ori!

There is a Yoruba proverb:

“Ori la ba bo, a ba f’orisa sile”. When translated, this becomes It is the inner self we ought to venerate, and let divinity be.”

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4. The date of birth used for Afeni Shakur is based on source available while she was alive.



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