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Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton & Prince William: The Black Cat Symbol & Year Of The Tiger

January 30, 2011

The Black Cat symbol was ubiquitous throughout the media during 2010. The constant appearance of the Black Cat symbol was due to metaphysical cycles within the cosmic calendar as well as the intentional actions of the ruling elite.  According to the Chinese zodiac system, 2010 was “The Year Of The Tiger”. The Chinese “Year Of The Tiger” began on […]

Religious & Esoteric References: Charice’s Pyramid Video

July 26, 2010

The video for the song Pyramid by singer Charice contains religious and esoteric references which speak to eternal life and resurrection. According to Wikipedia: “The video was shot at the Orpheum Theatre, in downtown Los Angeles last March 8. The music video shows Charice holding a microphone as she performs in front of a huge empty […]