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More Than A Game: Stephen F. Austin, Nate Bain & Beyond

December 2, 2019

Stephen F. Austin’s surprise win on Tuesday, November 26, 2019 over Duke University, brought attention to the school’s basketball program as well to their player Nate Bain, who scored the winning basket. There was more to this story given the school’s relationship to the political players who were part of the JFK historical narrative as […]

Stephen F. Austin vs. Duke: The Story Behind The Story

November 30, 2019

Stephen F. Austin’s victory over the Duke Blue Devils, conceals a greater story that can be deciphered by understanding the metaphysical registers that have been in play since November 3, 2019,  if not earlier, that deal with the assassination of JFK. The greater the distraction, the greater the crime. The louder the noise, the greater […]