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Black Cat Chronicles: Super Bowl 53-New Zealand Mass Shooting: Part 1

233 or 332 does have an association with death.
Add Edelman’s and Brady’s jersey numbers you get 23.
A hint for those who truly want to know.
During the height of the pre-Super bowl hype, a biblical passage was circulated widely on the internet.
The biblical passage was Daniel chapter 8 verse 7, also expressed as Daniel 8:7.
One pastor put forth the  prediction of the New England Patriots  beating the Los Angeles Rams, posted on the 94.9 WHOM website:

“God may not have a favorite football team; however, Pastor Ernie Madden does. That is him standing by the sign and the Patriots snowman that he built in the above picture. We love how the snowman is wearing a Patriots top hat and scarf. Madden is the pastor at Ashland Community Church in Ashland, New Hampshire and is obviously a fan of the New England Patriots and Tom Brady, a.k.a the GOAT. So much so, that he put the following verse on his church’s sign:

(Photo By Debra Madden/Used With Permission)

Pastor Madden, who has been in Ashland with his wife Debra for 8 years, also has the following “prophecy” for Sunday’s game: Patriots 38, Rams 20. We hope he is right.

By the way, the pastor’s wife says this verse is really in the bible, from Daniel 8:7. We’ll take her word for it.”

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