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The Number 5 & The Bush Family

August 5, 2010

The Bush family is America’s version of the royal family and has earned the credentials to be called a political dynasty. Only the Kennedy clan rivals them in stature on the political stage. The Bush family network and net worth are also considerably extensive. The number 5  appears frequently in the lives of the Bush clan, and  it is the more […]

Sherrod & The Birther Issue: Is The Tea Party Afraid of The Bush Family?

August 2, 2010

  The events surrounding the forced resignation of Shirley Sherrod should convince every one that ” in the pursuit of power truth is the first casuality”.  The chief culprits in the forced resignation of Shirley Sherrod are the Tea Party and Fox Television (Tell-Lie-Vision). The Sherrod incident is not the only issue that Fox News and the Tea Party […]